Older guy dating younger girl manga face

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older guy dating younger girl manga face

4) Sugar☆Family **** (Highschool girl x Guy who is her teacher and age older then Keisaku (Male Character). in the anime they confess their. I'm looking for a Manga or maybe Anime with a young girl(May as well be a girly looking boy) in the age year old, as the main character and she has a ( Romantic)relationship with a much older guy year old. I've been hooked by romance with a an older men recently and been Summary : Shiharu is a young high school girl who loves kids. age, girl who hides her hobby, girl who hides her ugly face, and girl who hides her past.

Making 6 girls as main characters while each character is somehow related to each other is not an easy story to make. My favorite is the one who needs to hide her age. She is still in middle school and somehow fell for 30 years old man. P to JK Summary: In order to show up in an adult goukon, Kako hides her real age and met this handsome man named Kouta.

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The atmosphere between them is going so well until Kako finds out that Kouta is actually a police officer. On the other hand Kouta learns that Kako is still a highschool student. I love this manga, I really do. This story is typical shoujo, with sweet moment and comedy. The story itself is light and heartwarming. Takane to Hana Summary: Hana is still in high school, but her parents forced her to replaces her sister to go to marriage interview.

Their relationship is not really good at first, but who knows if they would actually interested each other? They both childish but mature at the same time, and the constant bickering somehow funny to me. When her sister running away from marriage, Sagiri forced to be in her place as the bride.

The husband is much older than, and turns out to be a sadistic teaser. What will happen to their marriage life? The story is somewhat similiar to takane to hana, but I enjoyed the beautiful art and the sweet story. But what awaits her is a dark past of his brother, and the truth about Daisy.

I remember I really love this manga from the core of my heart. Motomi Kyousuke always presents a funny and cute romance comedy but I never thought this one would be combined with dark and serious storyline. I laughed so hard reading this one.

Kyou mo Uchi de Machi Awase Summary: Hina is a 23 years old single mother raising her 3 years old daughter alone. She lost her home in fire incident and accidentally met Kou-chan, a guy who used to live next door years ago. Their age gap is only 9 years, and their childhood memory somehow is so cute. Meiji Hiiro Kitan Summary: Some back story are sad and depressing but the manga itself is cute and heartwarming.

My Fair Neighbor Summary: Little Momo used to play with Yuki, a delinquent high school boy living next door.

older guy dating younger girl manga face

Years later, Momo who is now in high school decides to move back alone to her old place to meet Yuki that she always love. To me, guys with Childish thoughts are not preferable compared to guys who acts like a child, but can act mature at certain situations.

Turbulent Every people are different, but younger guys usually found Turbulent.

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Briefly saying, turbulent is the act or trait of being hard to calm down. So in conclusion, Assertive guys far suit me better than Turbulent guys: Aggresive I never mind aggresive guys to be honest, in fact, I am anticipating guys who can act more aggresive than me. But here's why I put Aggresive in the Cons section, most females prefer to take it slow with their love interest when it comes to progressing their relationship.

They tend to hope to be able to build some trust and friendship, as well as get to know their love interest more deeper.

older guy dating younger girl manga face

But most of the Mangas that I read, which involves younger guy, they usually are aggresive, they prefer to progress their relation much faster than older guys. True, this stereotype cannot be applied to every younger guys, but I think this applies to most of the younger love interest I found in most Shoujo Mangas. I find these mangas to be thrilling and exciting: And recently, I read a SM that involve The story tells the life of this odd couple which are closer than a father-daughter relationship, yet are not as close as a lover kind of relationship.

Also, to make you less worry, the couple actually have a roughly 10 years difference. So, I think it's pretty acceptable and I can tell you that the girl, despite being only a high schooler, she is pretty mature and I like her a lot: Unfortunately, the English Translated Manga stops at Chapter 3 for such a long time.

I recall that I have read this manga long time ago and this time, when I was gonna read it, it still stuck on the same chapter. What made this one different from other age gap manga was that the male lead actually had a reason to take Wakaba into his home because her mother abused her, which I thought was a little bit more meaningful than some of the other age gap plots.

I love that he worked to heal her wounds by creating new positive memories through cooking and eating a homemade dinner together.

Now, even though she lives alone and without relatives, Teru never feels lonely because Daisy is her constant confidant and supporter.

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In order to pay off a debt, Teru finds herself needing to work for the rude, inconsiderate, and abusive not to mention quite handsome school janitor, Kurosaki Tasuku. This one is a popular Shoujo romance manga, so when you get a chance check it out.

What was different about this manga is that the female lead begins to fall for the man who is supporting her without even realizing it. I like how the male lead lives a double life, similar to Masumi from Glass no Kamen, by secretly supporting the female lead without her knowing he is until later on.

What also makes this different is the approach to the age gap relationship. It was a different perspective on age gap romance compared to others within the genre that only focus on the lead characters coming together and having immediate romantic feelings for one another.

It made it more understanding to the reader why they were together despite the age gap because they grew close together as friends.

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Takane to Hana Photo: Furious, she turns the tables on him by accepting the match instead of rejecting him. How will these two ever find love? About 13 years Why I Like It: If you want a funny age gap romance, than look no further, Takane to Hana is the perfect choice.

What I really enjoyed about this one was the unique plot. Hana meets Takane at a marriage interview and while at first he insults her on her appearance, when he sees her again he ends up falling for her. What made this manga so different from others in the age gap genre is the female lead is a tsundere and pushes Takane away continuously in the beginning. Ne Ne Ne Photo: Despite the large age gap, both are exceedingly inexperienced in the matters of love, so they never quite know how to act around each other.