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Sep 23, Hear what Dax Shepard had to say about the infamous JT sketch on Punk'd. Kristen Bell, but back in the day, he was a rebel on MTV's Punk'd. What made it so viral, I guess, was that he had cried at one point in it.” Oprah & Gayle King Dish Out Spicy Dating Advice (& More) in Hilarious Video Series. Apr 1, Remember the time Justin Timberlake had all his worldly possessions seized by the IRS? If you don't, we guess you must have forgotten one of. Jt crying on punk dating - Oh what a lucky man he was youtube originally a dating Jun 15, Back in, Justin Timberlake was best known as a member of house.

Question 9 What year did Justin go solo? It was inevitable that he'd have a solo career, especially since the appeal of boy bands began to die down. JT debuted his solo career with the album Justified. Question 10 Who was the actor who helped "Punk" Justin? Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration, but it was hysterical. Question 11 How many weeks did "SexyBack" spend as number one on Billboard's charts?

Beginning September 9,"SexyBack" spent a few weeks as the number one song on the Billboard Hot list. It was his first song to reach number one, both here and abroad, reaching the top of the United Kingdom's charts as well. The Recording Industry Association of America certified "SexyBack" a three-times platinum single, making it not only JT's most successful single thus far, but it's also one of the best selling singles of all time. Question 12 What year did he marry Jessica Biel? The couple had their ups and downs and had a brief four month split, but they reconciled and were more in love than ever.

A few years later, JT proposed to Jessica while celebrating the holidays with family and friends in Montana.

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Breaking the hearts of millions of young and a few old fans everywhere, J and J were married in Fasano, Italy at the beautiful luxury resort, Borgo Egnazia. Question 13 What is the name of their first child? Their son inherited the Timberlake family middle name and ear for music.

According to JT, he gets "choked up" every time his son recognizes his voice on the radio. Having a son "influenced me and I felt like I wanted to make something that I could share with him," JT explained to Entertainment Tonight. Ed McMahon and judges apparently weren't that impressed and he came in second place. Question 16 Who is the inspiration behind "Mirrors"? Since Gosling's mom had to stay in another country, Justin's mother took on the responsibility of becoming Gosling's guardian for a year.

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This meant that he could stay on the show. However, depending on which handsome star you ask, you'll receive a different story. According to Gosling, he stayed on the Timberlake's couch for a year, but JT told Fallon that's simply not true.

Timberlake did provide Gosling with his own bed and he was taken care of enough that years later he was able to attend the Oscars. Question 18 Where is Justin's cross tattoo?

Right arm Right leg Left leg Like a lot of others in the South, Justin Timberlake is a proud Christian and even got his start performing in his local church choir run by his father. His cross tattoo symbolizes his faith in Jesus Christ. The beveled black and white cross design was made to look realistic. JT has since gotten more tattoos, both religious and symbolic, throughout the years.

The tattoo is a band of flames underscored with a red rope and a marionette with his initials JRT in the center. As most fans know, the bands second album, "No Strings Attached," had a puppet theme because they broke away from their shady manager, Lou Pearlman.

Since there was already another Mouseketeer named Joshua, he was called "JC. Question 21 How many Grammys has he been nominated for? That point being - there is a bravery in 'fuck you'. There is a bravery in 'I'm going to try and create a steam engine'. There's a bravery in 'This is beat poetry and the open road and screw your war'.

There is a bravery in 'I'm not moving to the back of the bus. But somewhere along the line, that American arrogance I felt a begrudging sense of pride in got corrupted.

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It became an arrogance of assumption. Of haughty 'I got mine' candor. Of scorn towards 'the other'. I have seen it in full peacock feathers over the past 10 days while traveling abroad. And it makes me want to slide into the floor.

Rogers has eclipsed the definition of a hero; he has achieved sainthood. Forget your postage stamp, put this man in stained glass. He is humanity at its finest. He diminishes my cynical default. He makes me want to be better. This film will leave you changed, and if it doesn't you are hardened beyond hope.

It was the thought of how truly horrified Mr. Rogers would be by what passes as now-daily commonality in our public discourse. That, to me, was overwhelmingly sad. I will not go as far as to say I am ashamed, currently, to be American. Some days I admittedly come close. I cringe at our barely-elected mouthpieces weekly. But the hard truth is, ultimately, I find myself longing for the days when America chose its self-defining traits - bravery, earned freedom - above all else.

Today, we do not define ourselves as a united nation, but out of divided, blind party loyalty. These are not centrist times we are living in.

At a certain point, you have to choose a side, or become complicit by default. Regardless of party, I will choose global empathy.

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A nation built on checks and balances, not partisan greed and physical walls that boast strength but instead project cowardice. A united front against all those sympathetic to nazi stances, head-on. This is the America I choose to try and represent, wherever I am in the world. For those that believe, Christ died a long time ago. I'm not here to debate that.

If faith helps you, I'm legitimately happy for you.