Karl geary dating games

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karl geary dating games

Jared Harris, Karl Geary, Aidan Gillen, Louise Lombard, Tom Hickey, Andrea (Louise Lombard), who's currently dating Owen, and Brenda (Andrea Irvine). Karl Geary (m. ). Children, 1. Laura Fraser (born 24 July ) is a Scottish actress. She is best known for portraying Door in. Apr 16, Carl Geary died a month ago from a heart attack as he campaigned to be selected for the small country town. Despite his sudden death he still.

Later, an Irish-American cop told me a guy had been dragged out of the same place and shot a week earlier by the same gang, so I was very lucky in a sense, it was a narrow escape.

So I gave him a Zippo lighter and my Walkman and he threw them on the ground and said, 'That ain't working either.

karl geary dating games

But that's how close I came to being killed. Indeed, I knew Karl at the time and socialised with him in the Village, and getting drugs was as easy and matter-of-fact as ordering coffee - much to the delightof many. So I didn't shy away from much and no one would have blinked an eye no matter what drug I was using. Yet finally, I got into my own trouble, not with heroin, but other stuff and I was drinking heavily - maybe because, in ways, I was overwhelmed by going from being a bicycle messenger to runningSin E.

But Sin E was thecoolest cafe in New York at the time, and a place where neither Shane nor Karl "made any money" but everyone concerned delighted in, say, impromptu duets from Paul Brady and Marianne Faithful and similarly free gigs by the likes of U2, Hothouse Flowers and Sinead O'Connor.

And yes, Karl also got to know Jodi Peckman, photo editor of Rolling Stone and this led to his infamous pose as the "younger boy being seduced by an iconic older woman" Madonna in her even more infamous book Sex.

Yet Karl, quite understandably, is sick of this subject - if only because it's the one aspect of his life the Irish media seems to have focused on ever since.

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Even so, given that the two questions he's most often asked about that photograph are "did you and how much? Either way, back in his late teens Geary was no novice when it came to being kissed by an older woman. On the contrary, his first lover in New York was a French female in her late 20s and, overall, Karl, particularly in Sin E, went from being a "guy who couldn't get a girl in Ireland" to women "coming at" him.

Nice work if you can get it! But none of this was really serious because he was "too young" and probably didn't "grow up" emotionally until he met Louise - whose death consequently left him devastated.

This great clan of lunatics knocking about the place and they were fantastic to be around. Every conversation would nearly end with someone throwing you a book and going, 'Jesus, you've got to read that.

karl geary dating games

So you'd be sitting there getting your bread and milk with everyone else. Lou Reed would be there or Allan Ginsberg. Those guys were just knocking around the neighbourhood.

I had some adventure. I was a nervous kid in some ways but I must have had some curiosity about the world and how it operates. There were other jobs. Building sites and the like. St Mark's is one of the legendary hipster streets in New York and in its time Sin-e became hipster central. Passing British and Irish musicians would pop in and play.

We ran that for a good seven years which was pretty remarkable. There were a lot of junkies around. The crack epidemic was in full swing. A lot of people we knew just didn't make it for all those reasons. He was always brilliant but you knew he was working out his thing.

karl geary dating games

There'd be three, four people watching him some nights. There'd be no interest. He was doing his apprenticeship. He felt comfortable there. He was a very nervous performer. He was very shy. That's amazing, isn't it?

I need to mention the name Madonna to you, Karl. If you still have a copy you will find inside a picture of a long-haired teenage Geary kissing a topless Madonna. I was approached a lot to take photographs because of the way I looked.

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And most of the time I turned them down. I didn't really give a lot of thought beyond that. The experience was, he says, "as sterile as the photograph looks".

And involved just a couple of hours of his life. But he keeps getting asked about it. He once said it was like being in bed with the Coca Cola Company. You have Madonna and Steven Meisel running around going, 'Aren't we pushing the envelope?

karl geary dating games

Everyone's dressed up — or not dressed up — with nowhere to go. But the book itself is kind of bland. He wanted to tip his hat to Bram Stoker who was born in Dublin and I think I might have been one of the only Irish guys in the neighbourhood. And it was the most gorgeous experience.

Laura Fraser on life after Breaking Bad, and starring in the hit series The Missing

I had to go and train and work out how to do it. But acting doesn't seem to be his favourite thing. In it, Laura played a detective, Juliet. Bio Laura Fraser The Missing has established what some have suspected for a while: In the three years since Breaking Bad wrapped, she has developed a knack for choosing, if not leading parts, projects that become box-set gold. Some call it the Breaking Bad effect.

I was doing the rounds of casting directors. I was getting really downhearted. It was, understandably, a tough pill to swallow. I had never heard of it and took it totally personally, not realising it is usually an internal political thing. I took getting kicked out of Homeland totally personally. You just feel like such an arse 'At the time, you just feel like such an arse. It was so embarrassing. Now I am so glad it happened because it definitely made me work harder and realise I was much stronger than I thought it was.

I know it is a luxurious position to be in.