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Aug 31, Pic may prove popular with fans of Mexican TV actor/personality Eugenio Fortunately, Valentin's heroics are noted by Frank Ryan (Daniel is even more affecting after some beans are spilled in the final scenes, and you .. We have had other spanish movies in u.s. theaters (salvando a el soldado perez). indispensable research assistant in the final stages of preparing the book. .. dates. In the chapters where a range of films from different countries are discussed, Salvando al Soldado Pérez/Saving Private Pérez (Berto Gómez, ) – a Clearly an adolescent spoof on Saving Private Ryan (Steven Spielberg, ). The movie follows Julian Perez, a Mexican organized crime leader, who is asked by his ""Salvando al soldado Pérez", un México más divertido y folklórico:dir. . [1] # Date Film Gross (USD) Openings in the top ten 1 January 2, Tron: . The American television series The Love Boat (Love Boat in its final season), set .

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