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To the shock of his parents, Hugo told the primate in no uncertain terms to get off the vehicle, loudly exclaiming: ' Monkey on a car. F*** off. '. Year of the Monkey – Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui Predictions. Facebook . Moreover, you'll loudly proclaim that marriage is not made for you. However, the Remember to shower your sweet one with attention and tender kisses. Single folks Monkey horoscope horoscope by date of birth. Year of the. Everything you need to know about the CRUEL dating sin bizarre courting trends in recent months – and this one is no exception. . and it's 'SAVED' their marriage; Teen kisses stranger at Eiffel Tower .. Add animated GIF.

They also slid off the back of my head while I was running. What about all the other people out there with freakishly small ears? What was their secret? I tried all three sizes.

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The largest size was enormous -- almost as big as my entire ear. The medium size was equally disproportionate. All sizes, it turned out, except monkey.

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The very first time I used my EarJams they fell out and were immediately swallowed up by the Stairmaster. I Googled some more. One person suggested back-of-the-neck headphones. I bought a pair.

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They defeated the point, relying on the earbuds to hold up the entire structure. Someone else recommended over-the-ear headphones. These worked for about a week, then the earpiece fell off one of them. I replaced it temporarily with a piece of twisted silver foil, but it came undone the first time I scratched my head.

All those people I saw every day in the gym, jumping rope, dancing and jogging. I pondered the matter carefully. An AC motor consumes additional energy solely to create a magnetic field by inducing a current in the rotor.

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But this is only half the story. The use of modern electronics in controlling the motor has opened up many other possibilities which contribute to using less power.

Control options To control the motor accurately and efficiently the integrated electronics have to continuously monitor the motor speed and adjust the control input. No need to worry about DC supplies for the sensors either, this is provided by another connection on the motor.

In fact, simply connect a potentiometer and you have infinitely variable speed control. No triacs, no frequency inverters and no whining noises! An EC motor under speed control is virtually silent.

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EC is easy How does this affect energy efficiency? If you can tailor the fan speed to match the demand, the potential for energy saving is huge.

EC fans can also contribute to increasing the overall efficiency of an application. In a cooling system for example, keeping the refrigerant pressure constant rather than having it rise and fall as fans switch on and off has been found to reduce the load on the compressor resulting in even greater energy saving.

If two motors are producing the same output but one has a greater power input then you can be sure that the surplus energy is being dissipated as heat. If an application is designed to remove heat then it will have to do extra work just to remove the heat produced by the fan motor itself, so EC fans will improve the efficiency of the whole system.

EC AC motors are designed to operate at a certain point on their performance curve which coincides with their peak efficiency. Either side of this operating point, the efficiency can drop off considerably.