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Resplendent with authentic 's music, fashion and vibe, "Miami Vice" Release Date: Three episodes of the series have these additional songs playing at the closing credits instead of the show's original theme song: " Calderone's. Main · Videos; Miami vice intro latino dating. For urination atheist that is opening over a café reading the newspaper, explicitly is a man opening that he can firm. Hispanic residents make up 66 percent of the city, and 18 percent of Arriving in Miami Beach is like stepping on set for a movie about Miami. .. Jay-Z and Beyonce hang in our juice bars, and Kim and Kanye have date nights here. . Even though they have, without question, the best unofficial theme.

It was initially named the "Miami Device" by Wahlbut in the end the company wanted to avoid a trademark infringement lawsuit. Firearms in Miami Vice Miami Vice also popularized certain brands of firearms and accessories. In addition, firearms not yet well known to the public, including the Steyr AUG and the Desert Eaglewere showcased to a wide audience on this show. Even heavy guns came to use, as Zito is seen maneuvering an M60 machine gun from a roof top in the episode "Lombard".

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The fake Ferraris were removed from the show, with Ferrari donating two brand new Testarossas as replacements. Originally "El Viejo" was set to be the third-season premiere, but studio executives found the Daytona's destruction would serve as a more dramatic opening to the season. Don Johnson's contract-holdout at the start of the season also played a part, delaying filming to the point where "El Viejo" could not be finished in time for the season premiere.

The series' crew also used a third Testarossa look-alike, which was the stunt car. Vitus' Dance, [56] while in the pilot episodeCrockett is seen on a foot Cabo Rico sailboat.

The allure of the sailboats was such that the Endeavour 42 used for the season of Miami Vice was sold to a midwest couple, while the Endeavour 40, was sold to a chartering service in Fort Lauderdale. At the same time, Endeavour was building a new 42 for the season of Miami Vice. Rafael Cimino[58] marine director for Miami Vice, a total of five Stinger Xs were used on the show.

A white X was selected for the pilot episode as it would show up better for the night scenes. For the other four Stingers, Chris-Craft showed the production crew a colour scheme that included the red - however, since Michael Mann decided that the colour red was to never show up on the show so a blue colour scheme was instead chosen.

She was then assigned to the SIU as a plain-clothes officer, under her father's command, something that most likely would not happen in real life. By the end of the series, Cassidy relocated to Paris to be with her mother.

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Jeff Perry as Inspector Harvey Leek: A die-hard Grateful Dead fan with a technical background. Best friend to Evan and one of Nash's team, and very passionate about his '72 Ford Ranchero. The Ranchero is seen in the series almost as often as Nash's Barracuda until the car was irreparably damaged in a shootout near the end of the fifth season. Gomez as Inspector Evan Cortez: Evan reminded Nash of what he used to be long ago.

He had a stormy relationship with Cassidy, which after many ups and downs, ended when he was killed in the line of duty. Evan had reconciled with Cassidy at the time and was engaged to her for a Las Vegas wedding. Previous to that, Evan went through a painful period during the fifth season after his breakup with Cassidy after he'd cheated on her on the eve of their wedding and the loss of his job as a drunk on a downward spiral.

With Joe's intervention and his own participation in a Step Alcoholics Anonymous program, the character's became a Christian and recovering alcoholic. Jaime Gomez appeared in all but six episodes of the series' first five seasons. Annette O'Toole as Lisa Bridges: She moved to Paris after she and Nash revealed their true feelings to each other.

Serena Scott Thomas as Kelly Bridges season 1—2, guest star in season 3 a socialite and former drug addict, and Nash's second ex-wife.

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Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Lieutenant A. Shimamura lasted 16 episodes. Mary Mara as Inspector Bryn Carson: She was not known to have a very successful romantic life. She left the series at the start of the third season with no reason ever given.

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Kelly Hu as Inspector Michelle Chan: She was killed in cold blood early in the fourth season by the Prowler, a killer seeking media glory whom Nash killed out of revenge and claimed it as self-defense. Yasmine Bleeth as Inspector Caitlin Cross: She had a brief romance with Nash, which ended when she left at the end of the fifth season to help her sister in Washington, D. Rachel was a police officer originally working undercover for a corrupt Internal Affairs official.

She eventually fell in love with Nash and later sacrificed her career to save Nash when she realized he was being framed. Cress Williams as Inspector Antwon Babcock: Antwon rescued the SIU from an explosion when he drove a car off a pier on his first day. He preferred to stay out of personal situations, but was very active in the force.

He became close friends with Harvey, particularly when Harvey convinced him to reconcile with his father, a dying criminal. He occasionally suffered from epileptic seizures. Recurring[ edit ] Caroline Lagerfelt as Inger Dominguez: A kind woman and loving wife, also the one really in charge of their household.

Daniel Roebuck as Inspector Rick Bettina: In the beginning of the series, he considers Nash who dislikes Rick his best friend and at one point was Nash's boss as Rick's mother married the chief of police and gave him a job. Towards the end of the series, he tries to kill Nash and Joe, to cover-up his attempted rip-off of the police retirement fund.

Tracey Walter as Angel: Dressed as an angel, complete with wings, he wanders the streets of San Francisco. Meoli as Boz Bishop: A fast talking young man with aspirations to be a private investigator.