Is jenny sanford dating anyone

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is jenny sanford dating anyone

wife Jenny Sanford's memoir publishing date has been moved up. public betrayal -- and offers inspiration for anyone struggling to keep. South Carolina's former first lady Jenny Sanford is dating Georgia businessman Clay Boardman, a month after her divorce was finalized. Chapur was the woman at the heart of Sanford's sex scandal (and his ex- wife Jenny Sanford for meddling in his new relationship.

At the end of the day, I was able to come to a real peace about the notion that I believe I had been a good wife and I gave my husband more chances, really, than he deserved, and so I was able to, through the writing of the book, to move on, really with no regrets and with a real peace about me. Your oldest just started college. How has this process been, not only when you were last here we talked about a the process of the very public divorce for you, but since then, you're writing about their lives, about things that change, How are they doing?

And you hit the nail on the head when you say divorce is a process. It doesn't end the day the judge says you're divorced.

is jenny sanford dating anyone

I did everything I could to stay married, to work on the family, but the decision was right for me. It might not be right for everybody, but it was the right decision for me to divorce.

Jenny Sanford's New Normal

The children and I live separately from him, but we get together on holidays sometimes or for birthdays and things like that. They're learning to set more boundaries with their dad. They're learning how to stand up for themselves, for example, when I'm not around if they need something from him that he wouldn't necessarily be accustomed to giving them.

It's been a good process in many respects; we've all grown from it and have reached what I call a new normal, and it's been -- been wonderful, I think, for all of us. You know, you have to learn to respect one another's space.

Former South Carolina first lady Jenny Sanford engaged

Same thing with the children. If the children go to spend the weekend with him and one is sick, I'm teaching the boys to say, 'You know, Dad, this is what I need today,' whereas Mom would normally have been there to help fill in that role. He will technically be governor until January, and then we will have another process, the boys and I, in terms of what comes for him. I don't know yet. He might have something up his sleeve. If he knows what he's going to do, he hasn't shared it with me.

Sullivan, co-founded Skil Corporationwhich manufactured the first portable electric saw. It was while she was working at Lazard that she met her future husband, Mark Sanfordat a beach party in the Hamptons on Long Island. It was more like friendship at first sight. It was not until the couple's second son was born that Mark Sanford announced his entry into politics.

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When he told me, I was in the hospital, and we had just delivered our second son. Inshe launched the Healthy South Carolina Challenge, an initiative to reduce the incidence of chronic preventable disease.

is jenny sanford dating anyone

Following her husband's public disclosure of the affair, she issued a statement indicating that the couple had agreed to a trial separation two weeks prior to his public confession. On August 7,she moved out of the South Carolina Governor's Mansion with the couple's four sons and returned to the family home on Sullivan's Island. She published a memoir, Staying True, which was released on February 5,which details her experience of her husband's affair and the effect it had on her own life.

Under the terms of their divorce agreement, neither Mark nor Jenny Sanford may show up at the other's house without permission.