Nairaland dating after divorce

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nairaland dating after divorce

She was in the midst of divorcing her husband of 14 years; his legal woes ( including arrests for benefits fraud and making a false bomb report). Who could have thought these women would remain single this long? They are rich, powerful and a good number of them are drop-dead. Discover The TESTED, TRIED and TRUE Techniques & Tips That Have Been Responsible For Countless HAPPY RELATIONSHIPS by divorced people!.

The reasons are best known to her.

nairaland dating after divorce

Though she is a mother of three, the Senator is a dead ringer to any beauty queen any day. She has everything a man could need in abundance. She was born into wealth and she has done so well for herself that her achievements could compete with that of any man. Upon returning to Nigeriashe worked in the banking sector before her foray into politics. SEC She has got the beauty and for the brawn, a look at her resume does the talking.

nairaland dating after divorce

Whether her status as a single woman will remain for long remains to be seen but going by her status and achievements, she has more than enough to bring into any marriage and of course that wedding, low-key or otherwise will surely be a society affair. Deola Sagoe Deola Sagoe, daughter of Chief Michael Adeojo, Chairman of Toyota Nigeria Limited, is a woman who was born into money but has carved a niche for herself as a haute couture fashion designer who has rocked the country and caught the eye of the international fashion community.

Deola Sagoe She is a mother of three who has refused to remarry after her marriage to Kofi Sagoe hit the rocks some years back. She broke through in her career when she was appointed to represent Nigeria in an international campaign organized by the United Nations World Food Programme.

nairaland dating after divorce

Funke Adedoyin Princess Funke Adedoyin, the daughter of frontline industrialist, Chief Samuel Adedoyin of Doyin Group of Companies, has served the nation two times as a minister in the administration of former President Olusegun Obasanjo between and The mother of one has never been married but she is rich and powerful.

When she was asked whether she intended to marry in the nearest future she only curtly remarked that she was in a relationship and that her son, who is a teenager is the centre of her world.

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He is my everything. The daughter of Dr. Since her short-lived marriage to Stan Rerri was dissolved, Edith has been on her own.

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Biola Okoya Chic, sophisticated and very rich, Biola Okoya, one of the most celebrated daughters of business mogul and billionaire, Chief Rasaq Okoya of Eleganza Group of Companies, has not even come close to contemplating marriage after her marriage attempt with Akinwande Johnson failed. Biola, who is regarded as a stylish woman loves to party and would be a lively one for any man. But for reasons best known to her, she has decided to shun the allure of matrimony.

There was even a gist that Biola once stated that she would never succumb to the dominance of any man. Once a hot item on the social scene, she has recoiled into a quiet life, setting adrift the rumour that all is not rosy between her and her billionaire father, who is obviously taken in with his last wife, Shade.

Mike Adenuga of Globacom, has everything going for her except having the right man to fit his missing rib. For money, she has no care in the world as she could have anything money can buy. But before the news had time to settle, another broke that the wedding was off and rumours ran crazy that her supposed boyfriend was only influencing her through some mystic means to railroad her into matrimony.

The boutique is strictly for the high and mighty. There is a gist that she has a son but that gist is unconfirmed. The real thing is that Tabitha is waiting for a man to sweep her off her feet. Fatima Atiku Abubakar Dr. Making decisions to date and commit to a person based on these factors can be a very costly mistake. The purpose of dating is to get to know someone, not to have sex or fulfill lustful desires.

When you rush to the dating phase, you miss the opportunity to develop solid friendships and really get to know a person.

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Being friends first allows you to start identifying core characteristics of the type of man who will date you for the purpose of marriage. Here are 7 types of men that you should date: The Unmarried Man — This may seem obvious, but it is very necessary to mention. There are too many women attempting have relationships with married men. Married men are not a candidate for single women to date… period! This includes married men who are separated legally or otherwise.

They are still married and not available to date. Married people have their own families and concerns to deal with.

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That being said, the unmarried man, who is devoted to the things of God, is the type of man you should be interested in dating. This is why I say, run as fast as you can for Jesus and the one who can keep up might be the one. Real men regard women as a gift that is not to be taken advantage of; they see her as priceless and desire to cling to her Matthew A man who is willing to learn and gain knowledge in life should also be more open to gaining knowledge about love and having successful relationships.