Option back dating scandal spoilers

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option back dating scandal spoilers

Options backdating is the practice of altering the date a stock option was granted, to a usually . Notable companies embroiled in the scandal include Broadcom Corp., UnitedHealth Group, and Comverse Technology. Some of the more. SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched “Chapter Eighty-One,” the season 4 finale of “Jane The Virgin.” The fourth season. And it's not so much the choice [bothering you] but knowing you're capable of that choice. Back at OPA, David says a cowering Huck looks “incomparably RELATED | Scandal Season 2 Spoilers — Fringe Star Jasika Nicole Cast. JAKE Olivia had been resisting Jake's flirting and attempts to date her.

So in a surprise twist, it was not only revealed that Petra actually was guilty of killing her twin sister, but also that Rafael was pulling away from Jane because Michael Brett Dier was still alive. A man who looks like Michael showed up, but is he actually Michael or just a man with his face?

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After you killed Michael last year, you wrote an open letter to the audience explaining why it had to happen. Were there concerns about undoing that? He was definitely dead. That said, we had to mourn him as a show, as a cast, as a room and as a fanbase. That had to feel like a loss — and it was a loss at that time.

option back dating scandal spoilers

And as I started to think about the show and where I wanted it to go as we head into our final chapters and what I wanted to do with the storytelling, it just kept coming back to that piece. It really leads to some really interesting, complicated dynamics [and] let us come full circle in a way in our storytelling. I knew it would be the ultimate surprise, and we love a big shocking season-ending twist — but I also knew that what it would give us was this crazy amount of emotional navigation when we come back.

option back dating scandal spoilers

And if it is, what does that mean and how do people feel? And as I was thinking about it, you have to have room in your storytelling to morph and evolve. How will you navigate new feelings about the character if this is the Michael everyone knew and loved but he faked his own death, for example?

The truth is not quite that. What were the discussions around pulling off such a big twist now and still being able to use him for as long as the story requires next season if his new pilot goes?

I hope for his pilot to go — I adore Gloria [Calderon Kellett, who created the new show], and I love Brett, and that would be the best case scenario.

We can make things work with the right intention, and I think there is.

option back dating scandal spoilers

I have to go into it with that. How important is it to you to pay that off? I think we will, but what could be so shocking unless they were brother and sister? Just making choices that make her happy, regardless of the men in her life. I think he is.

‘Jane the Virgin’ Boss on Season 4 Finale: ‘I Knew It Would Be the Ultimate Surprise’

At this moment, Fitz is supportive of Jake being the vice president. The real hiccup would be how is he feeling about Liv in that moment and how jealous is he of the proximity it will give Jake to Liv. But the Fitz we leave in the finale of this season is a really open-hearted Fitz. They have so much love and history and respect between them, but also so much animosity and blame and fury. You just killed her father… Scott: Where the hell is Vanessa? I have no idea! He said as much to Olivia a few episodes ago.

I mean, really, where the hell is she? Was she in the bathroom when I was killing her dad?! We could come back Season 6 a year later or we could come back and do it all again — it could have been a dream!

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That weirdly makes it fun. I just wish we could have seen the conversation where he convinces Vargas that he could be the vice president. We lost our minds. I think that sends a chill through every spine in D.

I think that is a deep, deep terror for everyone. It will really be bloodbath if we come back to an election in Season 6. Cyrus is so good at getting people on his team and he knows exactly how to play his game. Cyrus is on an island by himself at this point. But I think that he really believes in this candidate — he really believes that Frankie Vargas is the best choice and the real deal.