Ranbir dating deepika video

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ranbir dating deepika video

Deepika and Ranbir started dating in a few months after the release of their respective film debuts. They parted ways in There's no doubt in saying Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are an instant hit Padukone has apparently already heard a glimpse of the film's story. Kangna Ranaut: “Two films can easily release on the same date”. While Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor dated each other for the talk of the town, Alia Bhatt is currently rumoured to be dating Ranbir.

When Deepika Padukone accused Ranbir Kapoor of being serial cheater

It comes with its own imperfections which seem rather perfect when the cupid strikes. Bollywood has transformed many of us into daydreamers and die hard romantics, to an extent where we idolize certain couples and are intrigued by relationships of the la la land! LostLoveStories will bring you one love story that got lost in the seeds of time, every Sunday at 11 am. There are a very few couples in B-Town who look made for each other. Amitabh and Rekha did, but they could never be together.

Or maybe they were never meant to be. They looked made for each other! He was wearing a long maroon kurta and salwar with a black half jacket, she was looking stunning in a cream and red saree with turquoise earrings and dark kohl eyes in flat footwear.

Both were walking shoulder to shoulder like a dream. As Deepika and Ranbir entered the open air garden which was dressed like a bride on Diwali, the duo filled in colours in the already made rangoli, lit diyas and burst crackers with the media.

It would not be an exaggeration if we could take the liberty to say that they looked like Ram and Sita walking together in a floral atmosphere with the songs of Tamasha playing in the background and the most beautiful lights and decorations with some palate tickling food around with freshly made jalebis. They really looked made for each other! Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor were busy promoting their then upcoming movie Tamasha.

There seemed to be an unsaid understanding between them. Not an inch of discomfort or any sign of consciousness on their face made them an exemplary ex-couple who had moved on in every literal sense. Deepika was then rumoured to be dating her Bajirao Mastani co-star Ranveer Singh who later promoted Tamasha with Ranbir and Deepika, making another remarkable appearance and impression. But, there was a great sense of belonging, protectiveness and comfort between the two. How did this gorgeous looking couple meet?

Deepika and Ranbir shared common makeup artists. One of them insisted that they should speak to each other and strike friendship. They started dating on 28th February He dropped her home and love had happened. The moment they break up, they end up giving a blockbuster to the masses and the filmmakers rejoice because moolahs pour in from people who want to see a certain Jodi for one last time on screen together.

There is a very prominent video on the internet where during the promotions of the film, Deepika and Ranbir sing Khuda Jaane, hand in hand and their love is absolutely evident.

ranbir dating deepika video

They looked too promising together to be separated in real life, but fate had other plans. Their break up came as a shocker to their crazy fan following, and every one lost hope to see this duo together again. Bollywood had never seen a couple who would come together after a break up to work together in a film. The younger generation had never seen such a spectacle and little did any filmmaker care about this.

Once done, it was dusted forever, and it was taken for granted that ex-lovers never work together. But, here, the case was different. The fans went nuts over the duo and everyone started praying that the two should just rethink and reunite in real life.

When Deepika Padukone accused Ranbir Kapoor of being serial cheater

Moving on is a different thing, forgetting is also manageable, but forgiving? Their love was just like yours! Like all other lovers who drown in the ocean of admiration for each other, Deepika and Ranbir did leave a few dots behind, leaving to be joined. Deepika got an RK tattoo on her neck; the love birds gave some unforgettable interviews about their love story, notwithstanding the fact that their emotions and relationship was a part of the marketing strategy of their films, not for their real lives.

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You could sense the innocence of their relationship in an old interview of Deepika. He is very caring. Let's take a look at the men that Deepika Padukone allegedly dated before settling down for Ranveer Singh. Nihaar and Deepika reportedly met during an acting course in Mumbai. It didn't take much time for their romance to blossom as the couple even allegedly moved in together.

However, to focus more on her career, Deepika parted ways with Nihaar amicably. Pandya is currently dating singer Neeti Mohan and is expected to get married early next year. Though nothing concrete can be said about their love affair but it was alleged that Deepika briefly dated Upen after breaking up with Nihaar Pandya. The couple allegedly became close during a sensuous photoshoot.

Before Dhoni lost his heart to Sakshi, he was smitten by Deepika Padukone. Deepika even accompanied Dhoni to a couple of matches.

ranbir dating deepika video

Competitors on field also found competition in their love life, when Yuvraj Singh also lost his heart to Deepika. There were reports of Deepika celebrating Yuvraj's birthday at her own home and subsequently, Yuvraj also threw a lavish bash on her birthday. Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone's love story doesn't need any introduction.