Mt 07 review uk dating

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mt 07 review uk dating

BeMoto Bike Insurance: Yamaha MT review - Yamaha you'll also benefit from Personal Accident, Helmet & Leathers cover and full UK , the new YZF-R6 brings the model bang up-to-date with styling. The engine is identical to that of the naked MT, however the air intake and exhaust have been revised to meet Euro4 regs, but mechanically. Yamaha Motor MTLA: 16 customer reviews on Australia's largest opinion site out Model: MTLA Date Purchased: Jan

The script has turned out slightly different though Where we expected a budget plugger, aiming for cheap production costs and good fuel economy, with no concern for performance, we actually got a potentially classic design. That makes for a beguiling riding experience — the basic tech no ride-by-wire throttle here means you get a really direct relationship between your right wrist and the rear tyre, and the fuelling itself is spot-on, with none of the glitches you got on something like the original MT And the result was a smart little naked commuter, which would also keep experienced riders happy, that could lend its hand to a trackday without dismay, and with some of Yamaha's optional accessories, could be custom-tweaked to suit a wide range of needs.

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A bit boingy, soft and underdamped as stock, it didn't ruin the bike at all — but was an obvious hole in the otherwise faultless performance.

The chassis changes aren't massive, and from the outside you'll struggle to notice. But the fork internals are uprated, with 16 per cent more rebound damping and a six per cent higher spring rate, while the shock now has rebound damping adjustment as well as preload, 11 per cent more spring rate and a big boost to high speed damping — 27 per cent more rebound and 40 per cent more compression.

mt 07 review uk dating

Does it make a big difference though? Well, we've got km of sunny Spanish mountain roads to help us find out.

mt 07 review uk dating

The sun is blazing down, and we're basking in the high teens, while Britain shivered in an Arctic blast. It's pretty much the perfect backdrop, as we charge up into the hills of the Sierra de las Nieves national park. That motor is unchanged for this year, as are the brakes, so I'm having a ball, hammering the gas out of bends and braking hard on the way in, trying to keep close to the Yamaha test rider up front.

There's plenty of grunt for wheelies on the hilly backroads, in first and second easily off the throttle or on the clutch, and even in third if you pin it right over a rise.

The old setup wasn't appalling by any means, just a little on the soft, basic, unsophisticated side. The new stuff isn't night and day: There's more than enough chassis skillz to scrape the pegs all the way round the long, sweeping bends we run into later on.

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The standard Yamaha luggage needs some alteration to fit, which is a pain - but very nice once on. Yamaha must have revised the brief completely and possibly fired the old team because this one is a beaut. Pillion seat is quite small but I'm told is comfortable enough.

Brakes are quite adequate for road touring. I will going to the Alps on it later this year and don't expect dramas. I bought the touring screen as I'm 6'1" and the standard screen meant my shoulders were being buffeted at mph.

Also, the bike is light and carries the weight very low down so it feels completely manageable during low speed manouevres - someting the Superten was a nightmare with and to a much lesser extent the Vstrom.

Once a year or 7, miles so twice the interval of the Vstrom A year is perfect as I need the bike checked out for safety etc at the end of a year.

I don't imagine the cost will be any greater than my previous 3, mile services and there will be half the number of them! It's a bit too budget for the bike but I can live with it. Accessories ordered for touring - Givi Racks for side panniers which can be easily removed - brilliant. Centre stand from SW Motech - vital in my view.