Is whiteboy7thst still dating kpopp 2014

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is whiteboy7thst still dating kpopp 2014

Kelly Popp, better known by her YouTube channel name KPopp, is a gamer and her ironic Bile Fascination-fueled Let's Plays of So Bad, It's Good dating sims She is currently in a relationship with Whiteboy7thst, another YouTube Let's Player. Thirty Flights of Loving · Tomb Raider () · Trauma · The Vanishing of. KPopp (born November 18, ), also known as Kelly or PoppKell, is a video such as The Sims, The Walking Dead, Dating Simulators, Facade, Grand Theft Auto, Call In , Kelly and her boyfriend Alexander (aka Whiteboy7thst) were. Whiteboy7thst has the worlds fastest MW2 Nuke. He is a Facebook Gaming . Jodie Leigh @TaylorMcDuffa 20 Aug More.

Kelly never specified what happened next, as she continued playing the game. After Alex had a small visit at her house, he found himself robbed; where after the incident he lived with her in a rented house in the woods. InKelly and her boyfriend Alexander aka Whiteboy7thst were arrested for having to possession grams of marijuana after police swatted their house during a livestream.

is whiteboy7thst still dating kpopp 2014

Since the whole thing was caught on camera and due to both of their youtube fame, the event caused an uproar on many websites such as Reddit and Twitter. Their court date was set for September 25,but the charges were later dropped since the police weren't originally searching for marijuana and since the two often get swatted for no reason.

Kelly and Alexander have decided to keep low about the topic, to avoid more misinformation by the press and viewers. KPopp spawned a fanbase named "Popptarts", and references her subscribers as "Popptarts" and "Manlytarts"; at times. I remember jumping for joy and freaking out when I got my first subscriber. I love replying to comments and messages when I can. It sucks because I get so many.

There was a time when I would reply to every comment and message I got. YouTube has been the reason for so many of the best moments in my life so far.

I think people can tell that I am a genuinely good person. Or maybe not, I can be kind of mean to video game characters because they do not have feelings.

is whiteboy7thst still dating kpopp 2014

I knew it would be a lot of fun. Most Writers Are Male: Discussed during let's plays of certain corny dating sims. She has a variety of winter hats. It becomes increasingly clear that this is the case in Kelly's Police Brigade; the AI cops continually pile up on each other, run other officers over or even accidentally gun them down.

Kelly herself's even been the victim of this when the police run her over while chasing after a criminal. The only consistently useful cop is Alfred, but that's only because his unusually aggressive AI means he's quick to shoot first and ask questions later.

Kelly's Police Brigade, in which most episodes have her breaking the law, killing innocent and guilty people alike, and harassing civilians for minor infractions. Alfred her AI partner is much worse, as he often guns down people for minor infractions. Fake a Nuke ".

MW3 MOAB MONDAYS 2 for 1 special! by Whiteboy7thst

KPopp likes making naughty or off-color jokes during her playthroughs, and her fans love that. However, she tends not to do that during actually serious or sad moments in the games, and can sometimes have a Dude, Not Funny! In games that let you name your characters, especially dating sims, the female name is always "Awkward", the male name is "Buttplu". KPopp calls any animal she sees "puppy". She even named her first horse in Skyrim Puppy.

Too Dumb to Live: Welcome to the pop culture, and the world of the millennial. YouTube fanatic Walker aka Whiteboy7thst, as old people like to describe, has no real job.

Alexander Walker aka Whiteboy7thst Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend, Dating and Net Worth

But to the passionate game lovers, he is one of their favorite YouTube video game commentators. That's why millions of people follow his channel on Youtube. But the hot topic for now is, "Who he would like as a compatriot when he is fighting tough wars in games such as Call of Duty? Of course, it will be his game-lover girlfriend who can only distract him when he is playing games on his play station.

Together they are two lovebirds made for each other. Their several game-collaboration video can be found on YouTube. Check them out and you will find that they are quite a team, and sometimes-fiery opponent to each other.


So, he is not a gay and some source of media has posted, as a rumor regarding him as a gay are hoaxes. They have been dating since the year Nevertheless, they have also seen many ups and downs in their relationship.

is whiteboy7thst still dating kpopp 2014

Despite that, they are a strong couple. Where do they first meet?

is whiteboy7thst still dating kpopp 2014

What do you think? Surely, they invest much of their time on YouTube.