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Blank Slate. Dating Sims. Here are some of my favorite things on Newgrounds! Vandread Love Quest. by Vortex Game: 2,, Views: (Adults Only). Although the remake's first four episodes were funded by Newgrounds (and were at first exclusive to it), the series stopped posting new episodes to Newgrounds. A list of Dating Sims that I enjoy. AchingDreams2 HentaiGame. by hentaicook. Game: 1,, Views: (Adults Only) · Galaxy Angel sim date RPG. by Klacid.

Rubirules, however, is more of a Greater-Scope Villain than a true big bad, as he only manipulated Zetto and Kizuna and wasn't an active force until the Grand Finale. Alpha gives one to Flamey at the end of Season 2 to neutralize the Antivirus. She's the core of the game and is the good counterpart to the Forbidden Power's evil.

The Netkings as a whole except for Rubirules count as this too, especially Webmaster. To a lesser extent, Nylocke is said by Niosi to represent everything good and heroic in the show.

Plus he started the quest to defeat the hackers. Alpha and the gang defeat Rubirules, the Virus and the Antivirus are finally destroyed, and the group even gets the chance to meet up in real life.


However, due to Rubirules's actions, the Government may have to shut down TOME to prevent an incident like what had happened from ever occurring again, and due to their differing opinions on SOFDTI, Zetto and Kizuna's relationship is also heavily fractured.

This was an ongoing plot between Alpha, Kirbopher and Flamegirl. It started when they had an argument in Awaken the Beast, and it continued when they were shown to be avoiding each other until Season 1's conclusion, after which they appear to be on good terms again. Special mention goes to Nylocke, for while he calls his friends "Sir" or "Lady" in addition to their name, he dubs Kirb the unique title of "Squire", and even gets his name wrong in the first few episodes. Skeight to Rockoon, who being agitated by his imitations of himself, and by the "funny" way Skeight talks makes constant jokes at Skeight's expense.

The opening scene from "Awaken the Beast" is one to the beginning of the first episode. Parodied with the opening to Episode 11, which features an opening scene similar to the first episode The first and last credits themes contain these lyrics: Though I may have a skeleton or two tucked away in the dark Heroes Don't Ask Questions: My skeletons have escaped my closet, and they're out to let you know Lampshaded by Alpha in episode 1 "About how you find screaming at the top of your lungs to be an effective opening attack.

The character Kirbopher has an official tumblr Ask him anything! His sister, Splat, prefers the Precision F Strike version. For the cast silhouettes in the credits for Season 1, Alpha is red, Kirbopher is blue, Nylocke is green, Gamecrazed is purple, and Flamegirl is orange. Starting in Season 2, their new character models are predominately the colors associated with them.

What ultimately causes Demon! Rockoon to kick the bucket in episode 4. Flamegirl gives Alpha one to stop him from using the Forbidden Power to kill Ravenfreak. TOME, which starts the story over from the beginning.

Surprisingly not Execk, who is literally the textbook definition of a Corporate Executive. Not only does this bring up major ethical questions about the morality of stripping down a sentient being that can feel real sensations such as painRubirules also uses an actual human being as the crux of an antivirus program who may be unconscious or even brain dead thanks to what he did to her.

Every aspect of the Forbidden Power. Though "Fraggedquest" opens as usual, we don't actually see Gamecrazed logging in; he's already there when the episode begins. Note that we don't see him logging out in "Mansion Midnight", either. Splat and Doubling's attacks are slime based. Nylocke, in episode 4 of the reboot, gets utterly wasted by a vengeful Granda.

Entirely Played for Laughs. Alpha inflicts them when he uses the Forbidden Power. Alpha inflicts them on a lot of players when he's suffering a Demonic Possession from the Forbidden Powerincluding Kirbopher.

He receives one in return from Zetto. Deal with the Devil: Alpha becomes a part of this only through his naivete.

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It comes back to bite him in a huge way in episode 5. Inverted in the final episode, where Alpha convinces the Forbidden Power to make a deal with HIM for the chance not to die as a weakling. This leads to the creation of Virus Fusion Alpha.

The lyrics were written and co-performed by Niosi himself.

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The earliest episodes 01, 02, and Short 01 all have this, to varying extents - Niosi took a lengthy break between episodes 02 and 03 to work on fundamentals, and it shows. Among the major differences: In "You've Gotta Virus", Alpha, Nylocke, Gamecrazed, and Rockoon all sound different from how they would in later appearances, despite all being voiced by the same actors. Rockoon also acts quite differentlybecause Deven Mack began writing his own character's lines from "Hackers" onward.

The "talking avatars" were drawn more roughly; Niosi actually re-edited the episodes upon uploading them to Blip and later YouTube to insert the newer, more refined versions. Art and audio composition is categorized in a relatively different method called "Scouting". Alike the Blam-And-Protect system, it filters out stolen content, spam, or prohibited material online via users and site moderators referred to as "Mods".

When an individual is scouted, its submitted property becomes virtually visible to everyone else, and then given the privilege to also scout authors. Submissions are organized in the general "Portal", where it accompanies the genres into a single place to view authored material.

It also stores throwback content in earlier years, statuses of judged submissions, and current and past daily winners on display. Content and context are liable to be reported for review to the Mods and staff members by flagging it for plausible violations to the site's guidelines, if regarded by multiple users. The homepage of Newgrounds includes featured submissions from each category, as well online awards and honors to users whose submission that fall under the site's requirements to earn it.

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A live chat room is also available. Fulp later merged his two websites to form another website with the name Newgrounds, leading to him to change hosts to accommodate the increasing traffic, and started selling merchandise to pay for the website's hosting bills. Introducing banner ads to pay for growing payments inFulp partnered with Tromawho hosted the site in exchange for a share of ad revenue. A chat room and message board was added onto the website, which allowed people visiting the website to interact with each other.

Many users had begun submitting their own Flash creations to Fulp, in which he decided in a portion of the site called "The Portal.