Ibalik mo ang dating tayo youtube

The Rest Is Still Unwritten: Ouchie! My heart is aching!

ibalik mo ang dating tayo youtube

Medyo bastos at arrogante kasi ang dating ni Clavio sa nasabing interbyu. Kawawa More videos on YouTube . Parang PBA, kumuha pa tayo ng import. ANGEL: Hon, anung gift mo sa akin sa silver anniversary natin? . Ito rin kaya ang mamababatas na humiling na hayaan siyang ibalik na lang ang. Tulungan mo akong ibalik ang dating tayo Please try again later. Published on Jan. Matagal pa yan. Nasa dating period pa lang sila ni SJS.:lol: Ayaw ko! before i know it lahat ng type ko hati na tayo hahaha! Tanggapin mo na. .. "Wala akong mawatari.info mo sa akin si Jun-jun. Ibalik mo sa akin .. me Episode 1 mawatari.info?v=WUo5PlcrT5Y&feature=related.

Nagkabati tayo dahil sa flying ipis, Kuya! So, what does that have to do with surprising Daddy now? Wow, Kuya, magca-camping po ba tayo tonight and cook hotdogs and marshmallows on stick tulad po last year?

Tingin niyo po, Tita Mommy, ma-appreciate po kaya ni Daddy kung mag camping po tayo as peace offering namin sa kanya?

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Do you think Daddy will like that and will forgive us for causing him a major headache? Matutuwa yun na makita na hindi na kayong tatlo nag-aaway at nag-effort kayo na mag reach out sa kanya. Pero siyempre maganda pa rin kung dadagdagan niyo yun ng pag-sorry sa kanya. Maganda rin siyempre makipag-usap kayo sa Daddy niyo, diba? Of course, Tita Mommy! Manang Fe then knocks, opens the door and calls on them to go down for dinner. Okay, pero bago yan, bumaba na muna tayo para makapag-dinner na and maplano natin surprise sa Daddy niyo.

Where is Daddy po? Is he not joining us for dinner? Male-late ang Daddy niyo, nasa meeting pa daw. Richard is no longer left with any excuse to stay in the office.

ibalik mo ang dating tayo youtube

He misses them as much as they miss him. Unknown to him, one sweet surprise is waiting for him at home. Part 3 Richard is finally home.

He does as Maya imagined he will. He heads to his office, sits and leans his back on his chair, and closes his eyes for at least a full minute. Then he slowly opens his eyes, looks around him, and notices the flowers on his desk.

He pulls out the card and reads the message— Mahal ko, Sorry na. Hindi na ko uulit. Love, Maya He smiles, gets the flowers and heads upstairs to see Maya. He enters their room, sees Maya in bed reading a book— Richard: Approaches her Maya… Maya: Smiles, stands up, and gives him a tight embrace Mahal ko!

Naiintindihan naman talaga kita. Breaks their embrace and motions him to sit on the bed Akala mo lang yun. Pero alam ko na tama ka. Nase-stress lang ako na may nag-aaway kaya nasabi ko na ibalik na lang yung internet. Pero kuha ko kung ano pinupunto mo. Sobrang na miss kita, mahal ko. Ang sakit sa dibdib kanina ha nung halos hindi mo ko pinapansin. Na-miss din kita, mahal ko. If you only saw how cranky I was at work all day cos I felt so bad about having a misunderstanding with you.

Smiles mischievously Apology accepted on one condition. Yun lang pala, eh. Miss ko na din kaya yan. And they kissed, and then kissed some more.

Okay na, mahal ko? And thank you for the flowers. Sige na mag-freshen up ka na muna. Bababa muna ko para maghanda ng pagkain mo. Tapos sunod ka na dun sa baba ha… Richard: Part 4 Richard walks to the dining area to find his wife seated at the dining table sans any food. She stands up, reaches for his hand and leads him to the porch.

Tara na mahal ko. Basta sumunod ka lang sa kin. When they break the hug, Luke heads to the hotdogs and starts grilling them. Maya joins Luke and gets the dinner plate she prepared for Richard and hands the plate to him. Mahal ko, wala ako kinalaman dito. Pag-uwi ko kanina sinorpresa nila ko na okay na sila.

Teka, mabuti pa, Nikki, samahan niyo muna ni Abby ang Daddy mo dun sa may tabi ng tent para makakain muna habang kami ni Luke mag-iihaw muna dito.

So you understand why Daddy got mad?

ibalik mo ang dating tayo youtube

Stands up, approaches Richard and hugs him Richard: Wait lang po ha. I want to help Kuya and Tita Mommy grill hotdogs. Nods Be careful, okay? And pati naman po siya, he stopped tweeting na. I made a promise to you po, diba? And I will never break that promise, Dad. Instawild din kapag nag-inuman na. This was how Gen-X partied back then. But this was not the first time we had a halfway house of sorts, me and my college film berks.

ibalik mo ang dating tayo youtube

We actually had two, which I think prepared my parents for my eventual moving out for good. I think I have to include it here in my listing. Temporary UP Bliss It was the sembreak of my last year of film school when my friends and I decided to share the rent in a unit inside the UP Bliss housing.

Our film teacher sponsored a film to be done that time, script by my BFF and me directing, shooting in 16mm film ha. That would have been my first, prior to my 16mm film thesis sana, but the project fizzled out for reasons I can't remember anymore. But that several weeks in that UP Bliss gave us a taste of living independently, with roommates, paying bills like an adult, and I suppose it whet all our appetites. Mahiyain mode Right after graduation, a handful of friends wanted to create a raket film production group, which was very rare pa back then this is mid-'90s folksand we decided to rent an apartment in Mahiyain street to have a headquarters.

Well, we had a glorious first client which helped us pay the bills and rent, but everyone also had more glorious egos that clashed during work.

So in short, that fizzled out faster than when it started. Another college friend of ours turned out to have his own fizzled film prod raket grouping, so he decided to tap me and my BFF to be new partners. We also tapped another film barkada, and this one was sturdier a samahan because our recruiter friend had a formidable work linkage in the form of this Fil-Canadian lady with a desktop publishing biz.

She wanted to form a video production biz din, and she had the equipment, so we were the workers. Her huge home in Maginhawa had a small American-style garage at the back which actually could be converted into a 2-storey living quarters, so we lived there for a few months, too, as we made several rakets for her. But again, personalities crashed, as well as other things I can't recall anymore, and we ended up splitting from that setup, too, me and my BFF.

So I went back to my parents' house for a while, until I made that pivotal Move 1. Kumu-conceptual photography with a tripod and SLR camera, with legitimate celluloid film to boot.

Slight naubos pera ko sa kakapa-debelop ng rolyo noon, but the memories are worth every analog print of it.

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Historical preparations, ain't it? Ex-jowa's house to new ex-jowa's house. I think it has already been 2 years in that first house in Naranghita when I met a lawyer who became my jowa of 5 years.

She was living in a compound owned by her ex's family, and in one of those doors, that ex of hers was also living there.

And in another door, another lesbian lawyer was living there, too, who was the jowa of my jowa's ex.

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Masusundan mo 'yan kung matalino ka, pramis hahaha! But things went bad with that ex of hers and that ex's jowa, who were living just next door to each other, literally. The jowa cheated, so my ex's ex wanted to move out of there.

Meantime, we also wanted to move out already, so we three lesbians of Mabait street went and rented a new place in Mapagkumbaba street, up and down, one bedroom my ex's ex, and one ours.

But that ex of hers found a new jowa and eventually moved out of our apartment. As for me, after 5 years, I also found a new me -- one that didn't want to be with her anymore.

We were supposed to move into a new space actually, but that moved became a split into two different directions, not one, since I decided to split up with her, for good. I transitioned to many jobs during my stay with that 5-year jowa. The last being this, as a n NGO worker in a feminist media int'l org. Which also meant I had to pause my MA studies, since I had to juggle a home life with a really high maintenance jowa back then. Yeah, you get one of those from time to time.

As one of her last ditch efforts to keep us intact, she allowed me to have a ConCon gathering with my old film buddies again during our last years, since that was my one reklamo during this relationship: But even so, it wasn't really enough to make me stay.

My last months in that house, and that relationship. Kamuning My cousin-in-law's parents were renting out a duplex apartment somewhere in K-3rd street, and my cousin was living there with her young family of three in the smaller area. So I ended up renting the bigger area, all by my lonesome.

That move was pivotal, since I was starting many lives back then: Which meant that the titser suweldo is not that ideal to keep an 8k a month rent, so I had to augment my income then. That Kamuning time was indeed such a busy time, so busy that my health suffered, so I ended up turning semi-vegetarian to have my lab results even out again.

But then, cousin-in-law's parents decided to sell the house, and I had to vacate asap. Thankfully, I found a new place in an old neigborhood.

The perks of renting a house all by your lonesome is you get to decorate it however you want. So naturally, my artistic inclinations arose that time, and I had a better canvas to explore. Yes, those are windows.

It's acrylic, so it washes off easily. One of my prized possessions back then: Wherever I lived, even if it was temporary, I made sure it was homey. I also had preference for high ceilings. Not a claustrophobic, but I dunno, I just felt like it. Naranghita part deux A good deal of my teaching life was spent living in another part of Naranghita street, where the rent is basically the same as before.

It's interesting to be back in the Anonas area at that time, a little bit older and wiser, but maybe still a bit stupid in the love department.

See, when I was about to do Move 3, I met someone else right after I split with my ex of 5 years. She thought I two-timed her at iyon ang pinagkalat niya sa mga taobut that's not really the case and I don't actually care kung ano ang pinagkalat niya sa akin, kasi I know the real score.

This girl I met wasn't really such a good one for me, that's why the relationship never really became solid to begin with; it only served as a catalyst for me to jumpstart many things left dormant by the 5 year relationship.

But she wasn't the sole catalyst, of course. But this girl just kept being present in my life, even after making Move 3. And she even came to me during Move 4, but only her things moved with me, because she stupidly moved out of her and her brother's own rented apartment back then, her without a plan, her brother moving into his own small apartment, so she ended up hauling her things in my place.

The nerve, di ba. Even if I was already dating another person during this time, in this space, andiyan pa rin itong isa, nakikigulo.

Hay naku, how did I even enter such predicaments back then is beyond me. All I know is that I'm glad they all ended. Kahit katiting lang, dapat ang tirahan ko ay may bintana, kung saan maaari kong matanaw ang langit at ilang bahagi ng lupang may luntiang nagkalat.

Sa masikip na espasyong ito, puwede na rin ito noon, pansamantala.

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Ang chaka lang ng view, pero at least meron. Dito ko muling naharap ang MA studies ko, kaya naging espasyo ng pag-aaral ang bahay na ito. Hindi ko alam kung premonition ito na hindi ako magtatagal sa espasyong ito, pero hindi na ako masyadong ginanahan sa pagde-decor nito, di tulad dun sa Kamuning dati.

Kaya ganito lang kasimple ang nilagay ko doon, para lang may bahid ng ako ang espasyo. Ang lagi kong kasama sa mga paglilipat: Pareho nang wala sa buhay ko ngayon, kasi bawal na. Condo living So finally, this is it, pansit! No more lingering ex-jowas to make sabit in this move, because this one is a purchase already. The girl I was dating prior to this move, she also graced this space from time to time, but she had her own space with her son somewhere else.

That immediately fizzled anyway, and then another person came into my life then. That one lived here for a good two years, before getting herself knocked up by a man.

ibalik mo ang dating tayo youtube

For a while I felt trapped here, since before, if an old relationship finished, I can also move out of the apartment and rent a new one.