Persona 4 dating choices quotes

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persona 4 dating choices quotes

Naoto Shirogane is a playable character in Persona 4. Arriving However, she is willing to date the protagonist if he advances her Social Link. . Afterwards, the protagonist will be given a choice of whether to pursue a .. Battle Quotes Edit. After obtaining a high enough Social Link with each girl, you will be given special options when spending time with them. The game should. Yu Narukami is the protagonist of Persona 4, although in the game itself, the player can choose his name. His dialogue choices make him seem very neutral, as opposed to the protagonists During the group date cafe, when Mitsuru and Yukari deem him to be boyfriend material, he visibly blushes. Full Battle Quotes.

In an attempt to solve the murder case, Naoto uses herself as bait by appearing on TV and allowing herself to be kidnapped by the culprit. Depending on the player's actions, Naoto can become intimate with Yu. Naoto also decides that she isn't a detective just to uphold her family tradition, but because she wants to be and thoroughly enjoy it no matter her gender or age. Juria Kawakami portrays Naoto in the stage production.

Questions about Dating in Persona 4

Shadow of the Labyrinth: Zen is a taciturn young man who is unfamiliar with people's habits and has a tendency to take things too literally, but is otherwise devoted to Rei's well-being, while Rei is a cheerful and innocent girl who has a strange metabolism that causes her to be forever hungry.

Depending on which protagonist was chosen at the start, either SEES or the Investigation Team will encounter them first. If the Persona 3 Protagonist is chosen, then Fuuka locates the first labyrinth somewhere near where the team is gathered by picking up on Shadow signals. However, before they can enter, Zen and Rei appear and interrupt them.

Since they intend to enter a maze which doubles as a Shadows' nest, the Protagonist allows them to join SEES for the time being.

When they meet the Investigation Team, SEES decides to attempt to restore Zen and Rei's memories as this is their only lead to a way out of the haven in the rift. Zen is later revealed to be a part of Chronos, a being presiding over death, who was sent to take a young girl named Niko who had died of illness to "where all life returns".

At this stage, Rei is abducted and the school's clock tower undergoes a Tartarus-esque transformation, and although Zen at first decides to save her on his own, SEES and the Investigation Team resolve to stay and help him out. Zen uses a crossbow in battle. With this, he can shoot various objects at enemies, such as arrows or bullets. When Rei is kidnapped, Zen starts using the abilities she was using until then.

He makes a pass at Yukiko Amagi at the beginning of the game, and is rejected. Eventually the group manages to find him in the TV World and save him from being killed by his Shadow during an argument with the Shadow staying quiet.

Claiming he was responsible for all murders in Inaba to get people's attention, Mitsuo is taken away by the authorities. There, the Investigation Team confronts him, when he claims he is instead saving people. After she died as well, Namatame tried to contact the police and Tohru Adachi tricked him into throwing people into the TV to "protect" them from the killer; after the victims began to turn up alive after his kidnappings, he believed he was truly helping them.

He often accidentally reveals crucial information regarding the investigation to the protagonist, and is constantly reprimanded by Dojima for running his mouth. After the two initial murders, he tricked Namatame into kidnapping people under the idea that he was keeping them from danger, which is reinforced as every person Namatame "rescues" is then saved by the protagonist's group.

Adachi makes a non-playable appearance in arcade version of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and becomes playable in the console version with a DLC. During a routine questioning, Sho possesses the detective in charge of Adachi's investigation and uses him to rescue Adachi from prison, throwing him back into the TV world to help him destroy the world by collecting persona fragments and using them to release Hino-Kagutsuchi, a malevolent and powerful avatar of death.

He ends up in a Tartarus-esque version of Yasogami High School, meets Yu and company, and pays lip-service to Sho while secretly working to stop his plan. Adachi eventually makes his move to destroy the crystallized Persona fragment that Sho had captured. He manages to crack the crystal, but is severely beaten by Sho after the latter uses his borrowed power to within an inch of his life until Yu intervenes. Despite being former enemies, Adachi and Yu team up to defeat Sho and Hino-Kagutsuchi, and with the world saved, Adachi returns to his cell and is peacefully visited by his old friend, Ryotaro Dojima.

It believes itself to pursue "mankind's desires. Ameno-sagiri has no known voice actor in both versions, although he does speak through Adachi when he takes control of him after he is defeated by the group.

Claiming that it is what humans desire, she aims to cover the world in dense fog and turn mankind into Shadows, which would cause all humans to only see and believe what they wish were true and cease all suffering. Following her defeat, Izanami disappears, satisfied with her opponents' abilities.

It takes Understanding to accept it as a whole! Knowledge to set the proper pace! Courage to attack the mountain of meat and Dedication to keep on eating! After hearing Yu making a comment about finishing the food, the gang goes on to talk about Yu's persistence as being a metaphor for not giving up their search for the killer, when the conversation ends, it turns out he was talking about the food after all, and completely ignored them.

There's a Running Gag of Teddie's original body the head being "left behind" after he dons a human one The first time even gets a nice Description Cut going from Chie asking where it is to a kid bawling in front of it. Yu's deadpan reaction to Miss Kashiwagi when she enters the classroom. Not the first one To put it simply, the second one plays exactly how it happens in the game.

Let's just say that this is where the friendship Deconstruction began. Though the "I put Wasabi in one of them" joke was pretty funny. When Teddie seduces a middle aged woman.

persona 4 dating choices quotes

That is, before the Deconstruction begins Teddie summoning his Persona Teddie then proceeds to lose horribly against them. Because he was Out of Focus in this episode, no context is ever given for Yu's actions. This leads to two hilarious Big Lipped Alligator Moments: Yu wearing Teddie's costume and his Epic Fail attempt at mimicking his mannerisms.

Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, Kanji and Rise: That is so not right Yu appearing in his Explosive Fishing uniform. Everyone especially Nanako catching glimpses of Yu engaging in several Social Links without any context to explain his actions. Especially when he's caught spending time with two attractive older women on separate occasions.

Then when Rise wants to investigate Yu's behavior, Yukiko and Chie are worried about getting seen by him. Teddie gives them all a disguise to wear And then the girls reactions when they see Yu hanging out with Hisano. Nanako dressing up as a detective character from one of her cartoons in order to investigate Yu's behavior, only to have her toy spout out the wrong lines. It's Magical Detective Loveline! Want me to fill you with holes? The dub changes it to this, and with the toy speaking in an upper-class British accent to boot: I'm the Magical Detective Loveline!

Stop or I'll put a cap in ya! Kanji's evil expression while eating a watermelon piece in the background. Before that, Kanji asking 'Where the hell is that watermelon? Some of them are just as funny, specially when he's trying to handle a group of kids he's taking care of This probably is one of the few incidents where his face expression changed so dramatically.

In the English-dub, if one listens very closely, he actually whimpers when he sees it. Then Narukami goes out to fish after receiving his package from Tanaka's Amazing Commodities. His progress while fishing for the Guardian is then seen: He has spent the whole damn day at the riverbank.

It's late at night and there's at least a dozen buckets behind him filled with either fish or trash. Then he pulls out his TV World glasses. After the whole fishing ordeal, it cuts to Narukami at the festival with Yosuke, Kanji, and Teddie the next night. The first thing seen is Yu with a vacant gaze and bags under his eyes. Yosuke narrating the whole episode in such a deadpan manner.

The dub changes this to have Yu himself narrating the episode.

persona 4 dating choices quotes

Yu after getting the paycheck for the daycare center He laments it like a Tokusatsu villain getting his plan thwarted. Inherently funnier in the English dub for one specific reason. Dojima nonchalontly commenting that he just dumped his work, which was going to stop him from taking Nanako to the Culture Festival, on Adachi.

Pay attention to the ads on the side of the bus Yu is waiting for. One of them mentions that the supposedly-broken toy he is trying to pay to replace is designed to be separated and put back together, a Call-Back to the kid trying to explain that it wasn't broken to begin with.

How about when Sayoko hits on Yu. Can't, I have to work. While Kanji and Yosuke fight, Teddie comes up and knocks them onto the bed, Yu, being Yujust watches calmly with a glass of water in hand, only breaking it to take a picture when everyone's in odd positions.

I'm posting this picture on my Wall. This was arguably the funniest moment in the game, and the anime does it great justice by showing Yu getting drunk as well. Yu gets so hot that he completely unbuttons his shirt in front of everyone.

Made even funnier by the fact that it's a Call-Back to his first summoning of Izanagi. Of course, Yu may not actually be drunk, given his rather strange sense of humor.

His later comment at the Hagakure implies that he was just playing around and got a little carried away. Remember the four choices from the game? Of course, Yosuke has to bitch about it, prompting: You can't hog all three of them at once!!

I can, because I'm the king. Before that, Yu annoucing who will have to play It adds to the ridiculousness of the scene.

The fact that Yosuke and Chie were the only ones who bothered to act the role of Only Sane Man and point out the absurdiy of their drunk friends' behaviour Kanji and Naoto weren't drunk, but they didn't really do anything makes the whole scene even funnier. Chie being reluctant to sit on Yu's lap. Looks suspiciously like the famous scene in Kuso Miso Technique. Yu revealing the next day he was just acting the part. Teddie eating at the Ramen shop in his costume.

And "being a gentlebear and helping" But you were all done. And then this happens: I think I ate too much, I can't move. I say we leave him. And the Queen's orders are absolute.

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I'm leaving behind the memories of my misspent youth and you. So how do you watch it? Why the hell not!? I didn't say that I even wanted to! One of those shows, right? The ones where they're all like "blah de blah de blah.

Margaret told me that. So, how do you watch it? Are you one of those people who doesn't watch TV!? There isn't one in the room. You must have super-strict parents. Girl, I don't think I could stand it. Life without kung fu movies But there's no "eclectic loutwits" in that room.

I'll tell The Nose to install one of those "eclectic loutwits. You don't even have electricity in your room!? Whew, that was the good stuff. I haven't had the steak here in a while, but it really isn't all that bad. Marie-chan, you haven't eaten at all. You've gotta eat if you want to grow up big and strong.

You eat too fast. You're gonna be fat one day. I didn't need to hear that! I'll go get us some drinks! O-Oolong tea sounds good. There's a lot of people at this "Joo-nes" place. Don't they have anything else to do? If they have TVs, they should be watching them instead of wasting time here. You just had one. You'll have to wait. I wannit, I wannit! You'll rot your teeth. Do you think I was ever like that? There's a lot I don't remember I don't remember anything.

I was just walking I had nowhere to go, and I just ended up in that car. Then Margaret told me to stay there. She also gave me the name "Marie" It'd be hard to get around without a name. I can't even remember if it was tough. It's not like it's troubling me or anything. Why would I lie? This is the truth. How stupid does it make me sound, if I don't even know my own name?

Not like any of that bothers me. I don't need to. I don't know why, but this town is familiar to me. The only thing I remember--or more like "know"--is that this is mine. I had this from the start. This is definitely mine. This doesn't help anything You're searching for the "truth," right? There's no such thing. Let's talk about something else. Sorry to keep you waiting! The shop was busy, so I just ordered and came back here.

They'll bring it to us when it's ready. Is it me, or is the mood a bit heavy around here? D-Don't worry, you two! I ordered for all of us! Oolong tea for everybody! So this is the "city. It's a funny place. It's grey and full of squares.

Hey, what do you do in the city? Do you play a lot? Then you must be a "playboy. So that's why you only come to see me once in a while, huh? Why don't you think about me sometime, huh? I just stand there, waiting. Oh, so you brought me here to look at humans? You're human, and I watch you all the time. Let's go home, then.

I'm sick of trains. Let's take a plane. Is she your friend? You haven't met her before, huh? I had lunch with her once. Oh yeah, this is Yukiko Amagi! If she's someone you know, then she must not be from around here, right? Did she come from the big city?

Ah, I get it. So that's why you're here in Okina City, huh? There's diddly-squat to do around where we live, right? And a red one today. What're Green and Red doing here? I was wearing green last time I saw you, wasn't I? I didn't say it was bad.

You look good in those colors. I didn't think it was a compliment. She's a nice girl. There's no doubt about that. But Red Girl's all red. Does Green Girl always wear the same thing all the time?

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To the point as ever No, that's not what I meant. Humans can change their clothes, right? You should try wearing other colors. I don't really pick out my own outfits We were just on our way to get some new clothes.

Why don't you come with us, Yu-kun? Chie, they might already have plans of their own. Don't just assume they can come along at a moment's notice. Hey, how's this shirt? Don't you think it's a good color? Yeah, but it's also green Why do I keep buying myself green clothes!? Marie-chan, what's your favorite color? Er, I don't really have one What do you think of this skirt? Is it too mature for me? Why are all your choices red? So, wearing a single color isn't in? I like to keep things simple Does this say, "me"?

How about this one? There's too many colors. It would go well with At least it's not green But, yellow and blue Maybe it's some kind of instinct? You're not doing it on purpose? Why were the only out of stuff in my size?

It can't be helped. Let's go back sometime later. They might have some new inventory by then. Why don't we all go together, then? The four of us! W-Was I bother you today? And last time, too? No, you weren't bothering me. I was just asking why you said "friends. What does it mean to become friends? I don't really know. The meaning of friendship? I believe there is meaning.