Noise video mate dating

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noise video mate dating

11% of American adults have used an online dating site or a mobile dating app. The Huawei Mate 20 is clearly one of the best Android phones of the year — but . recognition and segmentation — not only in photos, but also in video. . Save the date: The Samsung Galaxy S10's reveal is set for February Beyerdynamic's Lagoon ANC cans combine customization, noise cancellation. If you've just bought a shiny new Huawei Mate 20 Pro then you'll want to read At launch the Mate 20 Pro has an oddity with a sometimes 'clicking' sound when . The resulting video is saved in your Files > Videos area. . Samsung Galaxy S10 specs, release date and rumours: What's the story so far?.

If you would prefer Android Pie gesture control or Huawei's Navigation dock interface a floating dock on the screen: There are three options that can be independently switched on, off or adjusted for deeper customisation: Flip to mute the phone when it's ringing or the alarm is sounding.

Raise to Ear which auto-answers calls. By using a hard knuckle to write on the screen rather than a softer finger, a second layer of commands can be instructed: Double-tap for screenshot using one knuckle. Draw where knuckle-drawn letters activate apps C for Camera, M for music, and so forth - each can be customised from a fuller list of apps.

noise video mate dating

Split-screen gesture where a knuckle-drawn line across the screen when in an app screen will open the recent apps to the lower portion. Capture your screen in real-time. Activated by tapping two knuckles twice on the screen or pressing-and-holding the power button and volume up key not volume down as this will take a static screenshot.

This is Huawei's contextual shopping concept.

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When activated, two thumbs pressed on screen will capture what's on screen — Google Lens style — identify it and then open Amazon Assistant this app has to be installed to go shop for the item.

Problem is, it doesn't work very well at all. Yes, the Mate 20 Pro can project to a screen, like a full-on computer. Notifications settings Alert notifications are useful, but you won't want to necessarily receive them all the time from every app.

Notifications can be individually dismissed, by swiping them away, but you can also setup an individual app's level of notifications too. Select the relevant app from the list of all those installed, then Notifications management. Within here there are options to control: This is where you'll see little icons appear to the very top left of your home screen. Letter icons for Mail, hash icons for Slack, and so forth.

These are the floating mini views that some apps present, such as Mail. They're a great quick access point, but you won't want them from every single app. Priority Display will show and sound app notifications during Do Not Disturb. Some more intensive apps will produce an EMUI alert due to consumption. You may wish to switch this off for frequently used apps that you wish to keep running minus any irksome pop-up alerts.

It's found under Power usage details, where applicable. Display over other apps. Priority for apps to draw over others, which can be annoying when playing games or watching media.

Stop an app using data, roaming or Wi-Fi: Pocket-lint Activate Do Not Disturb: This lets you silence your phone, without interruptions — except for specified exceptions.

noise video mate dating

You can schedule DND, add additional time rules custom, per dayevent rules from calendaror allow alarms and priority interruptions only. If this is absent, select the edit icon it's a pencil up top and drag DND into your active shade shortcuts. Set ringtone, media, alarms and call volumes: These can be individually adjusted.

This pop-up has a settings cog to its bottom, hit this to open the other individual settings to adjust for ringtone, media and alarms separately.

noise video mate dating

Battery optimisation tips Turn off Power consumption alert per app: This is located within individual app settings. Switching this off will stop the "! Pocket-lint Charge a Qi wireless device from the Mate 20 Pro: Yep, you can place another wireless charging phone or device back-to-back with the Mate 20 Pro to pull some power from it. It will remain active for three minutes before deactivating. We just wish it was better located, like an option within the settings shade. There are four battery modes: The default setting, which doesn't throttle the CPU or background activity.

This maxes out performance potential, which will likely decrease battery life. Select this for a slight lift in battery life. It will limit background app activity, such as push notifications, and limit the CPU. Ultra power saving mode. For when battery life is really low as you'll get more than double life from this setting.

It sets the phone into a simple mode, with only basic call and SMS apps available. It can also be activated from a swipe down from the top of the screen and selecting from the expanded shortcuts.

noise video mate dating

You may wish to take full manual control of how an app launches and whether other apps can activate apps. Select individual or batch select apps, where auto, secondary and run-in-background settings can be disabled individually. Show battery percentage remaining: This is hidden, once within the Battery settings hit the settings cog to the top right. Select Battery percentage and choose whether it does not show, shows next to battery icon, or inside battery icon.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro tips and tricks: The EMUI masterclass

There's a prompt to access this from within the Battery settings. See display tips, below. Mate 20 Pro display tips Adjust the resolution: Select the Smart resolution option to only deply higher resolution as and when the phone sees fit.

Pocket-lint Customise colour balance: Automatically adjusts the colour temperature based on ambient surroundings. Select from Normal and Vivid.

Default, Warm, Cool or specified Custom selection via the colour wheel. Filters out blue light to be easier on the eyes — designed for nighttime reading. A Schedule can be set, while Cooler-Warmer slider can be adjusted to preference. Adjust text and icon size: Two sliders control this, with a real-time example, so you can setup the scale to your preference.

The Mate is higher resolution and does away with the monochrome sensor that was once this camera's big sell. The Mate 10 has a typical Surprisingly, the Mate 10 has a higher resolution than the larger Mate 10 Pro p to p.

Huawei once again partnered with Leica to engineer the dual-lens camera in the Mate 10 series. Only the RGB camera is supported by optical image stabilization. Due to this dual-lens camera setup, the camera is capable of creating bokeh shots and it is adjustable even after taking the shot.

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Both phones have a large 4, mAh battery with fast charging. Huawei claims that the phone can be charged from 1 to 20 percent in 10 minutes, and from 1 to 58 percent in 30 minutes.

noise video mate dating

However, the headphone jack is not present on the Mate 10 Pro, which, instead has IP67 water and dust resistance while the Mate 10 only has IP53 rating. The phones also come in single sim U. The other SIM will be inactivated. The Pro models do not have expandable storage.

Huawei Mate 10 Lite[ edit ] Huawei also released a "Lite" version of the Mate 10 with budget features and pricing ranking below the midrange P and Honor series phones: The phone comes with a 5. It has a mAh battery, a 16 megapixel rear camera, and runs on the older Android 7. Huawei decided to upgrade it to EMUI 8. The Mate 10 is not marketed or sold in the U. S, though it is available online from international sellers.

Huawei Mate 10

Also, no dual SIM models are sold in the U. The Mate 10 series was initially released to select markets on Oct. The URL to obtain the unlock code no longer exists. The company's announcement said: To provide better user experience and avoid issues caused by ROM flashing, the unlock code application service will be stopped for all products launched after For products released prior to this date, the service will be stopped 60 days after this announcement.