Is gumball dating penny

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is gumball dating penny

Penny Fitzgerald is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. She is a After the kiss, the two have been dating ever since. She was part of the . The animated comedy television series The Amazing World of Gumball features a wide array of . A recurring theme throughout the series is his crush on his classmate Penny Fitzgerald, who in turn shares the same feelings for him. .. Gumball tells him he needs to get back into dating to show Carmen he's moved on. Carrie has a crush on Gumball and with each passing moment with him it gets It wasn't until after Gumball and Penny started dating that she.

It wasn't until after Gumball and Penny started dating that she admitted her feelings to herself.

is gumball dating penny

Whenever she saw them together she would leave the room. She completely avoided Penny, for fear that she might get angry and send her into an alternate dimension They dated all throughout seventh and eighth grade, during that time Carrie started dating other people, trying to forget about the blue feline. But it didn't work, in her mind nobody could match up with Gumball. People would always compliment them, talking about how they were made for each other. They even put Penny and Gumball in the year book as the 'cutest couple ever', she made sure to burn her copy of it safely.

Then, In freshman year, a ray of hope made itself known, After Gumball caught Penny cheating on him with Tobias in the locker room. As soon as she heard the news, Carrie went to to find him, knowing he must be devastated. She found him behind the school, crying his eyes out.

is gumball dating penny

The sight made Carrie's heart shatter. She floated over and landed next to him. He looked up at her, with bloodshot eyes.

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She gave him a sad smile, letting Gumball know that she was there for him. And to prove it she swallowed her fear and hugged him.

is gumball dating penny

Gumball immediately responded and hugged her back, crying into her shoulder. Carrie started "I crushed on her for years and we dated for nearly two, I can't believe she just threw all of it away" Gumball whispered, tears in his eyes.

I must have fucked up I'm so-" Carrie cut him off.

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Or will Gumball become the future Gumball Fitzgerald? I'll tell their love story, and then, at the end of this blog, I'll say if I think that she loves him, or not. Tobias, the flirting boy in Gumball's class, flirts with everybody, and tries his best to become one of the girl's boyfriend. Although, nobody likes him nobody actually shows any feelings towards him, so that's kind of the samehe thinks that he is super popular, and that all of the girls in his school, adors him.

When he wanted Penny's hand, Gumball saw what he was trying to do, and fought against him, as the episode is called, "The Knights". Penny accepts him loving her, although she doesn't seem to have a real crush on him, or actually, anybody else.

the amazing world of gumball: date with penny

Still, if she's sad, se usually goes to Gumball, and talks to him about the thing that has happened. Penny, still the shape shifting fairy, inside of the peanut shell, gets easily angry, when she sees an other girl that's talking to Gumball, as if they were in love. I think this is, because of that she's used to have Gumball around her, saying sweet things to her, and showing his feelings towards her.

Penny has still loved him, but she has handles the situations between them, better.

is gumball dating penny

Penny has kissed Gumball on te cheek, several times, and they have also kissed each other on the lips. In "The Flower", Gumball mistakes Leslie the floweras her boyfriend, and tries everything to stop their "relationship".

When Carrie says something nice to Gumball, Penny becomes very jealous, and takes it as a new relationship, in the same way as Gumball did. This reveals Penny's secret feelings for Gumball. Gumball has many times said that he loves Penny, which has made her blush.

is gumball dating penny

When Penny, finally reveals her true form, Gumball gets surprised of her new looks. She misunderstands his reaction, and runs away from him.