Myung soo dating scandal imdb

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myung soo dating scandal imdb

Dating Agency: Cyrano Poster. A young lady Moo Jin(Jong hyeon .. Series cast summary: Seong-woo Bae Min-shik 16 Sooyoung Gong Min-young With Chae-won Moon, Shi-hoo Park, Jong-ho Song, Soo-hyun Hong. A tragic love story Sungkyunkwan Scandal . Han Myung Hwa 24 episodes, The Scandal is a South Korean television series starring Kim Jaewon, Jo Yoon-hee, Cho 1 Plot; 2 Cast Detective Ha Eun-joong uncovers a shocking secret; Ha Myung-geun, the man he believed was his father, had actually kidnapped him as a child. He is a loving father to Ha Eun-joong and Ha Soo- young.

A few years later, filled with regret and his conscience eating at him, he decides to take Eun-joong back to his real family.

myung soo dating scandal imdb

Outside the house, he sees that they already have a son, the fake Eun-joong. He goes home with Eun-joong, and finally his heart is free to love him and raise him as his own.

Dating Agency: Cyrano

He is the father of Jang Eun-joong and Jang Joo-ha. Stylish and trendy, he has a fiery temper when crossed.

Shin Eun-kyung as Yoon Hwa-young Tae-ha's estranged wife, a rational and cool-headed lawyer and head of her own firm. She was devastated when her son Eun-joong was abducted.

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To prevent Tae-ha from divorcing her and marrying his mistress Joo-ran, she adopted a boy from an orphanage and passed him off as Tae-ha's son Jang Eun-joong. But all these years, she is still searching for her real son.

Jo Yoon-hee as Woo Ah-mi She owns a lunch stand where many people preparing for the state police exams take cram courses. She wanted to become a prosecutor but soon realized that she could never pass the bar exam.

Following the death of her husband and unborn daughter caused by Tae-ha, Myung-geun takes her in as he feels like it is his fault. Yeo-jin later accompanies him in interviewing the victim's mother. He later discovers that Dong-jae has been pursuing an underage female escort who is later found left-for-dead inside the house where the primary victim was murdered.

The escort later gives Si-mok and Yeo-jin an information about her abduction Ratings[ edit ] In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings. InL decided to expand his performance career and began acting as well. L played the title character, a killer, who is being tracked by a few very determined police detectives.

Unconcerned about it, Si-mok persists on investigating focuses his attention on his suspicions on Eun-soo.

myung soo dating scandal imdb

As they discover new evidence, the list of possible suspects grows, including Dong-jae and the chief of police Kim Woo-gyoon Choi Byung-mo. Shut Up Flower Boy Band Comedy Shut Up Flower Boy Band is a music drama like you've never seen it before; relentless and highly stylized to the punk sentiment, these flower boys aren't trying to be your friendly, neighborhood idols. He was born on March 13, Chang-joon is appointed as Chief Secretary at the Blue House and receives a mysterious gift from someone anonymous.

Yeo-jin obtains a DNA sample of the real suspect and submits it to Si-mok, who is beginning to suspect that the convict was framed.

myung soo dating scandal imdb

Both the police and the prosecutors are publicly shunned for it. At the hospital, someone attempts to kill the unconscious underage escort, with a woman seen leaving the premises. Si-mok becomes suspicious of Dong-jae's proclivities, and follows him around the city. He surmises with Yeo-jin that the deaths of both victim and convict may have been part of larger scheme. L is one of the vocalists for the group. Thinking that Dong-jae is secretly trying to destroy evidence of his connection to the escort's case, Si-mok and Yeo-jin team up to pursue and arrest him.

His first role was a large one on the crime show Jiu. Will they be able to work together to uphold justice, or will it be a death sentence for both of them? Woo-gyoon secretly asks Chang-joon for help in being vindicated from the case.

Master of the Mask Korean Dramas What does a masked crown prince do when a secret organization tortures the people and rules the country from behind the scenes?

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While Yeo-jin is searching for the escort's real identity, Si-mok is anonymously accused as the escort's abductor. Si-mok gives an update on the investigations, which includes an indictment on Yeo-jin's police chief Kim Woo-gyoon Choi Byung-mo —which leads to a conflict when Yeo-jin has interview him herself. His lack of communication with the corresponding police unit forces him to be stopped by police lieutenant Han Yeo-jin Bae Doonawho later assists him in arresting the lone evading suspect, who makes a not guilty plea.

Dong-jae notices his office has been searched. While investigating on a case, he discovers that his person of interest has been murdered. The primary victim's son gets beaten up at the station and is sent to the correctional facility, only to be released immediately.