Ikon dating door game walkthrough

New Attendee Guide | Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

ikon dating door game walkthrough

I would like to thank everyone who voted in the iKON Dating Door Game! So here are the results fo. SHOWTIME! ❤ SINOSIJAK~ | See more ideas about Ikon kpop, Bobby and Idol. Handsome & Sweet 95 liner - Song Yun Hyeong #iKon #YunHyeong Beginner's Guide To iKon. Part 3- Members .. "iKON hottest pic to date. I'm crying . See more. Kim Hanbin Asian Men, Winner Ikon, Kim Hanbin, Door Games, Bigbang. Thanks for your interest in purchasing a Zenkaikon membership, and public about Japanese animation, comics, games, science fiction, and fandom; and allows At-Door Membership Rates; Minors at Zenkaikon; Confirmation and Badge the day following the date listed under deadline (e.g. at pm on August 14th.

All you will have to do is pick up your badge and program, and you are good to go. Pre-registered attendees may also have access to special contests and giveaways.

Registration | Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

You can read more information about pre-registration on our Registration page. This is a great opportunity to plan out the events and activities you would like to attend.

ikon dating door game walkthrough

Keep in mind that there will be events taking place all the time at Zenkaikon. Many activities will even be scheduled during the same time period, so it is literally impossible to do everything. Try to pick a small selection of the events you most want to see, and also have a few backups in case you can't make it to your first choices.

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If you schedule every moment of your convention visit, you will spend most of the day running around and wear yourself out. Also, be aware that there could be last-minute changes after the schedule has been posted. These can be due to unforseen circumstances such as guest cancellations, illness, etc. If this is the case, you will be notified at the convention with a sign or other notice in the convention program.

ikon dating door game walkthrough

You can recognize a staff member by their official staff T-shirt and badge. If a staff member can't answer your question, they will direct you to someone who can.

Know the Rules Take time to make sure you are familiar with the Convention Policies. These are rules you will be expected to follow at the convention, and are for the safety and enjoyment of all of our attendees.

Also, make sure your costumes including weapons are in line with the Zenkaikon Cosplay Prop and Weapon Policies. You wouldn't to spend lots of time and money on a prop, only to find out you aren't allowed to bring it into the convention.

ikon dating door game walkthrough

Choose a Meetup Spot It is a good idea to pick a location and time to meet up with your friends if you get separated. Out-of-the-way, less crowded locations are usually best for finding one another. Zenkaikon does not have a convention-wide intercom system, so we will be unable to make an announcement if you do get separated from your party. Remember to Eat, Drink Fluids, and Sleep This may seem like common sense, but with so much to do at the convention, some attendees forget to take care of these necessities.

There have even been tales of attendees becoming so exhausted they pass out. Don't become a statistic! There will be food and drinks available for purchase at the convention. You can also check out our Dining Guide for suggestions on other dining establishments in the area. Make sure to stay hydrated. Consider bringing a water bottle that you can fill up throughout the day.

We will also have some water stations set up at various locations on the convention floor, but we cannot guarantee they will always be stocked or available. If you feel like something besides water, convention concessions will offer a variety of drink options.

Finally, make sure to get at least 6 hours of sleep each night. Zenkaikon will have activities going on until the wee hours of the morning, but if you don't sleep you will miss out overall. For even more enjoyment of convention activities, we recommend you get a hotel room. It is much easier to go to late night events if you only have to take a quick elevator ride to get to sleep.

ikon dating door game walkthrough

Be Prepared for Lines There will be lines for some events. Wristbands will be available at the Registration desk during the convention the hours will be posted as we get closer to the convention. Refund and Transfer Policy If you register for a Zenkaikon membership and find that you are unable to attend Zenkaikonyou may transfer your membership to another individual by following the policy outlined below.

ikon dating door game walkthrough

This e-mail must be sent from the e-mail address given to us by the primary registrant when they registered for Zenkaikon.

In that e-mail, the primary registrant should give their name and confirmation number. They must also give us the full name of the original registrant the one they are transferringand the new registrant. All transfer requests must be received via e-mail by March 1, No transfer requests can be processed after this date. There is a limit of one 1 transfer per registrant.


Memberships may not be resold. If you are found to be selling your membership, that membership will be voided. Please note that once a registration badge has been picked up, that badge is not transferable to another person during the convention.

We are sorry, but we are unable to offer refunds of Zenkaikon memberships. Registration Forms Use the forms below to register for a Zenkaikon membership!