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pokemon dating sim black

Following the success of Twitch Plays Pokemon, TableFort studios have now created a dating sim based on the canon: Twitch Dates Pokemon. When it comes to, shall we say, progressive couples, no one tops the open- minded pairings found in dating sims. But a Pokémon Dating Sim (to date girls) did not really exist up until now .. gym leaders, champions, frontier brains, up to Black and White 2.

Meanwhile I've learned my way of tracing is probably not the way everybody would go on a first try. By the way, battling is of course possible, but it is not the main component and by now it is only a coin toss. As I mentioned, I'm the programmer and the organisator. Nevertheless I did it because nobody else did, so I guess I'm not the usual guy who says "organisator" when he means "I say things and you all do them!!


That doesn't change the fact that I still don't want to create GUI or graphics. And what is still missing at the moment are certain screens and item vectors. Well, I better do a list of what still needs to be done. Help is wanted with everything as long I don't write otherwise.

This is especially important since there could be any number of girls.

pokemon dating sim black

Until then Brock will stick with 10 for each. Screen language and coding: This is needed for proper game testing. Coding I'll do that: I could do that, but you know The basic idea is to take a vector and add some layers to build in the expressions. Brock, Oak both season 1 please and maybe the shop keeper - Make the missing item vectors, by now we only have pokeball and super potion - Vector backgrounds would be nice instead of olified photographs, but then we would need them for ALL current backgrounds, which are quite a lot.

Also creating a new olified is faster than creating a new vector bg when needed.

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Now you can have 2 pokemon roam. Stage 3 - The house gets a basement where trainers show up to challenge you to battles. It's now essentially a large house.

Your 2 pokemon that roam now level and can breed like it's a daycare center. Stage 4 - There are a few extra rooms and you have a double garden. Second there is tall grass growing in your garden with a small camera that shows the outline of a random pokemon that changes every day.

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In essence 4 pokemon in a free daycare. Now to be able to buy the upgrades you need to do some things. Like Stage one is unlocked after you save a carpenter or something from the villains. S2 is able to be bought after you're a champion. S3 is like that region's Dex filled or you beat the elite four 10 times. S4 would be the other qualification you didn't do for S3. You beat the elite four 7 times so far and you're missing like 3 pokemon from the region's dex.

No account? No worries.

You chose to capture the last 3 and you unlock level 3 as an upgrade. And level four after 3 more elite four victories.

But, it's cost doubles every time you get a new villa. So to get say 6 villas you'd need Poke. Same with every upgrade. So you make all villas level 2 which costs at base. Then stage 3 is the max you can have every villa and it costs a base of Poke.

That's anotherPoke.

pokemon dating sim black

Where the final cost of a level 4 is Poke. Like that, you have a reason to stick with one villa until later in the game.