Omahdon newgrounds dating

omahdon newgrounds dating

It's date night for Lin'zee Starshine! But when Lin'zee goes on an unexpected date he MIGHT be a little jealous. Edwyn Tiong (Omahdon). Omahdon. "Kevin". "Teacher". Featuring Music by. "When the Kids Get Sort By: Date Score · Racsoque. Good Video. Omahdon AKA Edwyn Tiong does quite a bit of voice acting out there! You may have heard him in DUST: AN ELYSIAN TAIL, HEROES OF NEWERTH.

The rest of the skits: At the time we didn't really know each other. He was a friend of Casey, and offered to help with the collab. With what we've learned since then, I'm sure we could improve on it greatly! Joseph Blanchette and Mark Schneider Animated by: A big thanks the Mark J Schneider for the help exporting into video format!

And also thanks to Pavel Zuk for the ending music ;D! Resident Evil belongs to Capcom. Pwanchi Part 5 - Resident Evil Code: Like Pwanchi Productions on Facebook for updates and first access to new content - http: Survival horror Release date: August 21, Check out my other Survival Horror videos: Follow me on twitter LewToons To suggest a show!

omahdon newgrounds dating

OptimusOraino was nice enough to do another short for the project. The jokes are based off a pretty touchy subject, but given the subtext in the game itself, I felt okay using it.

omahdon newgrounds dating

Christine Mad Chastire Girl http: Keep in mind these movies were ment to be part of a larger cartoons, so the timing and pacing is often times based on that fact! Joseph Blanchette Animated by: Next part is Part 5 and it is a personal favorite of mine, it is going to be very intense! Check out both of these amazing artists: Pavel Zuk - http: Prova Resident Evil 6 da solo o in co-op.

This isn't a remake of my Resident Evil 2 parody.

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This was created by BenioxoXox, I just did the animations. For that, I apologize greatly. I've made a new record for myself, I've managed to animate a 14 min animation within a time period of 3 weeks. I hope you all enjoy this episode.

omahdon newgrounds dating

Alot of hard work and effort was put into this. I hope this series will continue to go on strong despite life getting in the way. And another video where he claims he can't draw, but it looks fine! This one is a good example of a short that really feels at home in a collab environment. Maybe it rambles on a bit The always talented Faye Mata does the voice of Jill!

Chris Redfield punching a boulder into a volcano.

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Hell, ya might even find it funny. We S2 Resident Evil 2! Real Mortal Kombat is a parody series that tries to imagine what the characters of Mortal Kombat would be like in Real Life, and how they'd interact with other video game characters and play their own games!

Sonic Nazo Saga

Girl walking to rubble fade out. Girl finds a random field of airplanes Wide shot same airplanes cut.

omahdon newgrounds dating

Wrath of Nazo Edit Wrath of Nazo is an upcoming multi-episode flash animation by Chakra-X that was announced in late and is currently being funded via Patreon. Not too much is known about this particular film beyond what was already told to us by Chakra-X himself. It is known that the animation will be a large step up from the previous entry, being much more fluid and active.

Characters will be more humorous and talkative than before, as well as now possessing a full-on voice cast, with Tiong reprising his role as Nazo.

While the previous animations used music from the Sonic games, this one, however will be using an original score. Also worth noting, is that the animation will be less influenced by Dragon Ball Z than its predecessor was.

The plot will revolve around Nazo being resurrected by Dr. Not much else is known about that. What is known, however, is that Nazo will not be trying to gain power like before, and that he will be gaining it right from the start, and that Sonic and his friends need to find a way to put an end to it.

omahdon newgrounds dating

The film will not be as long as the previous entry, totaling at only about 15 minutes in length. While Chakra-X had initially slated the film for full release inhe he later decided to segment the film like the previous one in order to lessen the wait for fans, with a projected release date, at least for the first part.

However, as of Marchhe decided to retract the projected release date, as the project proved a bit too strenuous when under a deadline. Other Projects While Chakra-X is known as the forefather of the series, several other animators have tried their hands at making a sequel to his work. It is notable in that it was one of the first of its kind and garnered decent amounts of attention.

Cooking (An Overwatch Comic Dub)

In this two-part movie, Nazo spontaneously respawns and and goes on a hunt for the Chaos Emeralds once more. Notable for having several illogical discrepancies, such as the presence of characters, Manic and Sonia from Sonic Underground as well as Silver and Blaze, along with various goofy sound effects ripped from old Warner Bros.

Despite its attention, it was otherwise panned for its lack of quality, as well as the use of Windows Movie Maker as opposed to Adobe Flash. Nazo Returns Edit This was a cancelled project made by Fernistudios.

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Intended to be a fully-voiced sequel to the original film, it fell underway when it proved to be too much of an undertaking for Ferni. What does exist of it is a title screen as well as a brief opening. Following the title screen, the opening consists of Eggman resurrecting Nazo, who returns the favour by killing the Doctor. The scene jumps to the main characters at the beach, where Nazo spontaneously appears, shocking everyone.