Older women dating younger men in nigeria

The Younger Nigerian Man And The Older Woman: - Culture - Nigeria

older women dating younger men in nigeria

Even in Nigeria here, they are dating people far older than their age. couple who are proudly flying the flag for older woman/younger man. Old woman dating site in nigeria - Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a woman. Find single Rich woman looking for older man & younger man. A man can also marry a woman who is older or younger than himself. Nigeria inclusive, people most times frown at it when the woman is.

Everywhere you turn you hear things like "old cargo" mostly from men.

older women dating younger men in nigeria

The women often spite older ones even if the age difference is that of 2 years--like they are any younger themselves. It is not very common go see a young Nigerian man marry an older Nigerian lady without incurring the wrath of his relatives.

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Most women lie about their ages go get the men's attention till the truth is eventually revealed when the lady's schoolmates start screaming foul. She was my older sister's mate in secondary school oooooooooooooooh"! If she is 27, how old am I then? Thanks to women taking better care of themselves and learning to love themselves for whom they are.

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Most women do not look their ages anymore. Thanks also for getting out of the kitchen and graduating from higher institutions and maintaining their careers. Just living for themselves.

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It can only take a confident man to appreciates any lady for whom she is without considering her age when it is of no consequence to "matters arising".

In the western world, who cares? These things are simply accepted as the norm and used as guidelines over time. Many Nigerians have their reservations about some clauses in relationships; dating a man younger than you is most likely to be met with raised eyebrows.

A man who dates a lady older than him also stands the chance of being openly criticized in the society as they would always make him feel like the lady is old enough to be his sister.

older women dating younger men in nigeria

This is not to say that these things are not already happening. Some men are already in the business of marrying women that are older than then by far. They do this for several reasons; money being at the forefront of their moves. Women who date younger men do it out of limited choice.

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Ageing fills an unmarried woman with worries as she does everything possible to settle down and have kids. If this involves rolling with men who are younger, they do not mind. Check out some of the things that may happen if you date men younger than you in age: Being subjected to public ridiculing If you are about to take a younger man as your beloved partner till death do you part in Nigeria, you should have a rethink.

older women dating younger men in nigeria

People are bound to talk about you and say all sorts of things while at it. Those around you will also call you different names because you have found love in the arms of a man younger than you. But if you can look beyond these inhibiting factors, you may end up having a good time. Problems arising from age difference Although many people say age should not be a barrier to love, couples who have a wide age gap between them tend to have problems later.

Women particularly may feel cheated out of some activities when the guy starts to think they may not be able to take them out and show them to friends.