Northerner dating a southerner by default

northerner dating a southerner by default

However, we Southerners do have a number of stand-out, awesome So I've seen both sides of being balls-deep in the South and being out in the northern wild, able to We default to gender-neutral collective pronouns. The extension of such views by default therefore, is that if you come from any of Till this date, I rate this question as one of the dumbest questions .. I believe every northerner leaving in southern Ghana haa gone thru dis. Default Is There A Difference Between Southern Men And Northern Men? Southern men still open the car door for a woman. Rate this post.

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That is what I had always known. It just never crossed my mind. Why would it have? Our common sense of national Irishness is all we have ever known. It is unthinking; natural.

northerner dating a southerner by default

WHY are we, in the Republic, so apathetic about the prospect of a united Ireland? For the weekend that was in it, I decided to immerse myself in the political history of the city. The subsequent clashes led to the deployment of the British army to Belfast, and the building of the wall that remains, higher than ever, today. Eight people died during the burning of Bombay St, were injured and more than 2, Catholics were left homeless.

And indeed walking around West Belfast in general, it is very easy to understand why the IRA flourished — the people felt they had no other support or protection. It was always easy for us in our largely middle-class trouble-free 26 counties to tut tut at what went on during the Troubles, but if the British army had set up in Galway, Cork, Athlone; if people were burnt out of their homes, do we not think the population in those areas would have responded in a similar fashion?

I will freely admit that it felt good to stand with the people of West Belfast on Easter Sunday — and to honour their dead.

The Northern Southerner: Pearls, Manners, and Charm, Oh My!

Or course no one condones terrorism, but we have to consider what that term means in an Irish context. Speaking to ordinary Irish people in Belfast over the weekend, what came across strongly was the feeling of being abandoned by the Republic, not just in the worst of times — but all of the time.

They are a proudly Irish people, with a strong affinity for their Irishness: They look South to us, whereas we — who pride ourselves on building connections with diaspora all over the world — rarely look North to them. One man put it bluntly: THE whole experience made me realise that yes, I would like to see a united Ireland, achieved by peaceful and democratic means, as set out in the Belfast Agreement.

Does that make me a republican? Some sort of extremist? And if it does, then why? It should not be so. But we too, the Republic, through our apathy, and lack of real understanding about the horrors that Irish people in the North faced, are a stumbling block. As we wave our tricolours proudly in honour ofthat feels very wrong.

northerner dating a southerner by default

It is unusual to see such solidarity, understanding or even acknowledgement of the northern experience or condition ever expressed in the southern mainstream media. That which they could maybe do something about. He would respectfully take them to task over the fact that they would talk about and condemn horrible things going on around the world but had much lesser interest discussing what was happening to their fellow Irish men and women just two or three hours up the road and across the border.

Expressions of sympathy and empathy beyond the superficial were scarce. Maybe they felt it brought the tone down too much. Maybe it was too close to home. But is that all there is in northern Ghana? Considering that I have lived in eight regions and visited all 10, I can say with absolute confidence that none of the above enumerated problems exist in a single community of regions in southern Ghana!

northerner dating a southerner by default

For those who fail to understand sarcasm, I am saying that if you believe the conclusion in my last sentence, you are an outright fool! Some time ago, I read an article by Karen Curley on why Ghana is not a tourist friendly place to visit.

I am more surprised about the views and reaction of my fellow Ghanaians regarding the content of this article. Recently, I was lamenting to a fellow Ghanaian student about how some students in my undergrad class still think that Africa is one country; and how poverty, disease and conflicts are the only images they have about the entire continent.

My colleague immediately retorted how unfortunate this situation is given that we live in the 21st century where information is readily available. Unfortunately, some of my brethren from southern Ghana fall within this same category of ignorant people who lack information which otherwise is available free of charge! However, I think the case of my Ghanaian brethren is more agonising! In one breath, the same person who thinks racism based on skin colour is negative, thinks that his ethnic origins is superior to another or that people from a certain part of Ghana are all homogenous with only negative connotations.

The unfortunate utterances of some politicians in the period leading to the last election in December left much to be desired. Among many Ghanaians especially on social media platforms, such as facebook and twitter, it was clear how people wrongly directed their energies at attacking others.

The contest of ideas is one of the most beautiful parts of any democratic process. Therefore, well-reasoned arguments are supposed to guide our engagements in support of various political parties. Ghanaians seem to have covered up and in some cases even ripped out this page in their democracy guidebook.

northerner dating a southerner by default

Trends on social media suggested that certain groups failed to reason by expressing this support for views espoused by a political party. To put it bluntly, if you are a northerner and you supported Mahama, you were branded as playing ethnocentric politics and in certain cases, some suggested that one failed to reason by doing so.

Such sad and yet laughable logic. A worrying trend which seems to be gaining normalcy in Ghana today is that every issue is interpreted with two lenses. These lenses are not only parochial, but dangerously divisive in the manner in which it is conducted.

The Northern Southerner: Pearls, Manners, and Charm, Oh My! - Southern Living

We will not make any progress in any sector of our society by following this rather dysfunctional model. Our politics should first be about a battle of ideas based on evidence. We should strive to build a country where people regardless of their political persuasions and indeed regional origin would be able to express their views freely —eschewing blurry lenses.

Before you get me wrong! I am suggesting that people should be proud of their political parties.

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Indeed people should be very proud of their ethnic origins. However, reason and better judgement should guide both of the above. We should have the same no-nonsense attitude towards tribalism!

northerner dating a southerner by default

Let us not play the ostrich! It is about time we faced the elephant in the room. We would fail at developing a coherent country if we do not address the perceived differences which exist along tribal lines. In my view, civic education is the key. I suggest civic education because I have interacted with Ghanaians who have attained tertiary education and yet, hold onto baseless stereotypes.

We need civic education in Ghana.