Qpushbutton stylesheet disabled dating

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qpushbutton stylesheet disabled dating

Travel · Empowerment · Relationships + Dating · Food + Drink · Health + Fitness . A lot of the trans fashion/style mags don't really speak to me or my By consciously performing masculinity in a queer disabled body it shows that QT: I was born with club feet and had both legs broken to straighten them. People used to Java or Python style programming probably fair . any free software project that is older than those dates, couldn't use Qt. And. Remove all spaces after colons (really ALL - because it invalidates the further css text) and it will work: QPushButton:disabled.

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And yet, when presidential candidates speak of carpet-bombs and super-predators, when poison is profitable and profiling is policy, it becomes necessary to consider fashion in the context of empire.

And in light of recent contagion scares, where the transnational movement of Black and brown bodies are made to symbolize illness or its possibility, visual markers of disability and gender variance arouse heightened suspicion and accusations of masquerade. Paul Dunn In response, queercrip aesthetics can be the occasion for survival work; revoking, re-routing and disrupting dominant understandings of how bodies move, how bodies breath, how bodies are held and are in holding.

In turn, the artists, writers, cultural workers and community members involved in this project engage fashion as a way of longing. A way of being together without a prescription for repair, without an end plan, in love, in suffering, in memory, in rehearsal.

qpushbutton stylesheet disabled dating

Tiph Brown Kay Ulanday Barrett: If you look up hashtags: Every time I peruse those hashtags it assumes a masculinity that feels cut and paste, feels closer to colonial conceptions of brown cis binary masculinity uninteresting to me. Brown cis men can lift, move, carry cargo and for cis straight white American elite, then you can stay, you can be here among us, just close enough to be almost human.

Fit these scripts and you are a real man. This is how my uncles, cousins and cis men in my brown family learned the American dream. Be useful in the fields, wiping up tables, carrying the luggage of rich white Americans and here, you can live a life at the helm of bootstraps. Have we internalized that humanity in brown and black masculinity is more valuable the closer we are in proximity to white thin colonial muscularity?

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Alex Knight Espinosa Sukie Glick: I think about fashion often. As disabled trans people of color, we are often compared to white, cis, able-bodied norms and also to the norms of white, trans, able bodied guys.

Chiselled, thin, white trans guys who pass, wearing expensive suits and drinking bourbon! We should all get to choose, and have options that work for us and that are accessible should we choose these options.

I want to be able to celebrate our differences and the variety of our shapes and sizes and ways of being. Shawntol Drakes Queen Tite: I describe my style as a mixture of androgynous Nubian Funk. Fashion is non-verbal communication.

qpushbutton stylesheet disabled dating

I speak with my clothing, my vibe in that attire, and pure confidence in my self-expression. I express my androgyny by pushing the boundaries of who I am and can be. At times masculinity is my armor. I want them protected and selectively shared. Anne Standen Jax Jacki Brown: By consciously performing masculinity in a queer disabled body it shows that masculinity is broader than we sometimes assume.

My signaling of masculinity is not always read as such.

qpushbutton stylesheet disabled dating

My aesthetic is based on a host of factors like safety, cost and size. From the beads around my neck to the click of my cane, I use patterns and themes that remind me of my homeland, of my brown culture, of my lolo and titos, of the kid who was beat up in the 90s for dressing what was classed as poor and a place of ridicule with loud ass colors but now, said looks have been burgeoned as nostalgically hip by white and rich people alike.

My fashion, like my food, helps me chart back to my culture, helps me connect to ancestors and puts me in conversation with them. What if my lolo were here — what would he think of this fedora bargain on sale?

Textures are my life! Bring on the texture I say — leopard print, snakeskin, various text statements. I feel that my aesthetic is a cultural strategy to stay alive and to carve out a space of flyness that is so unique that no store can reproduce. That kind of gutsy hope, I learned with others of my experience.

qpushbutton stylesheet disabled dating

Queer and poor people inspire fashion, so often are our looks co-opted, the crip and SDQ Sick and Disabled Queer origination of fashion is inevitable and has been happening. I was born with club feet and had both legs broken to straighten them.

Pain for me is associative to my feet, knees, and legs. Instead of seeing a loss of something I started incorporating funky socks, sneakers, boots, sandals, loafers, stockings, anything flat really to accentuate my style.

Cascading Style Sheets

Your choice of technology might be dictated by the ecosystem in which you are developing, such as language-specific APIs. In these sorts of cases, minimizing the number of technologies may be beneficial.

I think it is a language for professionals. Actually, Qt ameliorates a lot of the memory management problems if you set things up to fall out of scope.

Every language and framework has its pros and cons. It is a very, very complicated issue that usually can be summarized by the addage often seen in diners: Speed, Quality, and Price but you can only pick two. Although the rules say I should keep focused on answering the question, I do want to rebut some of the issues raised by Billy ONeal, who I think does a good job summarizing the commonly cited reasons to not use Qt: It is augmented by a macro processor moc which enables signals and slots, among many other things.

For folks who say "Use Boost for signals and slots!

qpushbutton stylesheet disabled dating

Boost is huge, and it has its own commonly-cited issues such as poor documentation, horrendous API, and cross-platform horrors think old compilers like gcc 3. For editor support, this also follows from 1, I somewhat agree.

Dapper Crip: Disability, Queer Masculinity, and Fashion

Many professional programmers use emacs and vim. The notation of the days can be altered to a single letter abbreviations "M" for "Monday" by setting the horizontalHeaderFormat property to QCalendarWidget.

Setting the same property to QCalendarWidget. LongDayNames makes the header display the complete day names. The calendar grid can be turned on by setting the gridVisible property to true using the setGridVisible function: The QCalendarWidget class also provides three signals, selectionChangedactivated and currentPageChanged making it possible to respond to user interaction.

The rendering of the headers, weekdays or single days can be largely customized by setting QTextCharFormat 's for some special weekday, a special date or for the rendering of the headers.

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