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isp review uk dating

Fixed Line Broadband Customer Reviews Listed below are all the fixed line broadband suppliers we've received reviews for. Review your Broadband Provider . We'll keep you up to date with the latest broadband news, prices and . Below are all the reviews we've received for SSE. .. 10/10 - first class ISP - everything works fine since start date - using Unlimited Fibre plan, speed test shows. Wish I had read the reviews first worse broadband ever will cuts out all the time . I had my go live date on the 26th November and I'm still waiting for internet on .

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Openreach is an open access platform used by lots of ISPs and supports a mix of different technologies e. Finally, we recommend that readers check out our Summary of Useful Consumer Rules and Laws because there are a lot of existing and future measures e. Switching provider is usually as simple ordering a service from your new ISP and they will then handle the rest, but there are some caveats and we recommend reading our Guide to Switching. Plus those choosing an ISP during will also benefit from the new Automatic Compensation system for faults and delays.

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Until recently, the Post Office was rather half-hearted about its broadband offerings and only provided a very basic service. However, in recent years, it has brought in two faster fibre packages and now competes with other mainstream providers.

So why choose Post Office broadband?

isp review uk dating

Speed The Post Office's basic Unlimited Broadband package offers average download speeds of 11Mbps — sufficient for small households who are not constantly online.

A film would take around seven minutes to download, while photos would need one minute 40 seconds at that speed. If you're regularly downloading large files, streaming movies or gaming, then you'll want a bit more speed, especially if there are several devices on the go at the same time. The Post Office's Unlimited Fibre Broadband package offers average speeds of 35Mbps, halving the length of time it takes to download a movie or photos.

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Meanwhile, with the top of the range Unlimited Fibre Broadband Plus package, you get an average of 63Mbps. With this speed, you'll be able to download a movie in just 90 seconds or a couple of hundred photos in 21 seconds.

isp review uk dating

With all Post Office broadband services, you can choose from a contract length of 12, 18 or 24 months. So in theory you have a good chance of getting these speeds. You will be given an estimate of the true speed you can expect from the Post Office before you actually sign up. However, the company warns that your actual speed could vary and your connection could drop for the first ten days or so of service.

As with most networks, this happens as tests are run and the system tries to optimise itself. Upload speeds For most people, upload speed is rather less important than download, but if you're sending large files on a regular basis then it might matter to you.

The Post Office's upload speeds are pretty average at up to 9.

isp review uk dating

Compare broadband and phone deals Landline phone If you take out a contract for Post Office broadband, you'll get a landline too. The company's current deal includes free weekend calls to UK landlines - 01, 02, 03, and numbers. However, you can also add on various call packages, including evening and weekend calls, anytime calls, International Saver and two Mobile Saver options for a few quid extra each month.

You'll also have to pay extra for Voicemail Plus, auto redial, call divert, incoming call alert, select to reject and text messaging from your landline.