Grandparents overstepping their boundaries in dating

The Grandparent Trap

Grandparents are some of the most important figures in any child's life, and nobody wants to set a bad example! To ensure your grandkids the happiest family. Her grandparents were very involved in her life until her father moved back to our area My mother has frequently overstepped boundaries by 1. Parents always have the right to set boundaries, no matter how much the Whether it's occasional date nights or daily help while you and your.

Then communicate what you need or expect. Define yourself and your role. Others long for the invitation. Know what you are willing to do and not do and make this very clear. Communicating honestly will prevent difficult feelings down the road. If you live close by, are you willing to be called to pick up or drop off kids, babysit, called at the last minute, watch sports events? Being clear about your role is better for everyone involved.

Recognize that it might be your own insecurity as a parent causing you to hear helpful advice or suggestions from the grandparents as criticism. Stay in your own box. Your goal is to be loving and supportive, not critical or overly judgmental. This will be best for you and for your children. Not only that, but you will be the joyful presence they will want to have around.

Be sure to fill your life with your many interests and goals beyond just being a grandparent. Trust your kids to parent their kids. Remember that you are not the parent, you are the grandparent. Getting in the middle of how your child and his or her mate are raising their kids will only cause problems.

Keep in mind that the world has changed, and what worked years ago for you may not work very well now. If it helps, take some parenting classes or speak to a pediatrician to get some firsthand information.

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With medical or safety issues in particular, you need to defer to the parent. You can be curious, ask questions and talk about the issue in a respectful way. Know where you end and they begin. Respect the boundaries and roles. Love the grandkids unconditionally and be helpful to the parents rather than make things harder for them.

And be compassionate with yourself when you mess up. Work to make it work. Most importantly, work to make this work. Parents need their parents, grandparents need their children and grandkids. Show Comments 74 You must log in to leave a comment. Don't have an account? Create one for free! Over time, it has affected their relationship where decision making is concerned. Other people notice this behavior and it gets uncomfortable at times.

I'm always tired and I have have found myself on the verge of losing my mind with her but I calm myself down. Grandma just needs to know you also know what's best for your kids.

Sometimes, all it takes is having an open mind and trying to understand the other person more than trying to be understood. Everyone means well in their own way. Kristy from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, had this to say about getting unsolicited advice which made her feel less of a grown up.

But with time, she got over it. After that, it got a bit strained. I felt like I was always getting unsolicited advice, and it wasn't really in a kind way. I had her, plus my own mom and grandmothers and friends who were moms, to turn to. When I had my second baby, I was able to respond to her better and had more confidence in what I was doing. I know that when my in-laws do bring up concerns, it's because they love their grandkids and are checking up on them in the way that they know how.

In the beginning, the gestures seem innocent and may be ignored. Until they reach the point of no return, and you may have to put your foot down. You may require some help around the house, being a new mom, and grandma is the closest you can think of. However, when it becomes overbearing, there is a point you reach and bring out the yellow tape that's marked 'No Passing Beyond This Point. Like AC from New Jersey. She was grateful for her mother to move in and help her when she had given birth.

Over time, her mother took over the house and created the rules, complained about the management of the home. AC says in her words, "She'll go off on me about not making my own baby food or insist on feeding my younger daughter herself, saying, 'If it weren't for me she would starve to death.

At the time, she also had a nine-month-old baby and was becoming frustrated. They do this for many reasons including being close in proximity, they want time to bond with the grandkids, they need to have frequent contact and share or pass down their own family values. Let's face it, parents are really busy these days, so a little bit of grandma around the kids isn't too bad. We ended up moving 10 hours away just to get away from the drama.

We came back a year later when my husband got a new job but had to lay down the law with her. We limit the amount of time our daughter spends over at their house.

When Grandma Oversteps: 15 Rules And How To Set Them Straight

We are friendly enough now, but whatever closeness we shared before is gone. However, for those who do not want to follow rules, the stress is upon those who do. As a mother or parents, you may wish to have rules and regulations for easier and better operations within the house. Although the desire may be made known, the external family may affect how things run because they want things to run in a certain way.

But let's take a minute to remember that everyone hopefully have good intentions.

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Well, she doesn't turn on the TV for him, but she does pull up little kiddie shows and songs on her laptop while he eats so it's pretty much the same thing," Although she cares for the baby, she is fond of breaking that rule all the time. This, in turn, has affected the baby's eating patterns since he is reaching for something during feeding time.

Everyone wants to experience that joy, especially grandmothers even more so if it's the first grandbaby of the family. Parents desire to have some time to share the joy with each other, as well as have their own experience of raising the child.

However, there are times when the extended family members hog the baby, such that moms may have a difficult time trying to take the baby from them. She said, "My MIL is the sweetest and kindest woman.

She never has an opinion unless she is asked, never had an unkind word to say about anyone and she minds her own business.

The moment the baby came things changed. I remember that I had to hide somewhere in the house if I wanted to keep my baby in my arms because someone was constantly grabbing for him," It would be good to create some baby and grandma time so that they can have more time together and less stress for mom.

Just like when you have a newborn baby, the number of visitors who would like to see the baby begins to increase with time. Grandparents may become frequent impromptu visitors, which may be stressful sometimes Hi, Terri! Although they mean well, there are times they may cross the line and the couple may be forced to set strict boundaries. Any loud noise would disrupt her sleep even in the night. Grandma was requested to communicate her visits earlier so that she could keep the dogs away-which normally make a lot of noise.

But it fell on deaf ears with grandma. However, her mother declined all the invitations and still visited them unannounced. The entire community would prepare and wait their turn to have family photos or self-portraits taken. Today, taking photos is within your reach and you can choose to print or post it on social media through your cell phone or your digital camera instantly.

However, posting images of your kids on social media becomes a very sensitive issue, especially when it relates to your family.

But Grandma sometimes may not see it that way. She may not be able to hold back the overwhelming need to share her excitement with her circle of friends, by taking photos and posting them on social media. By the time you come to realize, it has acquired enough comments and likes that she no longer wants to take them down.