Moo jin dating agency cyrano korean

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moo jin dating agency cyrano korean

A young lady Moo Jin(Jong hyeon Hong) joins an agency that makes secret admirer's dreams come true. Min Shik(Seong Woo Bae) the leader and brains of Cyrano Agency that was once a theatre,Ah May (South Korea) See more». Drama series "Flower Dating Agency: Cyrano" is a prequel to film Ji Jin- Hee cast in tvN drama "Designated Survivor" Amw-South who plays Moo Jin in Dating Agency: Cyrano, appeared as one of the he worked against King Sejong and his Korean alphabet street team.

Is it pure coincidence that we have another Il-do in this show? All he does is hover creepily and tell them to remember his name. Let it be noted that a worried-looking Byung-hoon suddenly lightens up to see her, though he puts the gruff face back on. Her cheerful face is back in place, so when Byung-hoon calls her out for lying about her apartment, she just says she wants to be closer to him. Did he forget her confession already?

Well, at least one of you is! I knew I liked her for a reason.

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Or he could just be clear, she adds—say, tell her distinctly that he wants her gone. She smiles at his non-response: Aw, you romantic robot you. The world contains hidden gifts of turning points. If we can turn those into opportunities, we can live a life without regrets.

That just reconfirms his suspicions that she likes Byung-hoon, which puts his frowny face on. Min-young does some organizing of boxes and finds an old marionette.

moo jin dating agency cyrano korean

Byung-hoon grumps at her, per usual, though today she sighs that his annoying ways just look cute now. Then as he turns to leave, Min-young purposely rocks the wall of boxes and exclaims in concern, and Byung-hoon goes rushing at her to take the brunt of the falling boxes.

HA, did she purposely stack a bunch of empty ones to prove a point?

moo jin dating agency cyrano korean

She grins from ear to ear while he gapes that she did it on purpose. Min-young tells him to stop just staring after Yi-seol and try seeing her appeal. That hurts, and is compounded by the fact that he then takes a call from Yi-seol.

It may have been because of Do-il.

Dating Agency: Cyrano

But we would have ended up as friends, like now. Well he does now. Min-young takes a jog by the river that night, feeling down about the Yi-seol comparison. The goons note her gloominess and decide to head into their next matchmaking phase, which consists of jumping into her path and offering her a soju juice box with sippy straw. A short while later, they send Seung-pyo a text with a photo of Min-young drunk by the river, hinting at impending trouble.

The goons take off the minute Seung-pyo arrives, leaving him to play the gallant hero. She wonders the same thing, and laments liking the weird money-grubber instead. Min-young falls asleep in his arms like that, and he resists the urge to kiss her anyway. Instead, he carries her on piggyback to the agency, where Byung-hoon bristles to see them thus.

Seung-pyo lets his disgust show, calling Byung-hoon the cocky bastard who betrayed his friend for his personal fame, leaving him behind and in the lurch. Fuming, he stalks out. Byung-hoon checks on Min-young, clearly wanting to accept her feelings but feeling blocked. Byung-hoon gets to the baseball field first and watches the team warming up, and gets passive-aggressive about throwing the ball back at the cheating ex. She gives up and urges Seung-pyo not to kick up a fuss, so Seung-pyo shoots them a glare and joins her in the car.

moo jin dating agency cyrano korean

Seung-pyo checks with her, asking if she really wants to leave things like this, and she admits that she has a hard time talking back to this guy. Just then, Douchey does the supremely douchey think of rapping on the car hood ugh, hate people who do this and tells her she forgot to give them lunch: So while her assface ex is crying over his car literallyshe musters her courage and faces him.

Was he so embarrassed to be dumped that he had to go around spreading lies and treating her like a stalker? Seung-pyo gives her a thumbs-up, and she thanks him for his help. Seung-pyo pauses to tell the Douchenozzle to bill him for the car repairs, then drives off like a cool mofo.

Byung-hoon mutters to himself that Seung-pyo had to go off-script and be extra-cool for no reason.

moo jin dating agency cyrano korean

Min-young suggests a little baseball break for themselves, which takes them to the batting cages. As she bats, Seung-pyo asks how she can remain so positive about romance given her experience, and she says that there were more good memories than bad.

After all, those moments of being in love with somebody are your happiest. He flings away the bat entirely on one swing.

Byung-hoon returns to the agency, where the two boys have a ready excuse for their failure to show up at the mission locale: I almost wish they could end up together, because they really are cute and well-matched. He asks her for a favor, and she readily agrees to do some doll-eye-gluing for him one of his many part-time jobs. Moo-jin sets a timer to the fuse box, then heads out for a date with Hye-ri.

moo jin dating agency cyrano korean

Power outage in 3… 2… 1… Yi-seol and Seung-pyo sit down for an awkward chat. She tells him that Byung-hoon and Do-il were quite close—so much so that Seung-pyo might not understand.

Which is quite similar to what Seung-pyo said to Byung-hoon about his own relationship with his brother. She does have a lingering question, though, which nobody has explained clearly: What is going on with Cyrano that prevents its reopening as a theater?

She was driving the car. Min-young freaks out at the power outage and sticks close to Byung-hoon, not wanting to be left in the dark alone. He shuffles away and wonders where the boys are.

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Outside, of course, prepared to wait it out all night. Inside, Min-young nods off while Byung-hoon pulls out an old photo of his high school trio. Then Min-young drops her head on his shoulder, asleep.

Go next door to the agency right now.

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So he does, and his jaw clenches to see the cozy scene of Min-young sleeping on the couch, with Byung-hoon also asleep on the other end. Thus in the morning, Seung-pyo declares his new decision: Min-young wakes up in the empty theater, where the possibly unhinged Hawaiian shirt man reappears.

But Hawaiian Shirt sneers that their so-called principles never stopped them before.