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nine inch nails all singles dating

rachel-maddow-show/trump-Online Dating Site Helping Rich People for Nine Inch Nails fans - to just about every. View all on Spotify. Pulling the harsh sounds of industrial rock into the mainstream, Trent Reznor and his band Nine Inch Nails became the face of industrial. All the singles and albums of NINE INCH NAILS, peak chart positions, career stats, Latest news about NINE INCH NAILS. 29/10/ Date, Title, Artist, Peak.

Nine Inch Nails - Wish

They jokingly replied possibly while intoxicated that they would like to appear on Dance Party USAsince it was the most absurd option they could think of at the time. Much to their surprise, they were booked on the show, and made an appearance. We made it very clear we were not doing another record for TVT.

nine inch nails all singles dating

But they made it pretty clear they weren't ready to sell. So I felt like, well, I've finally got this thing going but it's dead. Flood and I had to record Broken under a different band name, because if TVT found out we were recording, they could confiscate all our shit and release it.

Jimmy Iovine got involved with Interscope, and we kind of got slave-traded. It wasn't my doing. I didn't know anything about Interscope. And I was real pissed off at him at first because it was going from one bad situation to potentially another one.

But Interscope went into it like they really wanted to know what I wanted. It was good, after I put my raving lunatic act on.

nine inch nails all singles dating

A live recording of "Wish" was also filmed, and both videos appeared in Closure. Vig later spoke about his remix while answering questions on a music production forum, saying "I started recording a lot of new parts, and took it in a much different direction. When it was finished, Trent thought the front part of the mix didn't fit the EP, so he just used the ending. I'm glad it's on his website. Duke and Steve worked with me on the remix, in the very early days of Garbage. Two other songs from the album, " Hurt " and " Piggy ", were issued to radio without a commercial single release.

The music video for "Closer" was directed by Mark Romanek and received frequent rotation on MTV, though the network heavily censored the original version, which they perceived to be too graphic. It was included in several publications' best album lists: It was ranked No.

The stage set-up contained dirty curtains which would be pulled down and up for visuals shown during songs such as "Hurt". The tour debuted the band's grungy and messy image in which the members would come out in ragged clothes slathered in corn starch.

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The concerts were violent and chaotic, with band members often injuring themselves, and they would frequently destroy their instruments at the end of concerts, attack each other, and stage-dive into the crowd.

A song would start with a drum loop or a visual and eventually a song would emerge out of it and that was the song. Several songs from the album became regulars on alternative rock radio stations, however the album dropped to number 16 and slipped out of the Billboard Top 10 only a week after its release, resulting in the band setting a record for the biggest drop from number onewhich has since been broken.

A deluxe edition of the live CD came with the companion disc Stillcontaining stripped-down versions of songs from the Nine Inch Nails catalog along with several new pieces of music. The incident pushed Reznor into entering rehab, putting Nine Inch Nails on hold while he attempted to become sober. The Man Comes Aroundto critical acclaim.

He learned to play piano, tenor sax, and tuba, playing in his school's jazz and marching bands while also acting in high-school productions of Jesus Christ Superstar and The Music Man. Outside of the classical sphere, his biggest rock influence was Kisswhose theatricality and live shows would later inform NIN's acclaimed stage production.

While studying music and computer engineering at local Allegheny College, he was a fleeting member of new wave outfit Option 30, contributing vocals and keyboards before parting ways with the band when he dropped out of school to pursue music full-time.

He packed up and moved to Cleveland, Ohio with his friend Chris Vrennawho later became a founding member of the first incarnation of NIN. While in Cleveland, Reznor was drawn to new wave and the industrial sounds of Ministry and Skinny Puppy. He gigged around town for a few years, playing in cover band the Urge before joining the Innocent as their keyboardist.

He soon hooked up with synth pop group Exotic Birds, contributing keys, programming, and backing vocals, while also recruiting Vrenna on drums. Despite their brief run together, Reznor appeared with the band in the Michael J. During these stints, Reznor continued to work on his own material while employed as an assistant engineer and handyman at Cleveland's Right Track studio. When the shop closed for the day, owner Bart Koster allowed Reznor to use the facilities for free. The seeds from these early recording sessions -- on which he played keyboards, drums, guitars, and samplers himself -- would grow into Nine Inch Nails' first demo, Purest Feeling.

Reznor quickly returned to the studio to polish existing Purest Feeling tracks and record some new songs. The result, 's Pretty Hate Machine, presented a dark, synth-soaked vision of industrial that was also hook-heavy and accessible. Combined with a lyrical focus on sex, self-loathing, betrayal, angst, and religion, these attributes would become hallmarks of Reznor 's early-era material.

Pretty Hate Machine only peaked at number 75 on the Billboardbut a burgeoning cult following helped maintain chart presence and sales.

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Buoyed by radio and MTV airplay for singles "Down in It" and "Head Like a Hole," it became the first independent release to receive platinum certification to date. When NIN returned to the U.

In secret, he signed a new deal with Interscope Records and created the vanity label Nothing Records. The band relocated to a new studio in Los Angeles and began recording a batch of aggressive songs inspired by punk and metal.

There was also a near-mythical, long-form clip for Broken that was never officially released commercially due to its graphic content a torture victim is dismembered while viewing NIN videos.

nine inch nails all singles dating

Bootleg versions became a prized fan commodity and a remastered version found its way onto the Internet in Still based in the Los Angeles studio dubbed Le Pig -- coincidentally built in the same house where actress Sharon Tate was murdered by Charles Manson 's followers in -- Reznor began work on the highly anticipated follow-up to Pretty Hate Machine.

A concept album centered on the protagonist's titular descent into self-destruction, The Downward Spiral arrived in March and debuted at number two.


Widely considered to be Reznor 's masterwork, The Downward Spiral is often cited as one of the most important albums of the '90s, presenting a bleak, nihilistic version of NIN that would nonetheless break the band into the mainstream.

Hit single "Closer" was a staple on both MTV and radio, despite its graphic music video and lyrical content, while "Hurt" became a live fixture for NIN, receiving a second life in through Johnny Cash 's stripped-down cover version.

The Downward Spiral was anything but for the band, launching them further into the public consciousness and prompting an industry push for sound-alikes like Gravity KillsStabbing Westwardand Filter on rock radio. Already a formidable concert presence, NIN's reputation grew with chaotic performances that often ended in destroyed equipment and serious injuries. That intense commitment to their live show reached into American living rooms in the summer of with their show-stealing, mud-covered set from Woodstock '94, which won them another Grammy for the live recording of "Happiness in Slavery.

nine inch nails all singles dating

After the conclusion of the Spiral era, NIN entered a period of hibernation. Although Reznor remained active -- producing Marilyn Manson 's breakthrough sophomore effort, Antichrist Superstar, and contributing the NIN single "The Perfect Drug" to the Reznor -produced soundtrack to David Lynch 's Lost Highway -- a growing case of writer's block, struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, and public pressure put a hold on album number three.