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Calling Tenders For Work Under Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyaan Year 19 13/12/ Bhandara Forest Division Timber Bamboo Firewood Auction on Dated 13 . Title, Date, Download/Link. Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyaan, Google Drive Link · Website Policies · Help · Contact Us · Feedback. Content Owned by District. Tenders are invited for Jalyukta shivar abhiyan gully plugging work at boris, amarale, Bid Submission Start Date: Oct AM.

Madhavrao Chitale and the team of past bureaucrats themselves for: What will really affect the morale of good officials in WRD is NOT fixing responsibility on the guilty, thus maintaining a poor public image of the entire department, while putting the burden of political decisions exclusively on WRD officials. This will foster the feeling that no one can touch the political class and hence, officials better toe the line.

This is sending a completely wrong signal. All Political Parties in it together: Neither do they raise the basic questions of the merits or lack of merits of having hundreds of irrigation projects without benefits at such huge expenses, and mostly unassessed social and environmental costs. The reasons for this are clear. Right now, they want to score political brownie points through the chaos while not aiming for any lasting changes or suggesting measures in the interest of people of Maharashtra.

The report protects political parties: While it has been shown by several reports, individuals and organisations that many decisions affecting projects were driven by financial and political interests, the report does not utter a word about political influence on WRD officials. It should also be remembered Dr. He has never questioned the basic need and merits of large dams, despite their poor performance, multiple safety issues, environmental and social impacts, hazy and unattained benefits, etc.

As a result, as pointed out by CAG reportin JuneWRD has as many as projects under execution with estimated balance cost of Rs 82, Thousands of crores of money comes from the Center to this state each year.

The scam could go on unhindered also due to the failure of these agencies.

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The Planning Commission is supposed to release first installment only after projects have all the clearances and every next installment only after previous installment has been used as per required norms and necessary results achieved. In addition it says that: This clearly implies that although the committee knows that Chairperson of the IDC knows this, being a part of the GOM, it is not ready to say so, shifting the responsibility on the officials.

In the very next point on action suggested, however, the report says: GOM should take appropriate decision in this regard. This is possibly the most dishonest part of the report.

But, ignorance of laws and orders is not an excuse for violating laws. The SIT has done nothing of this sort and has transferred the responsibility on the WRD officials, also keeping a clever escape route for the politicians. Sunil Tatkare is already exploiting this escape route. Interview This is shocking, blatant and unacceptable. Through Remote Sensing RS find the actual siltation of major, medium and some minor projects 2.

Water charges should be levied on wells in command which have not been handed over to WUAs 4. Performance evaluation of minor irrigation projects and recommendations for betterment 5. In cases where perennial crops like sugarcane are taken on major projects and canals their area should ascertained by RS and water charges levied accordingly.

Revenue and Agriculture Department is causing extreme delay in collating irrigated area. This needs to be looked into urgently. In depth assessment of why water use is less in Konkan, Amravati and Marathwada and undertake works accordingly 8. Do not declare irrigation potential created unless distribution systems are in place and ascertained Proper account of irrigated area should be kept with the Agriculture Commissioner Any fraudulent use of non-irrigation water should be checked and detailed audit published every year Methods of collecting data for Economic Survey Report should be improved.

Data in benchmarking report should be collated at project level and not Division level as it is done now. In RAA while finding the benefit ratio, the expenses should be modified as per the escalation WRD needs to have its own code of conduct and rulebook LIS Projects should have a separate rate list, separate from the contractor The WRD should publish escalation rates based on rates every year Construction work should be audited at various stages.

After the project construction has been completed, the project should be handed to the management division, WUAs, distributaries work should be done asap As soon as possible Some period before and after the project should be designated as project related time Before clearing any further LIS, it should be checked whether it has complete financial support and its electricity expenses should also be considered Separate maintenance fund for pumps, rising mains and other LIS equipment should be considered Manual for LIS needs to be developed which includes all aspects of LIS management, implementation and command area development Quality control parameters for WRD Department are now out of date and new ones should be developed Damaged and dysfunctional equipment on states dams should be immediately made functional and it should be seen if any changes in these are needed Special training session on Colgrout masonry should be organized by META and only the certified employees should be used for overlooking related works.

Activity time considered should be from the start of initial work to the initiation of irrigation from the project Limits of the five year plan should also be laid on project Work on large projects needs to be broken down in smaller pieces and projects with irrigation potential higher than 1 lakh ha should be termed as Mega projects.

Investment made for non-irrigation use should be clearly indicated as such Irrigation potential of the project should be adjusted as per the water used for non-irrigation uses. Requisite area should be reduced from irrigation potential of the project. Not doing so bloats the irrigation potential created. A separate cell should be set up for coordinating mandatory clearances in IDCs Irrigation Development Corporations Completion report of the project should be prepared in which the responsible officer writes the history of the project and looks at future.

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A separate cell for this need to be created Separate set up for Project related survey and this should have responsibility of awareness creation in beneficiaries. All IDCS should have separate rules as they have separate regional needs. There should be a quorum for IDC decision making meetings.

This will encourage the IDCs High tech and region specific irrigation methods should be used like drip, sprinkles, piped supply, cropping pattern and volumetric water supply norms. Can they improve the current situation?

When there was a need for substantive increase in transparency, accountability, independent oversight and participation in WRD, the suggestions largely remain at the superficial level. They follow the same system that was so easily manipulated by the officials as well as politicians, while blacking out the affected communities as well as local stakeholders from the decision making processes. As it was pointed out by several groups Example: It was clear from the outset, and also vindicated by the report that the SIT committee Report under Dr.

Chitale mainly protects the political masters. It will remain for the next 3 years till we solve this. The issue of scams besetting your government: The Congress is asking for an independent inquiry into the issuance of tenders in all ministries, not just these affected ones, in the monsoon session.

What is your stand? It was to be spent before March. Obviously there was no scope for tenders. There is a rate contract that was executed by the earlier government, not our government.

And the earlier government has purchased chikki and all these things worth Rs cr via rate contract from the same people. This is something very amusing, as Pankaja says, that when they purchased it was a deal, but when we purchase it is a scam. But in the month of April, we took a cabinet decision that this rate contract business should be regulated because for 15 years the earlier government has abused the contract system, so what we decided that any purchase beyond Rs 1cr should be through e-tenders.

Not through rate contracts. I must explain even this rate contracts are being done under a law through e-tenders only. It is not that somebody skipped and gave a contract without a tender. Normally, the central and state govt floats e-tenders for making rate contracts so that on that things can be bought. That was in April. This purchase was made before. After April we have not purchased anything on rate contract.

In fact our government should get a pat on the back for taking the decision that 'no more rate contract business'. Now all this actually has no moral ground. This rate contract business was actually started by them, thoroughly abused by them and I am per cent ready for a probe. We will do the probe. You say that, but the Congress already counters that the ACB is under Home which is under your charge so the inquiry will not be fair I am saying today, whatever probe they want in the world they can do, but let them submit evidence.

Anyway we will probe. We will allow an independent and fair inquiry. And apart from that also we are ready for an independent probe and the issue of education - again that was floated by the earlier government which was brought to the knowledge of this government. Ultimately the Finance Ministry had a different opinion so the purchase was not made.

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The finance department said earlier also we have made this objection so purchase was stopped. I think that since they are not getting a concrete hold on this government, because we are functioning transparently, they are trying to find a scam. We are going to put every single connected incident in front of the people, even what has been abused in this process.

Particularly on these education tenders, on these same tenders they have bought Rs cr of products. And all the companies purchased from are the same because the rate contract process restricts it.

Now, I want to ask, the women's organisation which received the order of Rs cr chikkis, is headed by a woman who belongs to the Congress. So why did we give her the order? We had to because the chikkis have been listed as a 'proprietary item' with her by the previous government.

I am also stunned. So if you are using the rate contract system, you have no choice but to place the order with her. The Shiv Sena is your coalition partner but you seem to be unable to agree. It affects the city of Mumbai particularly because of the disagreements in the corporation level, over the Development Plan, etc.

Civic work gets stalled. And they have been your partners since To hear them now start talking about 'let's see where elections will leave the BJP' or 'there's no unity in the BJP' or 'their ways are not our ways'. Look, we are two different parties and we also fought separately.

Then we came together. We've worked together long and we also understand each other very well. I think when you are part of any government, own the government. You cannot eat your cake and have it too. If the cabinet has taken a decision, your minister is also a part of the cabinet that has taken the decision.

And when he gives the decision an approval that means your party is sanctioning it. So I think indirect attacks are not good. It's not a healthy thing to do and it is counterproductive. It will not bring any benefit to the coalition. It will cause loss. Not just to the BJP but to them also.

I have spoken to Uddhav Thackeray once or twice about this and he also agrees that we need more partnership. We are trying to establish more partnership.

So why has that partnership not been there till now? What has blocked it? Partnership has not been there, but basically some non entity there speaks up. And the media blows it up. We always say we will react to what Mr Uddhav Thackeray says.

Not to what a paper says or not to what a non entity says. Do you feel your relationship with them is at any time under threat? I don't think so. This has been so, we have experienced this for many years. It's only what I feel is it is counterproductive for both. That they should understand. You've also faced issues with the Mumbai police force.

Transfers of top leadership, you've cracked down on them for not solving several cases including Govind Pansare's murder, the hooch tragedy, why is the police force being hauled over coals? We have actually amended the police act and given all the power of transfers to the establishment board and 99 per cent, barring one or two, have been done by the Establishment board themselves not by the Home Minister.

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Although their decision comes to me, and in normal course I do not change it. As a part of routine, these transfers have been done, two people have already crossed more than three years and thus have been transferred out, and I don't think that there is any loss of morale in the police.

In fact the police morale is high, they are working better, rate of conviction Maharashtra used to be as low as 8 per cent, one of the lowest in the country, we could bring it to 25 per cent in the last 6 months and now we are going towards 35 per cent.

There was speculation that you had issues with the Mumbai CP after he gave permission for Mr Aditya Thackeray's nightlife plan without consulting the State government. Are the problems arising because it's a different way of functioning in Mumbai?

About Mr Maria's transfer It has been a creation of the media. If the government wanted to transfer him he would be transferred by now. But the government has not done it, which means the government doesn't want to do it.

These are just rumours spread by media. So far as our government is concerned, we act on facts. We don't function on whims and fancies and we don't take decisions just because they don't fall in our line. We believe in autonomy. And ours is the first government which has given all the autonomy to the police.

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See the transfer powers, even an SP could not transfer a constable, we have given him powers to transfer PIease as well. So, we have actually empowered the police force.

Coastal Road has been your biggest project announced so far.

The Fadnavis Formula

There is a feeling that this was announced by the previous government inso all you've done is repackage it Coastal Road project has been on for the past 15 years.

They've been saying they want to make it. So they were in power at the Centre and the State level. So why didn't they clear it? A project doesn't become yours by just knowing its name.

You have to put your shoulder behind it and get it done. If I could bring all the clearances in 3 months, then why couldn't they in 15 years? They've been in power for 15 years so they will claim ownership for everything.

In the very near future we will procure clearances for that as well, so they will claim that as theirs also. It was our project. So why couldn't you do it?

Navi Mumbai airport - in four months we got all the clearances. Why couldn't you do it? Is there a slight disregard on your part for environmental concerns in the hurry for clearances? I absolutely don't think so. In fact I think we are taking more environmental friendly steps. If you look at global best practices, environment has never been a hindrance in infrastructure creation. In fact, only if you blend environment, economy and ecology well, then only the community progresses and the nation progresses.

That's what we want to do. Those countries which are the most ecologically sensitive, such as the Netherlands, have achieved the best of this infrastructure by remaining one of the most environmentally friendly countries. If they can do those projects, why are those projects opposed in our country? If they are sustainable in the most sensitive countries, there is no reason why we can't put in those support systems? Every mitigation measure will be put in place.

When speaking to the Opposition, whether it's Mr Prithviraj Chauhan, whether it's the Sena, NCP, people criticise you, but there is much affection for you because you have been Marathi manoos, and one of our State's youngest success stories.

They clearly wanted you to succeed when you took charge. I sense betrayal, more than anger, that you have failed them by moving from stopping at signals, taking economy, to now issues like the Air India VIP culture. Have you betrayed those who believed in you? Even today I am the same. I travel by economy. I take business class while going abroad because I have to sometimes go direct from the flight to meetings.

I never jump lines unless it is too urgent. This case has been absolutely maliciously projected. The flight was at 1. No calls were made or received. So when did I say offload me? What angered me, is that I never say these things. I'd never say offload me or delay. They AI don't have iota of evidence against me that I said this. There were 8 people sitting around, ask any of them. Two whom I don't know have tweeted. I was reading till the flight took off. The feeling people have about me, the media cannot change until I change myself.

I am the same and I remain the same. Every day I live in this house Varsha I know that this is not my house and I am not here to live permanently. So nothing can change. There is distance from your mentor Mr Gadkari, speculation of alternate power centres.