Rain check meaning dating games

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rain check meaning dating games

Definition of I'll take a rain check in the Idioms Dictionary. but with the hope or promise that it can be postponed or accepted at a later date or time. If a baseball game was cancelled because of rain, people were entitled to see another. If you mutually agree to raincheck who should ask who to do offered me a "rain check" has followed up on it, it seems generally to mean "I'm Not dating, we've just been talking and hanging out the past few weeks. Pretending to be his friend while playing old-fashioned "The Rules" style mind games. Always give the benefit of the doubt once. If she flakes the next time, go no contact.

Why was the "rain check" given? Was it the giver or givee who cancelled? What is the importance of whats at stake? Who initiated the events that led to the rain check? That is, openly or grudgingly?

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Yes, all this matters. This is kind of what I was thinking. Anything else is, IMHO, a blow-off. This applies to one-on-one activities only.

rain check meaning dating games

If someone has to take a raincheck on a weekly group poker game, that's different than someone who needs to bow out of a dinner date or a ball game at the last minute. Go ahead and ask again. What's the worst that can happen? You can live with that. And this person might not realize that you are interested and is possibly blowing you off unintentionally.

rain check meaning dating games

If you've only been blown off once, you might make another offer one more time only. If I really wanted to see you though, I'd still ask once even if you didn't reschedule first. If not, extend a low pressure reschedule and see if she takes it. If not, take it as a brush off and move on. You can't decide on a course of action by analyzing the term "rain check" in the abstract. It's a nicety, not a contract.

But in real life interaction with other people, if person A invites person B, who demurs with a raincheck excuse, person A may think B was just trying to say no in a nice way and might not ask again.

English Vocabulary - Rain Check

There's nothing preventing B from taking the initiative, and if B does want to do something with A, it's probably a better idea than leaving it all up to A.

If B actually was just trying to say no, but didn't, the miscommunication is B's fault for being indirect, and B has no reason for complaint if A asks again.

But I wouldn't ask a third time I went out for a drink with the person last week.

rain check meaning dating games

At the end of the night, she even expressed having had a good time and suggested that it should be done again sometime. I extended another invitation for something similar this past tuesday, and she responded by saying that she already had dinner plans that evening and then said raincheck.

Meaning of "rain check" in the English dictionary

Just for the record, though, I think this discussion of rain check in the abstract is way more interesting than my specific situation, haha. Or were you offering to make plans, and the other person declined them with a rain check? If you already had plans to go out, and then Friend says, "I am so sorry, can I take a rain check?

I forgot I had a flugelhorn recital that day! Or, less formally, you can just figure out a better time together. If you were asking someone to go out with you, and they said, "Can I take a rain check on that? Ask one more time, and if they decline again- don't ask again, they're not interested. Not coming on too strong at all. If she weren't open to being asked again, she probably would have just left it at mentioning the dinner plans and not said anything about a raincheck.

Saying, basically "come back another time when we have it in stock, and we'll give it to you for the sale price. You come back at a later time and ask her to dinner, she would have to say yes, or give you another rain check.

What does a rain check on a date mean?

Careful if you keep getting rain checks - by advertising a deal and not stocking the item she might be trying to pull the ol' "bait and switch! Can I take a rain check? Regulation Patch, a frequent shopper at Soon-Shop Stores, received a rain check for an advertised sale item after Soon-Shop's supply of the product ran out.

rain check meaning dating games

The rain check was in writing and stated that the item would be offered to the customer at the Ray Whittington, Patrick R. Delaney, 9 Practical Environmental Analysis M. Europa,August35— Mohnen, The challenge of acid rain, Sci. No changes for rain check The Red Sox and Angels game will start 21 hours later than planned, but there won't be any changes to the lineups.

Tweet Share on Twitter Share Share on While thousands would probably want a rain check for Saturday, a few dozen gathered in high spirits in Central Park and the vendors who didn't tear down for Food that can boost your immunity during monsoon The thought of hot pakoras with a cup of cutting chai at a stall while you wait for that train, bus or taxi, sure seems like an alluring option in the monsoon.

rain check meaning dating games

We will disconnect downspouts, and we will No rain check for the daredevils The rain, wind and cold did little to deter those who had gathered for the fourth edition of the annual MTB Firestorm. The Nor'easter which has been plaguing us with rain, wind, clouds and chilly temperatures is slowly pulling away from New England this morning.