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Phulkari is brought to the Indian Subcontinent by the migrant Jat people of Central Asia in ancient times. Techniques and patterns were not documented but transmitted by word of mouth. The embroidery took a backseat with the division of India and Pakistan.

It was never made for commercialization. Fabricated for familial customary obligations, Phulkari became famous mainly by word of mouth. For the people of Punjab, Phulkari is not just a style of embroidery. For them it is a traditional family culture Deeply rooted in Punjabi life before the Partition of India and Pakistan which split the Punjab regionthis tradition has become a powerful symbol of Punjabi cultural identity.

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From a leisure activity, it has progressed to become one of the major sources of employment for the women in Punjab. Over the past half century, phulkari techniques and patterns have experienced a revival.

More recently, this folk tradition has entered the realm of high fashion through designers such as Manish Malhotra, who recently created a phulkari-based couture collection.

The main characteristics of this embroidery are the use of darn stitch on the wrong side of cloth with colored silken thread. Originally Phulkari was done as a pass time by women of Punjab. Having bagged a contemporary label, the Phulkari today is a lot different. For example, no longer is the darn embroidered on the wrong side of the cloth. Chope is yet another traditional Phulkari made for brides by their maternal grandmother naani Chope is usually embroidered on the borders.

The Chope is embroidered straight with two-sided line stitch that appears same on both the side. Chope is generally embroidered with one color, mostly golden or yellowish golden. This Phulkari from the north of Punjab is shared by Hindu and Sikh traditions and is appreciated by collectors. It is identified by its white khaddar. As a symbol of purity, Thirma was often worn by elder women and widows but, at times, this choice of color was also made for aesthetic reasons.

The pat was generally chosen in a range of bright pink to deep red tones. Cluster stitched flowers and wide triangles covering the forehead, chevron darning stitch surfaces were very common Thirma patterns. Like other figurative pieces like Sainchi Phulkari, this particular kind of Phulkari was made in east Punjab, that allowed for a broad variety of human and animal representations. Sainchi or Seinchi Phulkari are figurative pieces narrating life in the villages of South East Punjab around Ferozepur.

Local animals; goats, cows, elephants, big cats, scorpions, peacocks are represented moving among wrestlers, farmers, weavers, etc. In addition, they were produced in a relatively small area, Firozpur and Bhatinda districts and required high embroidery skills.

For these reasons, they were appreciated by collectors and occupy a very unique position among all the other varieties of Phulkari. Bagh is considered as the status symbol of a Punjabi family.

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Traditionally, Bagh was made for special occasions like wedding or birth. Bagh demands more time and patience and more material, thereby increasing the expense. Thus, Bagh is a status symbol. Vari means a gift offered to the bride by her in-laws. This Bagh was gifted to the bride by her in-laws when she was entering their house, her new home, on the wedding day. Vari-da-Bagh is always made on an orange-reddish khaddar and except for its border and sometimes a small decoration; it is always embroidered on its whole surface with a single golden or orange colored pat.

Bawan Bagh or Phulkari was in fact a display of samples used by professional embroiderers to show their skills and the patterns they could provide to their clients. As you can see, the spots are also different sizes.

They want children to understand what shade they will get if they mix certain colors. For instance, a child looks at the tube with two spots: He squeezes the tube and gets… purple color!

So, as a result, the kid learns that the same amounts of pink and blue paints create purple.

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As you can see, each tube hides a particular color inside. Pink, yellow, blue, purple, red, dark green, dark blue, orange, light-green, and black. However, to get one of these shades, the child should think about which colors create it. As a result, they learn how to create new colors and how to mix them. Recent studies have shown that free thinking is an attribute that a person can acquire over time, and the schools play the most important part in developing creativity. The success of the Japanese culture is very simple: Check out this little gymnast's amazing skills!

If your child doesn't speak 50 words or less by the age of 2, they are considered a late talker. Since we are receiving speech therapy in our home for one of the boys, there are a few things we are working on to help encourage talking.

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