Fixed blade knife laws in pa about dating

Know Your Knife Laws: Pennsylvania - The Truth About Knives

fixed blade knife laws in pa about dating

Must be 21 Years of Age to Carry in Pennsylvania. General shall report to the General Assembly within days of the effective date of this .. Open Carry is legal except a valid permit/license is needed to carry a loaded. Switchblade Laws of the United States Open Carry = legality of carrying a switchblade unconcealed and in plain Pennsylvania, Illegal (ex. The knife laws in Pa operate in a gray area, but there's still plenty More: Here's your complete guide to the fall hunting season in Pennsylvania . More: Man stabbed ex-girlfriend with pocket knife, York City police said.


A few jurisdictions have explicit knife-related ordinances, but most include knives within broader "concealed weapon," "dangerous weapon," or "deadly weapon" statutes. A few of these state and local laws date back to the wild frontier days of bowie knives and pocket dirks. The majority, however, were first enacted during the anarchist scares of the s and the s.

Then, as now, publicity-hungry politicians attacked the hardware, rather than the perpetrators, I suppose because hardware does not vote. The meaning of most of these state laws is ambiguous, their terms either poorly defined, or not defined at all. In large part this vagueness was intentional, for it gave wide discretion to local police and judges. Persons who reside in the permanent farm residences of the University are exempt from this prohibition and may maintain weapons at those locations.

No person shall store any weapon in a vehicle on campus. At University Park, storage facilities are available at the University Police office for the lawfully possessed personal weapons of students, faculty, and staff.

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Persons may carry or transport weapons to and from the University Police office for storage purposes. Persons who have been authorized to use weapons for educational, instructional, occupational, or recreational purposes, as authorized in paragraph G below, may carry or transport such weapons to and from the authorized activity.

fixed blade knife laws in pa about dating

Firearms are to be unloaded during such transport and while in storage. Weapons authorized by the Pennsylvania Games Laws may be used and possessed for hunting during hunting season by licensed hunters on non-developed wooded and farm areas of University property, and then only when not otherwise prohibited by postings.

Possession of commercially available aerosol dispensers of nonlethal chemical irritants for the purpose of self-protection is permitted. Any use of such devices must be justifiable in accordance with the laws governing the use of force.

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The use and possession of weapons for educational, instructional, research, and authorized recreational activities,is permitted under the supervision of appropriate faculty members or conference sponsors. Occupational use and possession of weapons by employees of the University is permitted where authorized by appropriate supervision.

The University Police, or the Director of Business Services or Chancellor of the non-University Park location, will then issue appropriate written authorization which can be implemented by Department Heads as necessary. The safe use and security of weapons for such authorized purposes shall be the responsibility of the department involved, subject to any conditions as required in the authorization.

Club sports teams and student organizations which utilize weapons in their organizational activities must have approval to maintain and use any implements defined as weapons in this policy. The authorization for club sports teams shall be granted by the Director of Recreational Services,Office of Intercollegiate Athletics. The authorization for student organizations shall be granted by the Director of Union and Student Activities.

fixed blade knife laws in pa about dating

Annually during September of each year, club sports teams and student organizations must submit a request for renewal of their authorization to maintain and use weapons. Any sports club teams or student organization whose activities involve the use of firearms must also have their request for authorization reviewed and approved by the University Police before initial approval may be granted.

Any significant changes in the procedures for maintaining and using firearms must be approved by the University Police.

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In Georgia, the only restriction is that knives carried are limited to a 5-inch blade. Preemption stops local jurisdictions from passing ordinances more restrictive than state law, preventing a patchwork of local laws that can trap unwary citizens. Arkansas, South Carolina and South Dakota have no knife restrictions at the state level.

However, these states have not yet enacted knife law preemption, so towns and cities in these states are free to enact restrictions greater than state law. Knife owners need to be wary in that regard. Know the Law - Don't Get Arrested! In states and cities with knife restrictions, knowledge of the law is essential to avoid an unfortunate arrest, loss of knife or other legal complications. New York City, NY: Retailers accused of selling these knives have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to avoid prosecution and over 60, people are estimated to have been prosecuted in the past 10 years, threatened with a year in jail if found guilty, or a felony charge if they have any prior criminal conviction.

Knife Rights is suing the city and Manhattan District Attorney in a federal civil rights lawsuit over their unilateral redefinition of what a gravity knife is and their unconstitutional use of the vague and indeterminate "wrist flick" test. Open carry in public, meaning that the knife is visible to others to some degree, is also prohibited; all knives must be completely concealed. A pocket knife clipped to your pocket, or even if it "prints" on the outside of your clothing if inside a pocket, can result in an expensive ticket and confiscation, or arrest if it meets the city's unique illegal gravity knife criteria.

fixed blade knife laws in pa about dating

All knives over 4-inches long are illegal to carry in public. Exceptions are provided for such a knife being actually used in "hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, picnicking or any employment, trade or occupation customarily requiring the use of such knife" or being transported to or from a store or sharpening service in a manner that prevents ready access.

fixed blade knife laws in pa about dating

Automatic switchblade knives and gravity knives are prohibited except for hunters and fishermen actually engaged in those activities purchase and sale is prohibited, however.