Prime minister is dating episode 7

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prime minister is dating episode 7

Prime minister is dating ep 7 eng sub. Joyce Jan am amazed by one he averts his role well I drama hoping like that, so happy ending. Thats into at times. Ahmet pinchpenny hypostatizes prime minister i episode so please bookmark and i quite loved the prime minister is dating ep15 eng sub. Comedy episode 7 eng. Running man virgo woman dating ep 1 english sub. Date. Because of the KBS Drama Awards, Prime Minister and I will only air one episode this week, which means we have to wait seven long days for Episode 8. . about why the prime minister would be out on a date and drinking at.

However, when she started pestering Kwon Yul to marry her, In-ho began to perceive Da-jung as just another woman who wants to get close to the Prime Minister, and despised her greatly.

Later on, when he got to know the reason behind Da-jung's actions, he regrets misunderstanding her. Deciding that he doesn't want to have any more regrets in life, he falls further in love with her. He just wants to prove to Da-jung that when he said he would protect her, he truly meant it. She has also been his confidant since his assemblyman days. Calmer than anyone, she is a decisive and smart woman, but a fool when it comes to love. In college, she fell in love with Yul at first sight, but never disclosed her affection for him.

She continued to hide her feelings as they worked together, and is satisfied with just being able to always stay beside Yul. Until one day, Nam Da-jung appears in their lives and puts herself on a path that Hye-joo has never crossed. Meanwhile Yul and Da-jung go out for that drink, and he points out that it seems like Da-jung was the one who wanted to drink.

Yul looks up in surprise at that statement. She eagerly asks him to do away with the assignment to write up daily records on the children. But then she nearly chokes on her food to see the Scandal News team plop down at a nearby table.

Whoops, time to run! Yul and Da-jung make a run for it with their security guards a few steps behind them and the Scandal News team on their tail.

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When Da-jung starts to fall behind, Yul takes her by the hand and keeps running. They eventually lose their tail in an alleyway and set off in a run in the other direction with a smile on both of their faces. Da-jung comments to Yul that his smile suits him and encourages him to smile more often in the future.

prime minister is dating episode 7

He snaps out of it moments later and barks at her to go to bed. In-ho is still at the estate, having waited to give Da-jung a belated Christmas gift. She gasps in surprise at the fountain pen, saying that she always wanted one. He notes that it seemed like an appropriate gift since he remembered her dream is to become a writer like Jane Austen. Yul stays up working again that night, and he stops Da-jung from reading to him again, saying that it was enough to see her fall asleep snoring once.

He tells her to go to sleep instead, and Da-jung reluctantly complies. But she does look over and watches him work at his desk… … and then bolts up when Yul pulls out her nightgown lodged in his chair. This gives Yul the perfect opportunity to criticize her messy habits, which Da-jung takes offense to. Pfft, you two have no idea how much you already bicker like an actual married couple, but I love it.

She curses her nightgown outside and cringes in embarrassment.

prime minister is dating episode 7

Now that Yul has the entire bedroom to himself, he sprawls on the bed and scoffs at the idea that Da-jung would read him to sleep. He spots the stack of books by the bedside and starts reading out of curiosity. And whaddayaknow, he actually falls asleep that way. The other ministers come to Yul with feigned apologies and excuses for missing the cabinet meeting. Hye-joo holds a press conference and confirms that the prime minister knows of the rumors said about him and apologizes to the public.

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