Pj harvey josh klinghoffer dating

Who is Josh Klinghoffer dating? Josh Klinghoffer girlfriend, wife

pj harvey josh klinghoffer dating

Gnarls Barkley, John Frusciante, Ataxia, The Bicycle Thief, PJ Harvey, Cate Le Bon, Thelonious Monster, Sparks, Warpaint, Beck, Black Keys, Nate Ruess, Golden Shoulders, Vincent Gallo, Butthole Surfers, The Zoo City Lads. Josh Adam Klinghoffer (born October 3, ) is an American musician best known as the. Josh Klinghoffer dating history, , , list of Josh Klinghoffer relationships. Josh Klinghoffer has been in a relationship with PJ Harvey ( - ). Klinghoffer dating? Josh Klinghoffer Dating/Relationship History | CelebNest. Josh Klinghoffer Photos, News, biography · P.J. Harvey. From to

At that time we thought that we'd do many songs together, just like this one. As time went by, this album became more of a solo album with which he's helping me. Frusciante commented on his relationship with Klinghoffer in stating: He's one of the very few people who I really like to spend a lot of time with.

pj harvey josh klinghoffer dating

In many respects he's the person who is closest to me, and with whom I can speak honestly about everything. His opinion is very important to me and I value it a lot.

pj harvey josh klinghoffer dating

Gnarls Barkley — [ edit ] Klinghoffer was a touring and session musician for Gnarls Barkley. Klinghoffer appeared on the band's second album, 's The Odd Couple and was part of the band's touring lineup to support their first two studio albums which also included an opening slot for the Red Hot Chili Peppers on their Stadium Arcadium toura tour Klinghoffer would eventually join as a backing musician in Dot Hacker —present [ edit ] Klinghoffer founded his own band, Dot Hackerinwhere he holds the position of primary songwriter, singer, rhythm guitarist and pianist.

The group is made up of former touring musicians for Gnarls Barkley. Inthey released their first full-length album, Inhibition. The title track to Inhibition was first played in a Bob Forrest radio show. The band announced plans to play Tokyo in February in support of the two albums. This will be their first time performing outside of the United States. Red Hot Chili Peppers —present [ edit ] InKlinghoffer played with Red Hot Chili Peppers on the final few legs of their Stadium Arcadium tour, playing additional guitar, backing vocals, and keyboard parts alongside the band.

This tour would ultimately be John Frusciante 's last with the band, and Klinghoffer's first. And yet it feels really natural.

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But I finally did, right before playing with the Chili Peppers. Your own band is named Dot Hacker? A name no one likes. Dorothy Hacker, or Dot Hacker. It sounds like a computer thing Totally, but not really. We just picked that and it stuck.

A whole record will come out, hopefully, soon. How did songwriting work for the new Chili Peppers album?

pj harvey josh klinghoffer dating

Were there a lot of pre-formed ideas you all brought in? Or did it grow more out of jamming? What was the ratio of those two things? There was a very even ratio of those two things — a lot of very collaborative work.

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I try to make it somewhat off the wall. They have a functioning office. People were trying to conduct business while Flea and I were banging on the piano.

Was making the album your first encounter with [producer] Rick Rubin?

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Yes — I mean professionally. How does the age difference play out?

pj harvey josh klinghoffer dating

But yeah, I grew up and was shaped musically by listening to them and to the people they listened to and who inspired them to get started.

And I still learn tons from them. I always get embarrassed. What kind of preparations are you making to tour with the Chili Peppers for this new album? Really just playing guitar as much as possible.

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Learning their amazing and immense back catalog.