Mercian frame dating

Mercian frame dating

mercian frame dating

In Mercian used the Vigorelli lugs on their track frame only but this must was resprayed in and the frame was stamped with the numbers I have a Mercian t/t bike that dates from the 's? and I would like to The frame has a full complement of Campag kit with Spidal shifters. "I know Mercian built some Tom Crowther frames, as we still have stocks of that they can sometimes spend hours tracking down numbers.

Back infashion designer Paul Smith collaborated with Mercian on two special limited-edition bicycles -- a touring model, and a track bike -- distinguished by Smith's unique color motif, as well as special long-point lugs on the track model. I asked Grant about how that collaboration came to be. We noticed in his shop a chair made for him by a local company and just thought a Mercian would look nice there. We got in contact in the off-chance, and Sir Paul thought it would be great if we could make a few bikes for them," Grant said.

Photos of Sir Paul with the bike have appeared in numerous non-cycling publications, including fashion magazines. Smith, a longtime cyclist who rode a Mercian in his teens and dreamed of becoming a professional bike racer a bad crash ended that dreamfrequently adorns his shop window displays with bikes -- a number of which were built by Mercian. Grant would not specify, but hinted that other collaborations may be in the works. Grant told me how that came about. McGregor, who had been following the company's site, "saw the bike and said it reminded him of the first bike his dad bought for him.

He provided his measurements, and let Grant advise on the rest. McGregor spent some time searching eBay for vintage Campagnolo parts. Yes, that's my bike in the catalog. As a personal side-note - I'm a huge fan of the color scheme of McGregor's Mercian.

InMercian built me a Professional model, not unlike the bike I admired so thoroughly when I was in my teens. Rather than copy that vintage example exactly, I picked out leaf green and white. When the frame was done, Grant asked me if they could photograph it for their new catalog.

Mercian frame dating,

What could I say? I built that bike up with a complete 80s vintage Campagnolo Super Record group. A honey-colored Brooks leather saddle and matching bar tape finished off the bike, which later appeared on the company website in an "owners gallery.

I have no illusions whatsoever that I was the first to get a bike painted like that, but I like to think even if I'm mistaken that it got more popular after my bike appeared in the catalog.

For those interested in ordering a new frame from Mercian, the wait time is currently about 5 - 6 months -- and that's true for celebrities, too. Even Ewan McGregor didn't get to jump the queue. When it comes to custom frames, the company offers some standardized specifications for racing, touring, track, audax, etc. Grant said, "We don't do trikes, triplets, 4-wheeled buggies, etc. If one comes up with some ideas that the builders, in their experience, feel would not work well, they'll advise against it.

Otherwise, a person can get pretty creative when ordering a Mercian. The online frame builder lets you create your dream bike.

mercian frame dating

Be careful -- it's addictive. Should someone want a new Mercian but not want to wait, there are some options. Mercian keeps a few frames in the shop painted and ready to go. One can always call or email to inquire about what's in store. They've recently come up with a semi-custom option as well. Grant said, "we've recently built a small stock of King of Mercia frames in popular sizes, in tubing, all in undercoat, so they can be painted to order and shipped in 4 - 6 weeks.

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Until the online store is up and running, though, customers can entertain their new-bike fantasies with the online frame builder. With it, one can pick a model, choose tubing, braze-ons, and other specifications, and try out all 63 standard colors in a variety of popular paint schemes. It's a little bit addictive. Given that the company has been building frames for over six decades, there are a lot of vintage examples out there.

Figuring out when a Mercian was built is usually pretty easy but not always. On most vintage frames, the serial number will be located on the bottom bracket. Usually, the last two digits in the series will be the year that the frame was made.

However, there have been some years, especially in earlier vintages like the s, where the pattern was different and the first two digits were the build year. Sometimes, other details on the frame can provide clues, but according to Classic Lightweights UKif a frame has a serial number likeit may be impossible to know if it was built in or Also, I have seen some older Mercians -- notably some track bikes from the 50s -- where the serial number was stamped on the rear fork end instead of the bottom bracket.

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By the way, a second number stamped on the bottom bracket is a framebuilder's code, which can indicate who built the frame -- interesting to know. Since Y2K, the serial numbers have become unambiguous -- the year is now indicated with the full four digits -- xxx, for example.

I asked Grant if he's seen a resurgence of interest in Mercian frames. The demand seems to be growing," he said. They started on alloy aluminumprogressing to carbon, then trying the NEW steel frames. Professional model - -- with 80s vintage Super Record group. The idea here was to have a new bike that would seem almost like a vintage example. This one was refurbished at the factory in "Bianchi Blue" with a cream head-tube.

Sixty bike were made to celebrate 60 years in business. The bags are from Gilles Berthoud. Strada Speciale track bike. Lots of NJS parts.

mercian frame dating

Period-correct Campagnolo Nuovo Record group. When I found this, it was a nearly yr-old new-old-stock frame. King of Mercia model. Modern Campagnolo Centaur group. We sell frames and complete bicycles. The method of building our frames has barely altered since the very beginning of Mercian Cycles.

The lug-lining is added by hand with a small pen-like device, carefully filled with the selected colour and lug lines followed to pick-out the lugs and finish the frame beautifully. All sources agree that Mercian Cycles was founded in by Tom Crowther and Lou Barker, and that frame production started soon thereafter. Further information on Mercian in the period It is shown with a special nut, that is used only during brazing, which keeps the heat treated finish nut from being damaged by the heat.

This time a welded version, frame number The transferred frame is given two coats of hard-wearing clear lacquer to protect the finished frame, before stoving in the oven once again.

Our experienced frame-builders and frame finishers use their expertise to repair and renovate all makes of steel cycle frames.

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Welded frames — still available in as the Pro Lugless. Contrast band or barber's pole edges are finished by hand with the finest paint brush.

The frame is primed with etch coat primer, which is allowed to air dry in the clean conditions of the finishing room. Dial Press, one sees a number of Mercians photographed on tour and in rough stuff, cyclocross, and hill climbs. I told them not to cut anything off the chainstays, so it is a long, smooth-riding bike.

Frame inspection once primed for paint. Of foremost interest to owners of older Mercians wishing to identify their machines is the fact that records for frames built before no longer exist; they are assumed to have been lost or discarded when Mercian moved shop in This was the specification when I got it from him earlier this year and I had the paintwork restored as the original.