Radiocarbon dating price

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radiocarbon dating price

Please contact us (click [email protected] email) for collaborative research, internal ANU and bulk discount prices AMS determination (per sample) *. Conventional radiocarbon dating price and sample cost. C14 Analyses, C or C14 rates. We offer radiocarbon analyses/dating both for public and private institutions or persons. Turnaround time: 6 weeks. Prices: Pricelist. Precision: standard.

Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory

This procedure is important for avoiding serious consequences involving contamination of your samples and our laboratory. Also check the useful tips to avoid 14C tracer epidemics PDF file.

radiocarbon dating price

If samples require additional processing, the submitter will be informed of the added cost before work proceeds. Results are routinely corrected for isotopic fractionation using AMS-measured delta 13C ratios, but precise IRMS delta 13C measurements can be provided at additional cost.

Waikato Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory

Check price list for more information. Unused sample material will be not being archived or returned, except by special arrangement. All samples which must pass through U. Each shipment should contain a packing list of samples inside the main box, including the name and address of the shipper.

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In addition, the identification code of the sample, laboratory sample code when sample was previous treated outside our labtype of material and any other relevant information.

See our price list or contact us. For payment, see billing and payment procedures. Please contact us for any question or further details. Estimate whether the amount of sample is sufficient to provide the required dating precision Try to evaluate possibilities of contamination e. Pack the samples in double plastic cover or plastic or glass containers. Attach immediately the appropriate label indicating name of the site, sample serial number, date and name of collector.

Do not use paper or cloth to pack the samples. Do not attach paper labels to organic samples. Do not insert paper labels to the bottles containing organic samples.

radiocarbon dating price

Waters samples should be taken to new, clean plastic containers. The containers should be filled to the full.

radiocarbon dating price

Remember that botanical or zoological identification of the sample will not be possible after treatment in the radiocarbon laboratory. Send the sample to the radiocarbon dating laboratory as originally packed and enclose complete information requested by the laboratory using appropriate laboratory description form. Current exchange rates could be found on the NBP website. The prices listed above are the basic ones applied for measurements of individual samples.

In case of orders comprising measurements for more than 5 samples and in case of scientific institutions the price is agreed individually with the submitter and are lower than basic prices.