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nuer mek 2 mint chalida dating

[2] Acting career Chalida Vijitvongthong or sometimes known as Mint Chalida is a her other 2 dramas, this time in Nuer Mek 2 the sequel of 's Nuer Mek which .. Songkran's brother, Pupaa Taechanarong is dating with actress Chalida. Nuer Mek 2 (Thai: เหนือเมฆ 2 มือปราบจอมขมังเวทย์; RTGS: Nuea Mek Song: [2] Acting career Chalida Vijitvongthong or sometimes known as Mint Chalida is They had many chance encounters during the next four years and decided to date. Mint Chalida Vijitvongthong (Thai: ชาลิดา วิจิตรวงศ์ทอง; RTGS: Chalida with her other 2 dramas, this time in Nuer Mek 2 the sequel of 's Nuer Mek which .. The history of Bangkok dates at least back to the early 15th century, because of.

In addition, he asked her to use an advanced form of philosophy in searching for the two ancient weapons that had disappeared. However, the investigation of these evidences did not receive cooperation from Commanding Officer Rawee. Meka Noppol Gomachun encountered an administrative problem as the position of prime minister so he had to appoint Jak, Dom Hetrakul a male politician who has a not so clean background.

nuer mek 2 mint chalida dating

Jak appointed Winyoo Chatchai Plengpanich as his personal adviser who has a part in every decision he makes. In addition, there is widespread rumors that Winyoo one who is difficult find as he is interested in dark science and is powerful in black magic.

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Jak is dating Dr. Praepailin, daughter of Petchtae Penpak Sirikulthe big lady of the number one networking business of Thailand. Praepailin used to date Komsorn Jarun Sososecretary of the prime minister, when they were studying abroad. When they graduated, each were occupied with work and their love became distant so eventually they ended their relationship and separated. Meka and Jak always bumped heads in their works. One day, Meka was ambushed by the Master of Sorcery so that he was wounded near the point of death.

Napa Sinjai Plengpanich unceasingly pounded shots into the Master of Sorcery with her gun until he retreated.

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While bringing Meka to the hospital, Napa was also ambushed so that she died after falling off the building. At the same time, Dr. Meka fell into a coma. It seemed everything fell into place for the Dark Powers. Jak was appointed to maintain the position of prime minister while Winyoo took care of the special investigative forces.

nuer mek 2 mint chalida dating

Sangkla and Sergeant Samin are confident that Jak and Winyoo are behind all the evil that has transpired but is unable to punish them. In addition, it is very strange that Sangkla would, in secret, often receive the most important pieces of evidence from Satta Faithan enigmatic individual, so that there were many times where they almost caught Jak.

When Anantakata was stolen by thieves in an outrage, Rawee was unresponsive and behaved as if nothing happened.

nuer mek 2 mint chalida dating

Thus, Sangkla and Sergeant Saming decided to disobey order and commanded troops of special investigative forces to follow the traces using the advanced technology provided by Dr. This made Sangkla find out that the three ancient weapons that disappeared were in the warehouse belonging to Petchtae.

Sangkla and Sergeant Saming thus lead the special forces to crash the place, hoping to snatch the ancient weapons back.

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But instead, they were backfired when they found only emptiness. The troops of special forces were crushed by mass weapon. However, he received help from a female in black suit, who shot magic bullets at the unprepared Master of Sorcery. This allowed Sangkla and Sergeant Saming to barely escape death. Which, the lady in black suit was Napa herself. Now, Jukranarai was the only piece left.

The young lady looked left and right for a staff to help find a document. Sangkla turned and saw her then immediately told her: I'll tell you na, you will have to wait for a long time. It is better if you go and bring a mat and tent to hang out here.

If I wasn't forced to come here, I wouldn't come This hell of a rotten forensic tech. I don't know how they can work with swollen corpses. People who can do this type of work must either be crazy or mental people, don't you think, Nong?

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Sangkla had to utter out falteringly. Don't look at me like that. I am not mental. But my boss forced me to come examine my EQ. They claim that I am aggressive, moody, and cannot control my emotions.

P' arom dee ja tai. My mood is so pleasant. That is enough for me to know that you are a pleasant-mood kind of person. Your humor is rich. However, Praepailin made a straight face so he could not guess. Sangkla continued to invite the young lady to chat, not knowing that she is the chief of forensic technology. What an ancient name. If my guess is not wrong, the reason why the staffs here are so slow with work is because they're probably too busy stabbing water and feeding the Auntie Pailin at the moment.

I get to gossip about that Auntie Pailin with Nong and now my mood has become more pleasant. She's not an auntie ka.