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Jannik Olander, Founder CEO & Creative Designer for Nialaya Jewelry. Jannik is a jewelry designer who started Nialaya on his own inspired by spiritual travels. Danish-born, now LA-based designer Jannik Olander creates jewelry that has a spiritual aspect to it. For each collection, Olander handpicks precious and. Nialaya is proud to introduce our beaded, handmade and handcrafted designer jewelry for men and women, in a wide selection of diamonds and precious.

More and more Celebrities started buying it and wearing and they wanted to meet the designer etc etc. And soon Nialaya was the hottest Jewelry name in the business. We were everywhere and we were selling everywhere. It was a lot of fun and I met a ton of great and inspiring people and I was finally living the the American Dream. I did a lot of Press and Media all over the world. We have a very strong Online shop. We sell to over countries every year and we have a solid Distribution network with people that represents Nialaya in various countries, from Mexico to Norway.

I have seen it all and I almost feel like nothing surprises me anymore. I am interested in passionate, fun, creative, driven and ambitious people. People that wants to make a change in the world and not just some boring business guys that wants to brag about their paycheck.

Please tell us about Nialaya Jewelry. We make handmade spiritual fashion Jewelry. Behind the storefront, we have our offices where we handle all online orders and wholesale orders PLUS we make everything here.

Meet Jannik Olander of Nialaya Jewelry

Every single Nialaya piece is handmade and cleaned with sage. I design everything and I handle the overall business. I travel often to meet clients and customers and to help my Distributors with events etc in the different countries. We launch new styles biweekly which means we always have cool, new and interesting designs for our customers to come back too.

They wanted me to launch styles every 2 years and not even 2 months. Do it with style Fashion is a large part of Janniks life and he does not compromise with his own style.

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Fashion is a part of the culture today and a part of my life. I actually have a huge wardrobe. I want my staff to look great and classy too. We hired a guy 6 month ago. It was killing me and my eyes were hurting from his brown clothes every morning I walked into the office, says a laughing Jannik. He particularly requires a lot of how his staff is dressed: We sell fashion jewelry and we are a brand which people from around the world buys.

It is important to show them that we mean it ourselves. The design and concept of Carlo A also receives some positive response: Overall pretty cool expression. Moreover is it great to see when you try to differentiate what you do and creates a cool concept around it. Jannik together with the children from his charity organization in Thailand When life is more than high society With a hectic life in Beverly Hills, took Jannik in a break from the everyday and travelled to the north of Thailand.

During his time he had the opportunity to hear the story of the children. Often very sad stories — as many of the children was abandoned by their families due to their illness. Jannik bonded with the orphanage and till this day still in contact with them. Every year is Nialaya Jewelry donating medicine, toys and food to help and continue the good work they are doing.

You can read more about the charity here: The Sarnelli House Collection takes a step towards fulfilling that dream. That is why we want to support this. Though we already incredibly strong online.

It will be sold in Lamborghini dealerships around the world and in all the stores, which sells Nialaya. So that will be in my own shops, on www. Which limititaion can there be in creating your own career? Financially can it be incredibly though. A basic education is recommended in order to understand the terminology. Other than that will I recommend that you work for somebody else a few years, and use the experience of your bosses in order to face the challenges in the best way possible.

My dad is an engineer and my mom owns a ceramic shop and works for the church. I am the oldest, and was always the wildest one. I am a big-city person, and even though I loved my amazing childhood growing up with fields, lakes, cows and out-houses half way in the forest, now I am in the urban jungle here in Los Angeles. Your company, Nialaya is Los Angeles- based. I was pretty successful in Denmark. I owned the Ralph Lauren store which I opened when I was I had Tommy Hilfiger and Gap and many other brands.

I had Jens stores on high streets, and I was investing in real estate and had a great life with many vacations, great work etc. The mentality in a little city like Copenhagen, with only 1 million people is different. In a good and bad way. I loved that we all knew each other and everybody is reachable.


People are friendly, nice and easy going. Everything was so planned for me and I knew I would just stay together with my, at that time, Danish girlfriend and have kids like all the others. I was tired of paying high taxes and the extremely socialistic system.

I decided to leave instead of always complaining. I had a dream about living in California, and owning my own company here — driving up the highway to Malibu in an open car, living with great weather Denmark is grey, wet and cold. I went to Little Rodeo for lunch and stayed at the Mondrian and I was sold!

I wanted to come and live out my American dream. Where did you come up with it and what does it mean? Nialaya is the name of a Shaman I met in India.

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I met him in a market in Goa, and he told me about my life and explained why I should focus on my passion rather than money. I learned about spiritual gemstones, what they mean and what they stand for. Looking back at the last almost 5 years of hard work, I think I have done pretty well. Each piece of Nialaya jewelry is unique.