Exo baekhyun dating 2015 quotes

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exo baekhyun dating 2015 quotes

Explore Haley Times's board "Baekhyun EXO K" on Pinterest. EXO's Baekhyun Girls' Generation's Taeyeon reported to be dating + SM confirms it's true |. EXO's Baekhyun apologises for the pain he caused fans dating Girls' I also thought that saying those words now would also be meaningless. Darn that Dispatch. They managed to catch another big one. The breaking news was released on 18 Jun , complete with photos of.

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  • EXO's Baekhyun apologises for the pain he caused fans dating Girls' Generation’s Taeyeon

They said Suho is such a bad leader for not being able to keep the members together. Chanyeol is called "The worst rapper" This is funny because duhh obviously he ain't a super rapper or what.

But really, he's a very good rapper. As much as you hate him, you gotta admit that Chanyeol is one of the most talented idol nowadays. People bash Kai for stating his opinion. Kai got lots of hate at that time, people called Kai "disrespectful bastard" and "asshole". Some people even reffer EXO as "the shitty group". Seriously "the shitty group"? Wowww the amount of ReSpEcT.

Even Sehun who knows nothing got thousand of hates. Xiumin and Kyungsoo got hated as well. People said Lay is "the next traitor" and he will leave EXO too. Being called ugly, asshole, shitty And do I even need to talk about the saesang fans? EXO almost get kidnapped by the crazy fans, seriously.

CHanyeol is PROTECTING Baekhyun (2015) ^-^

They could not live in peace because of these crazy saesang fans. We've been through lots of difficulties. Sometimes, we just give up and stop talking to each other. However, we picked ourselves back up and the team spirit is well again. If I were them, I would just give up, like seriously.

They're so strong and determined That's how I'd feel. But having my teammates and the fans, it really helps. That's why I enjoy this life. They always cry alone God, protect these 9 boys and give them the happiness they deserve That's all I can say right now. I don't think I have to say much about this. Just look at how hard they work to be where they are now. They fall sick, sacrifice their youth, live in a life full of stress and depression, yet they still make music to inspire people and to make the fans happy.

They fake their smile just to make everyone happy although they're sad. After everything that happens, EXO could just give up but no, they still work hard. Because of their love in music. EXO said that they want to let the world know their music, and they did it! With leaves and fruits, it steadily grows bigger. The thing I love the most is the stage. When I stand on the stage, I forget all my troubles and worries.

The cheers from fans give me so much energy that words cannot describe.

exo baekhyun dating 2015 quotes

So no matter how hard it is, I never thought I can't do it. I want to help in letting the world know the sound of Korea.

It was all possible because of you. We probably can't dance or sing well anymore. EXO won't be popular anymore. But I still want to be an EXO member until the end. Let's become a group that can love all of our fans and the staffs who work hard for us.

But this is what we dreamed of since we were kids, so no matter how hard it is, we won't give up. They strive to beat themselves, push themselves so hard to the breaking point, but they still said they did nothing. They always pray before going on the stage and during music awards. Seeing them pray really makes me emotional Just by looking at their faces when they won big awards such as daesang, you can tell how happy and proud they are.

They work so hard for it Remember when EXO cried during their first daesang? They also cried during their first win on music show. Tears start flooding my eyes. But I didn't let the tears fall, because I'm a man. There are so many people whom we are grateful. Teacher Lee Sooman, SM family, our parents, all the staffs and manager, thank you so much. But I hope EXO can prove this saying to be false and always stays at the top. EXO is one of the most humble, kind and polite group.

They respect their seniors and appreciate others. Money and fame never gets into their head. With your kind of teamwork and mindset, I think it is completely possible. Even until now, they still help people in need and always be kind to everyone. They're popular now, but their attitude is still the same. EXO revealed that in the past, they train themselves to give loves to people. So they decided to help the orphanage at the children's centre. EXO always involves in charity works and volunteer at children's centre.

They often visit the children's centre to help and give love to the children. He is also very friendly. Chen is called "The Textbook of Kindness".

Taeyeon and Baekhyun Celebrate Their One-Year Anniversary

Money and fame never change them. Whenever they work with people, they never forget to bow and greet everyone. EXO never forgets to greet people kindly and politely. I don't think I have to say much, just take a look at these pictures: They never forget their seniors' helps when they were a new group back then. Thank you to our seniors.

I learned a lot from them today. I have only one thought right now, and that is that I want to stand on stage for the next 10 years, 20 years, until forever together with our EXO-L.

They always help their juniors and never forget about them.

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For us, actually NCT is like our younger brothers whom we love so much. EXO members also watch Wanna One dances a lot, and we can follow along the dance. We get motivated, and make us prepare harder to become a better example. Fame and popularity never change them. I'm not good at anything. It's all about what your personality and heart is like. We've made it this far. But that was only possible without any issues to SNSD. What are we to do when antis use words that are justified and we have no way to shield you?

This year, everything the antis are saying were brought on by your actions. Us fans no longer know where to go. You know what it feels like? We come home to be consoled by our family but our family is too busy doing other things to care. We spent our day outside fighting for you but you don't care. That's how it feels. We love your songs, your history.

We had hope that you'd be different from the other singers. But we guess not. We guess SNSD is uncomfortable for you now. Now that you're all successful with enough wealth to live on, SNSD is not as important as your personal freedom. That's how it looks like to us. Now it just feels like us fans are fools, not fans. Or, more specifically, we look like fools to the eyes of others But why does it feel like the SNSD we work so hard to love and protect is looking at us like fools too?

I can't be a Sone if this continues. SNSD, this is the same as you yourselves getting rid of Sones.

exo baekhyun dating 2015 quotes

By making fools of their fans? They brought this upon themselves. You two are in your twenties, not every fan would be against you dating. But the actions you showed us. To turn it all into secret codes for each other, masking them as messages to your fans.

It makes me so sad and angry that you deceived us. Baekhyun, your promise to wait until You were the first one in EXO to break it. Taeyeon, all of those messages we thought you were sending us, the same messages we laughed and worried over Do you not see how we feel? You two practically begged to have your relationship recognized and we recognized it and now we're hurt.

[Idol dating news] EXO Baekhyun – SNSD Taeyeon

Is this what you wanted? We heard your voices and were so happy for you Other than a few antis, everyone congratulated and supported the other members' relationships.

exo baekhyun dating 2015 quotes

But just how much pain did you give your fans that fans who braved four dating scandals are broken down like this over yours?

Taeyeon's amazing if you think about it. Going on a date in an open car like that. She basically made it clear that she didn't care if she got caught. What a strong heart she has. A girl which he can casually sit by a window next to her and read with her.

He prefer a girl who is shorter than him. Skin tone is not important to him. But she must have double eyelids. Physically, he likes a girl with round eyes, pale skin, and a naturally good scent; Someone who looks clean and innocent. He likes a girl who looks chic and stand-offish on the outside, but a young child in the inside. Also someone who dresses well. Up to 4 years older than him. He prefer a girl who looks cute without makeup, and beautiful with makeup.

Also, someone who is shorter than him. Remember that you don't have to change yourself to make someone like you. Because one day, the right person will come in your life.