Porsche 911 back dating documents

Why you shouldn't backdate a sales contract

porsche 911 back dating documents

Bid for the chance to own a Backdated Porsche Carrera Coupe at psi and % percent leakdown as seen in a document above. Buy Porsche Conversions & Backdate Kits from Design , the UKs largest Porsche specialist. We have a wide range of Porsche Conversions & Backdate Kits. Porsche Carrera RSR 'Backdate' Outlaw. In you could buy a fantastic Carrera RS for $14, . DOCUMENTATION.

  • Why you shouldn't backdate a sales contract
  • Backdated 1984 Porsche 911 Coupe
  • 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 'Backdate' Outlaw ($235,000)

The black and silver two-tone wheel paint is free of chipping with no curb rash to note. The fresh Michelin TB15 Corse tires have less than 1, miles of use since install. The original instruments are clean and fully functional. The odometer was reset when the new motor was installed and shows 9, miles. According to Rothsport Racing, this totals to HP.

The engine starts from cold with ease, idles smoothly, and is an absolute screamer when revved out.

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A WEVO short shifter is also fitted. The gearbox has a tall 1st gear, stock 2nd, and a custom 3rd, 4th, and 5th. The brakes are standard Turbo brakes. The car feels planted through corners and gives exceptional feedback on all fronts.

Much of the interior has also been replaced to mimic the factory RS-style layout, with some added custom touches to top it off. It goes without saying this car has been extensively modified, but done so with professional execution. If initial financing falls through and the deal is delayed while alternative financing is sought, the sales contract is rewritten.

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Using the original date on the rewritten contract can lead to violations of the federal Truth In Lending Act and of some state laws. Use of the old date can cause a miscalculation of the annual percentage rate of interest and leave the car buyer paying additional interest.

Under the Truth In Lending Act, the disclosed annual percentage rate must be accurate to within one-eighth of 1 percent of the properly calculated rate.

porsche 911 back dating documents

An appeals court determined the dealership was liable for the backdating violations. It's what you hold up to say what could happen. Some dealership personnel don't realize the legal ramifications of backdating, dealer lawyers and a dealer association executive said.

porsche 911 back dating documents

Indeed, more than half of the respondents who acknowledged backdating in the Automotive News survey said they just never changed the original date. When a sale happens near the end of a month, the motivations are often money related.

The dealership may be trying to preserve a manufacturer incentive for the customer that otherwise would have expired.

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