Hangar 1 the ufo files presidential encounters dating

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hangar 1 the ufo files presidential encounters dating

Don't miss any episodes, set your DVR to record Hangar 1: The UFO Files. The existence of aliens has been debated for decades in America, although to date there has been very little evidence to support the Presidential Encounters. Buy Hangar 1: The UFO Files: Read 2 Prime Video Reviews - mawatari.info 1. Presidential Encounters. From Truman to Obama, our modern day Presidents have Language: English Runtime: 42 minutes Release date: February 27, From Truman to Obama, our modern day Presidents have all had rich and controversial histories with UFOs and extraterrestrials. In fact Hangar 1: The UFO Files (–). /10 Presidential Encounters Poster Release Date.

Especially considering the missiles would endure being exposed to extreme temperatures inside the outer fields energy trap. Not to mention extreme conditions. Then again, I guess that is what happened? Sounds like some ET figured out a loophole in some guidelines somewhere Inventive "bending of rules" I must say.

hangar 1 the ufo files presidential encounters dating

Indicating the outer layer of the phasing field is in an open configuration. The soldiers experienced the various bodily reactions of radiation poisoning. The US military men probably showed up at the wrong time and place or disturbed some ongoing project or asset in the area. Pulling the serial number from the missile proved it was from the earlier encounter.

To capture the US aircraft munitions and use them against the Australian ship the following day would seem to indicate malice aforethought.

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Still wondering about ET motivation. Wrong place, wrong time is just one of many scenarios that come to mind. Guess we will never know about the first US ship that was destroyed. Possibly the return fire detonated munitions stores, and it was destroyed by secondary explosions? As to the missile, any ideas about time distortions within the energy screen? Maybe 24 hours was like 24 seconds exposure to the captured missile?

hangar 1 the ufo files presidential encounters dating

Would explain why it didn't cook off when captured. Military decision to no longer fire on ET craft seems prudent, if late. In my view, and knowing at least this much about the encounter, it sounds to me like the pilot intended it. They could have phased the craft much earlier and left the area and the patrol boat would have been none the wiser.

Instead the pilot for reasons unknown decided to execute a strategy which indicates they wanted to be observed, likely shot at, and then use that as an excuse to send the ammunition back to the patrol boat. So in my mind, and with what little we do know, it sounds like the ET person inside took a more things down a more aggressive scenario than explicitly necessary avoidance was the other obvious option.

That thought crossed my mind.

hangar 1 the ufo files presidential encounters dating

It would be strange if the pilot did otherwise. In otherwords, the outer field trap is for capturing random particles and energy that makes it in. Depending on the stealth and flight configuration that can be increased.

In this case, it seems the ET piloting said craft were altering the intended purpose of the outer fields surrounding the UFO to cause them to redirect the ammunition and all the energy behind them in a new direction. Imagine if you made a post card sized field-generator from ET technology, one that created a torus-like field.

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Like the one depicted at the 1 minute mark in this video I just found: After a minute or so if the field generator were to turn off, you would notice an immense release of heat and light energy.

When you ran up to the metal container, you should notice that it looks like it has been seared by heat. Congratulations, you have made the first of many components that goes into ET crafts.

This stamp sized field-generator generates a torus-like field that absorbs ambient energy. Rather than it reflecting light and heat, and radiation it captures it like a spacetime [heat]sink. If you leave it on for hours, the next time you'd turn off the field, you would see a burnt field from the immense release of focused energy being captured in the sink.

You've just circumvented friction and various interactions of thermodynamics to a certain degree. Your field generator has now become an integral part of a spacecraft. Which is at times, is neither here nor there in the conventional sense. The fields can be reconfigured for different purposes if the pilot wanted to do that.

Hangar 1 The UFO Files S01 E01 - Presidential Encounters - Dailymotion Video

For example the pilot could distort the rate of time, but it would mostly be from fields beneath the energy screen. Yes, allegedly the ET can distort the shape of the various layers to create pronounced side-effects.

Anything is plausible, though unless the outer side was fully discharged, i'd find it hard to believe the missile would last 24 seconds. Stranger things are possible I guess. The real meat and bones in the case of the missile would be to see what kind of abnormal stresses the missile had been exposed to.

Though, considering missiles are designed to penetrate and explode, that would probably be nearly impossible to determine. You are correct, it is entirely within the realm of possibility. The fact that you can consider such a possibility is likely to stick out in someones mind. Hope I don't get in trouble for that. They should have figured this out pretty quickly.

The big question is why did it take this many encounters for them to call off these efforts.

Hangar 1 The UFO Files Season 2 Episode 8

Also, what I exposed to you, should also eventually bring up the question: Well, if some ET crafts use technology like what Fore has described, what could shoot down one of these things? What would it take to bring down an ET craft? Probably should review cases of [allegedly] downed ET craft and figure out what they have in common. Since MUFON does not exactly own buildings or anything, and its headquarters keep moving as its directors change, some folks are quite skeptical that there even is such a place as "Hangar 1" think of that huge storage building at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Some of the most preposterous, unsubstantiated stories in the UFO literature. I was going to write up a long review of all of the nonsense in just the first episode of this clunker, but there is no need to.

UFO blogger Jason Colavito has described the absurdities and fabrications quite nicely.

Hangar 1: The UFO Files

It actually makes America Unearthed look responsible and Ancient Aliens seem accurate. It seems, too, that this show has its own catchphrase: The dateline is February 20, Dwight Equitz does not believe the official story, given out the next morning, that the president had emergency dental surgery even though the dentist himself made an appearance. He does not present the obvious: Instead, he insinuates that the shutdown was to allow for aliens to land Under no circumstances is the general public or public press to learn of the existence of these entities.

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