Morten harket dating

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morten harket dating

Morten Harket and girlfriend Inez Andersson to have children, tell VG. Paredes, who have been together for nearly three years, do not want to comment on the. His longest relationship is with Inez Andersson, which has lasted for 14 years. Morten Harket has also had relationships with Anne Undlien, Lene Nystrøm, and . Season 4 of 'The Voice - Norges beste stemme' is well underway, with Morten as one of the four 6th September. Read more.

In OctoberA-ha announced that they would disband after a farewell tour in Tickets for A-ha's final concert at the Oslo Spektrum on 4 December sold out within 2 hours. On 27 SeptemberA-ha reunited for a huge crowd assembled at Rock in Rio festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which led to a reunion tour and the Cast in Steel album. The performance was released as a live album that September, and the acoustic version of " Take On Me " was made part of the soundtrack of the Hollywood movie Deadpool 2.

As a band member[ edit ] Paul Waaktaar-Savoy describes Harket as being "totally different from me. Morten is actually the only one in Norway who had as much ambition as I did.

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I guess we both have big egos. In a way, we're each sitting in our own little world, while Mags is more down to earth. Mags often has to mediate between Morten and me It's good that we're so different and still respect each other.

The tension between us is creative. Furuholmen says Harket "believes strongly in everything he does. This goes for the band too, and it rubs off on us. He has the courage of his own convictions and cannot be shaken. He's an expert at always getting the last word, whether he's right or not.

morten harket dating

Morten is very loyal and he's fair when it comes to giving people a chance, letting them show who they are and what they're worth before judging them. Olav for their contribution to Norwegian music. The Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav is granted as a reward for distinguished services to their country and humankind.

The official ceremony took place on 6 November For a split second, I appear almost normal.

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The man I plan to marry is not just a pretty face from the s. This week, A-ha are celebrating their first Top 10 hit since I ask Morten if being in A-ha feels different in to the way it did in There is no difference.

morten harket dating

The media wanted it. People have a wild response to something and they want it.

Sometimes people lose themselves. But the experience of it has little to do with it.


And the people who like what we do, they respond to themselves. People underestimate the importance of their own interaction. It activates things in you. And while I don't love him any the less for it, Morty does go on rather a lot about what reality and existence really mean.

morten harket dating

He glances sideways and carries on: We booked a holiday and brought some tapes we recorded in the kitchen of Magne's parents house. We had no money or instruments. We used cake tins or bottles with water in them - anything to make sounds. Overnight, A-ha posters went up on millions of bedroom walls.

morten harket dating

When Morten was playing to thousands of hysterical teenagers, I was at school dreaming of him. Little did I know he was living just up the road from me in Hampshire in a country house in the village of Bramshott.

Morten Harket

WE have so much time to make up," I tell him, trying to smile alluringly. He glances at his watch. In all, A-ha had 14 UK Top 10s before things turned sour in As tensions rose, the group split up and Morten, Pal and Mags went off to pursue solo careers.

Out of the limelight, Morty also pursued his fascination with orchids and insects and the plight of the people of East Timor. Byhe was ready to give it another go and A-ha reformed. The rest, as they say, is history. The photographer drags him away for pictures and asks him to smile. I'm running out of time and I still haven't popped the question.

morten harket dating

I take a deep breath and say, "Marry me!