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ivelyn lee dating

I'm sooooo happy there is finally an end date in sight for Friday night SETTV I Love You So Much with Ivelyn Lee and Blue Lan Premieres this. danson tang · ivelyn lee marriage to his celebrity girlfriend He Zhi-yu, who cares more about her Li Jia Ying as Guan Xiao Tong 關曉彤. The root for the cool down time between Ji Jiawei (Danson Tang) and Zhou Xiaotong (Ivelyn Lee) is focused on their difference: Both of them did not progress .

Haven't seen a Taiwanese drama get sub so quickly after being released. Even the popular Just You wasn't as fast. I love it when OTPs have height difference, they just look even better or adorable.

I guess because I like seeing the p'ek hovering over the n'ek or the n'ek tiptoeing to reach p'ek. I also loved seeing the little clips of Fated to Love you and Pleasantly Surprised in the show hahaha.

And goodness, I love the dog!! I was so happy to see it in here. Well, Danson is doing very well. I'm falling in love with him because of how cute his character is. Like he's such a cute boyfriend! I hope that Jia Wei and Xiao Tong will remain strong throughout the next 9 episodes.

I really like how hard they're trying to be honest with each other and trust one another even though they just started dating. I hope that Jia Wei will not waver over his ex later in the drama just like Aaron's character in Just You. Well, he was just a bit wavered by his ex but he knew what he wanted in some sense. LOL Anyways, Danson looks good in every outfit he's worn so far in the drama.

I've seen Danson before. I just didn't know that was his name. He's gotten so much better looking, and his acting as Ji Jia Wei is totally on point. He was such a nerd and somewhat of a meanie in there. He soon becomes her knight in shining armor as he seems to avert her Murphy's Law. Just when she was getting to know Zi-yan, Jia-wei actively pursues her, which gets her heart beating and thinking about him.

But her Murphy's Law catches up to her as it seems every direction is pointing her towards Zi-yan since he is her boss's son, her mother's cooking instructor and her best friend Xin-xin is pushing for them to be together, but her feelings for him is as a friend only. He meets Guan Xiao-tong when she dines at his restaurant. He becomes instantly interested in her because she resembles a picture displayed in his restaurant.

Upon conversing with her he does not tell her his true status and only lets her think of him as a waiter that works at the restaurant. He also happens to be Xiao-tong's boss Wu Mei-zhen, son and her mother Liu Xiu-mei's cooking instructor. Though he seems to possess all of Xiao-tong's "4G Man" quality, being her boss's son and her mother and friend liking him he is shoo—in to become her new boyfriend, but with Jia-wei actively pursuing her, her feelings for Zi-yan seems to be only as a friend.

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During Xiao-tong and Jia-wei's break up he finally confesses his feelings for her only for her to reject him but the two stay on as friends. It is hinted at the end that he and Hu An-ting might become a couple. A print model who is also a budding actress.

She puts her career before her love life. When she rejects Jia-wei's marriage proposal he breaks up with her. Wanting to patch up with Jia-wei she rushes to him but gets involve in a car accident and disappears from Jia-wei's life to receive medical treatment for her disfigured face abroad. After recovering and returning to Taiwan she expects to reconcile with Jia-wei, but due to Jia-wei's new found love with Xiao-tong and still holding a grudge against her for walking out on him a year ago without a word he brushes her off.

Undeterred by Jia-wei's rejections, she continues on her path to regain his love by constantly reminding him of their past memories together and showing him that her career is no longer the most important thing in her life.

He is the dependable friend that Jia-wei relies on in work and personally. Even though he is married he likes to use Jia-wei's identity to meet females online. She is a fan of Guan Xiao-tong that follows her advice blog religiously and attends all her seminars. It is hinted at the end that she and Xiang Zi-yan might become a couple. A demanding boss that won't accept any excuses.

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After finding out that her dating services most popular bachelor is Ji Jia-wei and that he is also the owner of "Renew" she still insist Xiao-tong to have Jia-wei accept the "Popular King" title and attend their singles meet party. She is also Xiang Zi-yan's single mother who is searching for love herself.

She is also online chat friends with Simon who works at "Renew". She tries to hook up Xiao-tong with Xiang Zi-yan after noticing that he averts her Murphy's Law jinx.

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He has an unrequited for Hu An-ting. He pushes his son to either take over his business so he could retire and travel the world or start dating again.

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She is also a cooking student of Xiang Zi-yan. She sees Zi-yan as a potential son-in-law and wants to set Xiao-tong on a blind date with him. Married for less than a year, she catches her cheating husband with his mistress when she comes home earlier than expected. She and her ex-husband becomes "Renew's" first clients.

He is the heir to a beauty treatment spa. Even though he loved Xiao-tong he still broke up with her to marry someone he didn't love because that other person was wealthy. He had hoped Xiao-tong to be a son during his wife's pregnancy. She had no plans for a second child but got pregnant with Xiao-tong.

ivelyn lee dating

He after remaining on friendly terms with her after their divorce. Fu after remaining on friendly terms with him after their divorce. Insisting on having a divorce party held by "Renew".

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At the party he says he did no wrong during their marriage in front of their friends. When Jia-wei rejects her advances she becomes suicidal. He blames Xiao-tong when his matched mate swindles him. She walked out on her husband and son when he was a child. Jia-wei brings Xiao-tong to his wedding as their first official date.

ivelyn lee dating

His newly wed wife has an illness. She has an illness. A list of Murphy's Law mentioned in each episode.