Hyorin dating

Taeyang And Min Hyo Rin Are Still Dating, And Here's The Proof

hyorin dating

Sistar's Hyorin opens up about her dating style. On March 4, Mnet's variety talk show “Beatles Code” aired the second episode of Sistar Revised Romanization, Hyorin. McCune–Reischauer, Hyorin. Birth name. Hangul. 김효정. Hanja. 金孝靜. Revised Romanization, Gim Hyo-jeong. McCune– Reischauer, Kim Hyojŏng. Kim Hyo-jung (born December 11, ), better known by her stage name Hyolyn, is a South . her first EP, an official schedule revealed the release date to be November 8. Embed Tweet. #Soyou Talks About Dating, #Hyolyn, And Why It's Hard Being A Solo Artist Replying to @soompi. Read that as Soyou dating Hyorin.

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  • Taeyang And Min Hyo Rin Are Still Dating, And Here’s The Proof
  • Sistar’s Hyorin Reveals her Dating Style

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Weeks in the top 77 charts five years after its initial release inwas a collaboration with the university. How crazy is that? C where they reveal their upcoming plans, share their ultimate taboos and their true opinion of local comedy. Click here for part one.

Sistar's Hyorin Reveals her Dating Style | The latest kpop news and music | Officially Kmusic

Who would you like to work with? I will really love to work with him — I read a lot about his personal life. I grew up watching him. He can speak cantonese and mandarin, and even angmohs know him. What do you think of comedy nowadays? I really enjoy those old Hong Kong movies. Nowadays, they seem more serious and emphasise more on production. As for international [comedy], people who might enjoy those are more English-educated.

He will just kill himself. I really like those, but I know if I do that type of humour, our audience might not be able to understand it. So we do more slapstick [humour] which is a tribute to Stephen Chow, which anybody will laugh at.

C be hitting the big screen soon? We have a lot of offers to do movies. We actually rejected offers.

hyorin dating

Of course, when we started YouTube, our dream was to make a movie. Like Wong Fu Productionsthey made their first movie after 10 years. I think you have to hone and master every part.

We want to do a movie in the future, but we want to try out all the genres first. What can we expect in the next half of ? There are actually a lot of things that we have already filmed. There are a few action fights, one that is quite unique with a lot of special effects. We have a MV coming up… Ryan: We take it as a compliment laughs. So I asked what kind of logic that was.

Last year we were quite dry and stuck. There were a couple of times where I lost my temper over it, so she Sylvia will do damage control. Yeah he is banned. I cannot go to meetings because she banned me, so I just stay at home.

No really, it helps. With shooting and editing, you have to spend time. But thinking of a script is damn hard. Initially I was very affected by it. I will get very emo and do nothing. But slowly, I figured that no matter what I do, they will say something. No matter what we do. This is the first time all of us in N. C is doing something in production. I would say all of us found this industry by chance and we actually really really like it.

I would say the working environment is very different. Your life is different everyday. We stumbled upon this when we wanted to do wedding videos, so we did YouTube vids to practice for the weddings but it became a reverse thing, where [our channel] took off, so we just focused everything into YouTube lor.

I think we really like it. C, all our views are different when it comes to race, religion or politics. These are very touchy subjects which we find very personal.

We put thought into everything before we shoot it lah. We like to make sexist jokes.

hyorin dating

The cleavage and boob scenes with the N. The only person I brought in was Franster. Catch our July issue p. Read part one here.