Reasons to stay alive matthew gray gubler dating

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reasons to stay alive matthew gray gubler dating

Man-hungry Taylor Swift has flipped for actor Matthew Gray Gubler, 33, who plays I just don't honestly get why any man would be interested in dating Taylor. . So this sock puppetry seems to be alive and well even on CB. Felecia Downing Reasons to stay Rowling might write another Harry Potter book lol. The Things We say · Advice. See more. Why when you are as sweet as this can you not find a gf? Are you as shy as Reid ? .. Must be this amazing cute boy named Matthew Gray Gubler. Reply Matthew, you should be voted sexiest man alive!!! I would really.

Eleven years in college is a long time. I wanted to see what the next chapter of my acting career is and also have a little balance so I could pursue other avenues of my life.

I want to get married, I want to have kids, I want to travel. What's funny is in the last month — dogs can't talk, but I swear to God, my dogs look at me and go, "Why are you walking us so much? Daddy doesn't have a job! So let's go for a walk! I'm just taking time to breathe, exhale, enjoy the view. I'm going to spend the next month just saying, "Thank you, thank you, thank you," because I'm really proud of it and what we did together. How much input did you have in planning out Morgan's arc this season, which started with the Dirty Dozen and built to this trilogy of episodes devoted to him?

Erica, Breen [Frazier] and the rest of the writing staff came to me with ideas towards the end of Season 10 and through the hiatus. But what Erica said was, "You come back for Season 11 and just allow us not only to honor you, Shemar Moore, but more importantly, Derek Morgan the character, the crew — the people who make that show work — and most importantly, the fan base that has supported us so we can do what we do.

Let's give Derek Morgan a proper goodbye. And I looked at her and said, "You kept your promise. I'm proud of many of them. But in Episode 16 [this season], Danny Glover played my father, which is a dream come true, and 11 years of Derek Morgan was touched on in that episode. And in this, Episode 18, it was about us.

It's a great story, and it's about the team coming together and their bond. And everything you've learned about Derek Morgan culminates. You've heard all the expressions: Scoop on your favorite returning shows Even though the show by its nature is gruesome, when it comes to the team, you've never killed anyone off except for Strauss Jayne Atkinsonwho wasn't a regular, and Gideon Mandy Patinkinand that was off-screen seven years after he left. When one of you leaves, the character just leaves the job, which is realistic.

People move on in real life.

reasons to stay alive matthew gray gubler dating

And I probably shouldn't say this. I appreciate and respect and learned so much from Mandy Patinkin. Mandy Patinkin is one talented, talented, eccentric man.

reasons to stay alive matthew gray gubler dating

Some of the craziest people in the game are the most interesting people to watch. He went to Homeland and he took his next step.

He took many, many steps. I hope I get my Homeland one day and they still don't kill Derek Morgan. I do think they gave him the closure they had promised, with his dad and the evolution of his and Reid's friendship. It was Reid giving Morgan the pep talk last week when he was in a funk. Everything you're talking about — the relationships with Reid and Baby Girl Garcia and Hotch and JJ and everyone — all those things were in this episode.

I don't know how they did it because [the first cut] was 17 minutes too long and they had to cut stuff. And I hated that!

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I was like, "But this line, but that! We gotta get to the Honda ad! You feel the love. Somehow Erica and Kirsten got it all in 43 minutes. I think it competes with — I'm not saying it's the best — but just how people remember EpisodeI think they'll remember Not because of my departure, but because of the team and the emotional component.

Was it deliberate that Thomas, Joe [Mantegna ] and Matthew directed these last three episodes, and Erica and Kirsten co-wrote your last episode? That couldn't have been a happy accident. I remember having a meeting and Erica saying, "We have a plan.

It wasn't my idea. What's beautiful is I didn't think this show was going to have a chance in hell when we shot the pilot. I was sick as a dog with the worst cold of my life in Vancouver for four and a half weeks. It was raining every day except for three days. I was telling my representation at the time, "Get me outta here!

This show has no chance! We started doing our thing. In Season 2, we got our own identity. The show got stronger. The team started to evolve. Mandy did his time and left. Joe came in and brought this energy. Hotch became Hotch, and Morgan put on the jeans and combat boots. All of the sudden "baby girl" was born and "chocolate thunder" was born. And I grew as a person, as a man, as an actor tremendously. I started producing in other areas of the business.

And Matthew, who went to NYU for directing, started to direct. He was never supposed to act. He just happens to have a good luck charm in his pocket or something.

He's had two auditions in his life! Yeah, he had The Life Aquatic. Then he wanted to meet [producer] Mark Gordon about directing. They said, "Just audition for this thing called Quantico because then you can get in the office and you can go in the other room and meet Mark Gordon.

Now 11 years later, he's rich as hell, pretty, popular as hell and a great actor. Always imitated, never duplicated! If they gave me what Matthew has to do, I would've quit or been fired a long time ago.

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Matthew started directing, and that inspired Joe and Thomas. And that inspired Kirsten to write. What's so cool is my baby girl co-wrote my final episode. It was beautiful to see Thomas get to direct Danny Glover in Then Joe Mantegna, who is just the man, gets And then Matthew Gray "Lucky Charm" Gubler of NYU gets to direct — I'm directed by my little brother — and Erica Messer, who started on the writing staff who evolved and became the showrunner, gives me the best hug anyone could give me with I'm willing to bet Criminal Minds will get to Episodeand Joe, Thomas and Matthew will all co-direct it, and Erica and Kirsten are going to write it.

Maybe they'll ask you back for that one. Paget [Brewster ] came back for This business is all about politics, so I'm not promising anything. But from a creative place, from a passionate place, if I'm asked intermittently to come back like they did at The Young and the Restless, from my heart, the answer is yes, yes, yes, yes.

But I don't know where I'm going to be in my career and my life when that time comes. But is it possible?

reasons to stay alive matthew gray gubler dating

I've watched the show since the beginning and Derek's definitely grown and changed over the years. In Season 1, he was kind of eager to please, and then he became the action hero and ladies' man, but he never came off one-note.

Can I interrupt real quick? On television, I have been the most sexually deprived person. And now you say Derek was a ladies' man.

reasons to stay alive matthew gray gubler dating

Derek Morgan was doing nothing! He was perceived to be one. He was the single guy. But, yes, we hardly saw him on dates or have a girlfriend until Savannah. Garcia had like five boyfriends! I'm just teasing, but it is wonderful bringing it to the end. Yes, it happened kind of quickly, but Derek didn't just get married. Excuse me for talking in the third person, but it's not just Shemar Moore's exit.

The reason Derek is leaving — after people cry and scream at the TV because people don't like change hopefully will realize this — is for his unborn child, for his wife, for a part of his life that has always eluded him.

What I'm so proud of is, in this episode, there are things you never realized or thought Derek was capable of. You're still learning about him. It was great for me as an actor and it was a great gift from Erica and the writing staff. I have watched Episode 16 probably around 20 times.

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I've watched Episode 18 exactly 41 times. It's not because I'm vain and I want to watch how great I am as an actor. It's the final dance and it's so beautifully done. My favorite Morgan moment is when he and Reid were stuck in the elevator and cried for Hotch. I got really jealous, and kind of annoyed now. Because those are all things I love to do, and Matthew in my dream had completely met me. We were on speaking terms. The dream spun and shifted again, a spherical twist that put a giddy leap in my heart that stayed; suddenly I was having a drink with Gubler at some outdoor cafe and he was wearing his funky glasses and wide-brimmed hat.

And I think plaid. Then we were in line for something and Jack and Matt and David were in line ahead of us? I remembered in my dream once having the tiniest crush on Matt and feeling balanced and not awkward about it because nothing had come of it when Gubler came to stand by me.

That happened in my dream and I was just so… so settled, so satisfied with where I was, who I was, and who I was with. Not that I would turn my nose up at an outing with him.

I love adventures, any time, any where. But that takes me back to my analysis. I think Gubler represented my goals. My wishes and desires to achieve, to be There in that hot light of the public eye. Then I was frustrated, I should have it by now. Then I did have it, and it felt right and I felt centered.