Georgina baillie dating

georgina baillie dating

Jan 3, As Georgina Baillie, 29, prepares to follow in the acting footsteps of her Georgina Baillie is the granddaughter of year-old actor Andrew Sachs .. Kristen Stewart shares steamy kiss with new girlfriend Sara Dinkin one. Aug 13, We chat to the notorious Georgina Baillie about dating, Satanic Sluts and Russell Brand. However, '80s popstar Ant - who has been dating Baillie for just over a month - wrote a letter to the former Fawlty Towers actor pleading with him to see his.

In Januaryfor the first time sincethey wanted to see me.

  • Appeal to Andrew Sachs to mend bitter family rift
  • Andrew Sach's granddaughter Georgina Baillie pleads... 'Grandad, will you forgive me?'

I was so happy. I told her how I thought it was really unfair, but she didn't like me telling her that, and I got cut out of their lives again. I'm going to turn 30 this year, my acting career is about to begin and I want a clean slate.

Georgina Baillie: Russell Brand was obsessed by my Fawlty Towers grandfather in bed

I hadn't really thought about going to drama school — I did the four-day course just to see if I was any good at acting. I spoke to Adam about it and he was really supportive and told me it was absolutely the right thing to do.

When we meet up he helps me to rehearse. He reads the other part and helps me learn my lines. He loves doing different voices and is actually quite good. Later this month she will play the pivotal role of Ruth in The Homecoming in front of an audience of agents and casting directors. And she has also been cast in the school's musical theatre showcase, which will be performed to a public audience, opening on February I want him to be proud of how hard I've worked.

Six years on Andrew Sachs and his wife Melody cannot bring themselves to forgive Georgina 'Ever since I was tiny he's always supported my ambition to be an actress and I'd love to be able to go to him for advice now, but I can't. He was always very proud of me, but he would give me constructive criticism too, as well as gross flattery.

I've been around actors my whole life. I just got a bit waylaid. I remember one Christmas, Grandad was performing as Manuel in a cabaret act at the Bath Spa Hotel and we all went to watch him.

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All of a sudden he's somebody else. How cool is that?! They say that at drama school they break you down and build you back up again.

Well, the teachers have worked extremely hard at breaking me down. But I'm grateful for it.

Georgina Baillie on Sachsgate

The elephant in the room is, what Andrew doesn't know is, I've slept with his granddaughter. Ross is recorded shouting: This sparked a run of messages that were, nominally, Brand and Ross trying to apologise for the outburst, but swiftly became increasingly offensive.

Brand continues to effuse about having sexual relations with Baillie, including with a song that had the lyric: Manuel Andrew Sachs hung himself today.


While on the show, Brand apologises again to Sachs, but spends a lot of time during the show deriding the Daily Mail for its alleged support of Nazism in the lead-up to World War II. The Corporation faced calls for disciplinary action to be taken against their highly paid stars, with one Tory MP saying they had 'overstepped the mark'. Mr Sachs's agent says his client has been 'terribly hurt' by the comments and had made a formal complaint to the BBC.

georgina baillie dating

He can't understand why it happened and was particularly sorry that they kept leaving messages on his answerphone. The Daily Star and The Express on Sunday also run stories about the incident, in the wake of MP John Whittingdale, then the Conservative chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport select committee, saying that the broadcast appeared to be in breach of Ofcom rules.

georgina baillie dating

The Telegraph reports that the BBC had received 67 complaints about the broadcast. October 28 The complaints skyrocket: By the afternoon the number had passed 10, We are reviewing how this came about and are responding to Mr Sachs personally.

Fifteen MPs sign a motion in the House of Commons calling for Brand and Ross to no longer be funded by the licence fee.

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That's where the apology should be directed. Baillie gives her first interview to The Sun, saying: They've shown an appalling lack of judgment. We crossed the line. What we did was wrong.

georgina baillie dating

It was a stupid error of judgment. October 30 Lesley Douglas, Controller of Radio 2, resigns.