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It is confidentially the buff inside dating. psycho goldfish newgrounds dating psycho goldfish newgrounds dating game of thrones character age differences. Psycho Goldfish Creative Media. Sponsored Sort By: Date Score The Goldfish can't jump for shit, but the music and gameplay suck me in. HTTP/ OK Date: Sun, 04 Mar GMT Server: Apache Five ' til Newgrounds Rumble HOST Rings and Sticks Drakojan Skies: Acolytes Warp.

This was by far the main draw to the website in these days, as it was the most offensive and funniest thing people had seen on the internet, as was a main base for people to vent their rage and frustration against stupid crazes like Pokemon back when it was a wordwide craze and not just some third rate game franchise and other shit they were forced to endure from the idiotic masses.

psycho goldfish newgrounds dating

In this way, Fulp was way ahead of his time, and would have done well to pack it up and quit while he was ahead. But Fulp tasted the bittersweet nectar of money that he had just finished parodying, and was smitten by its power.

Jewgrounds in it's previous lulzy form can actually be viewed hereand it should be noted pretty much all of this material has since been deleted by Jewgrounds staff, in an attempt to make a friendly image of the site and not offend any potential advertisers.

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Ironically, while this was during the Lulz Era, this was the only thing of that era that was actualy funny. During this time, Jewgrounds grew from a minor operation of basement dwellers to a legitimate business, much to the chagrin of the first wave of no-lifers henceforth referred to as originals who made up the better part of the Jewgrounds userbase at that time but this advantage that helped nourish the site's originality would soon be the cause of its death.

The Imaginary Wars Era July 17th, [ edit ] When denizens of your site look like this, there may be a problem. Krade's Exception to Banaan's Law becomes the prevailing reality on a Jewgrounds obsessed with e-rep.

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Dispensing life advice becomes a fad on the Jewgrounds BBS. Major cause of epileptic fits on Jewgrounds during the Imaginary Wars Era. ByJewgrounds was embroiled in a debacle that would signify the beginning of its new era. When now-notorious fatty Gary Brolsma felt it would be an excellent idea to parade his rolls of subhuman fat around the once-lulz-inspiring halls of Jewgrounds, a new debate arose between the tiny population of original basement dwellerswho were obsessed with the constant generation of new lulz, and would eventually come to reinforce the ranks of 4chanand the new basement dwellerswho were the precursors of the JewTube -esque userbase that is in place on Jewgrounds today.

The debate centered on whether or not Jewgrounds should be allowed to drown in a pool of its own decayed shit, as the new users believed was only right and just. Obviously, the originals left Jewgrounds, realizing the impending shittiness that was threatening to overcome a site now dominated in sheer numbers, by sensitive and soft users, most of whom had never laid eyes on even a piece of goatse -inspired masterpiece photography, and most of whom were progressively losing any sense of humor to moralfaggotryand other corruptive diseases to the arteries of the site.

In the originals' wake, was left a path of destruction and idiocy. Seeking to bridge the gap between what was lost and the contemporary state of affairs, Jewgrounders started to become irrationally obsessed with one particular moral cause. The second achievement is the weekly top 30, which is determined the same way as the weekly top 5, but applies to all songs submitted ever. The third Achievement is to be featured on the frontpage of newgrounds. This is decided by the mods who shows up here, not by the user.

Unfortunately this system has led to what people coin the "tuesday night zero voting spree" in which a flurry of zero voting occurs across the board in order to raise chances of one's own song entering the top 5 or the top However it does have the benefit of keeping scores on newgrounds in the audio portal around the 4.

Being on either of these three achievements, or all 3, results in exponential amounts of views, votes downloads, and reviews of a song. Much more than one would have if they were simply on the audio portal genre charts.

However being on these charts tends to expose your songs to more "realistic" voters, and most song's scores end up suffering as a result, with their song only being on the top 30 or top 5 once or twice in its lifetime.


Unfortunately with the introduction of the top 30 rankings on the individual genre charts means significantly less to users these days, with songs having a score of 5 generally being wiped off the top of the list by older users who see these users as simply attempting to raise their scores to the top.

The charts fluctuate an extreme amount and placement on the charts no longer indicates any measure of quality in a song, as it did post redesign. Art portal The Art Portal was launched on June 18, The Art Portal is intended to be a showcase of the best art created by the Newgrounds community; users are encouraged to submit art to the Portal, which will be automatically featured in a private gallery on their userpages.

Users can vote on the art, creating an average score for the artwork, but this does not accrue experience, unlike voting on animation submissions. Newgrounds allows art of any genre or medium to be submitted, although the community predominantly focuses on digital art.

Photography is not allowed, except to document other works. Skilled artists among the community are given the 'scouting' privilege, which allows them to authorize individual users to submit their art directly to the Art Portal, and also the ability to 'scout' other artwork. The intention of this system is to keep the art featured in the Art Portal to a relatively high level of quality, adopting a method dissimilar to the judgment system used by the Flash Portal. Users who have been scouted and have submitted artwork of poor quality can lose their submission privileges.

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A team of moderators oversees the scouting tree, pruning users who manage to take advantage of the system. If a user were to be removed from the tree, anyone who was recursively scouted in his branch would also be removed. This system was unique to image portals at the time of its inception and is the first known instance of such a system. Collections The admins of Newgrounds maintain a group of collections of submissions.

psycho goldfish newgrounds dating

General groups such as Games or Toons are subdivided into types or years. The collections help viewers of Newgrounds navigate the website easier and find what they are looking for. For example, the Clock Crew collection contains Flash videos pertaining to the Clock Crew, a specific group on Newgrounds. The admins create the collections and decide which submissions go into the collection, but viewers can vote on which collections they think a given submission should be put into, which may influence this decision.

Newgrounds has made recent moves to move to a user run Genre system for organizing flash, though this system is still in a data-collection phase. Its community discusses a topics in 16 forum categories ranging from site related Flash submissions to personal and off-topic discussion. The most popular section on the forum is "General" discussion which, as of July 5,houses more thantopics. The entire BBS currently contains more than 1, topics.

The most registered users to ever be on the BBS at the same time was July 17,at 5: The forums are often used to run competitions and community projects. Competitions are generally held for Audio, Art, Music, and Writing on monthly basis by an assortment of administrators, moderators, and regular users. Prizes are funded by Newgrounds and have generally been cash, store credit or hardware.

In a more unofficial capacity, the NG News forums have been annually used to give away Wacom Tablets to artists who could not afford them otherwise, but have contributed promising art over the last year.

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These prizes have enabled or motivated many artists to contribute to the world of Flash movies, collaborate, and release hard editions of their product in online stores. NG Store Initially, Newgrounds sold stickers and other merchandise through a watered down version of today's store and cafepress. InNewgrounds started a basic store that was hosted completely on site, selling shirts and stickers of different Newgrounds series such as Pico and Tankmen.