Duggar dating rules ridiculous

12 Normal Things That Are Off-Limits In The Duggar Family

duggar dating rules ridiculous

To the rule, the Duggars are not allowed to go to the beach. But seriously imagine what it must be like to go to the Duggar house, when dating one of .. because of some absolutely ridiculous belief in devils and demons. The Duggar kids are forced to follow some truly insane rules. Duggar Kids: Who's the Biggest Rebel Against Jim Bob's Ridiculous Rules? by Tyler Jill Duggar Defies Jim Bob's Rules, Has Secular "Movie Date" With Sons. 10 Relationship Tips From the Duggars You Definitely Shouldn't Follow For one thing, the Duggars don't believe in dating — they court.

Jessa and Ben thought better of sharing their first kiss together at the altar and instead did so in private. Here's hoping, that there was a kiss and a little more than just a side hug when this momentous occasion happened.

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But we are most likely never going to see any of the Duggar girls at a public beach. There's just way too much temptation. Jim Bob and Michelle must have seen one too many 80s movies, with the beach montages and the pop music.

According to Michelle, there's just too many inappropriately dressed women to shield the boy's eyes from.

15 Strict Rules The Duggar Daughters Have To Follow (That Are Just Plain Sad)

Glistening sweat, golden tans, and a lot of bodies, both male and female. If it gets to this point, you might even be taking dear old dad out to dinner or coming over to chat just the two of you, in order for you to ask for her hand in marriage. When you think about it, that's a very nice old world custom - a show of respect towards the family that raised your significant other and will possibly be your family as well.

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Now to Duggarize this one - possible suitors need that Jim Bob stamp of approval right from the jump. Imagine from date one, meeting the folks? In theory, you better really like a Duggar daughter before dating her. A so-called simpler time, where women were courted and dating around was for rogues, rapscallions, and neighbourhood trollops and wenches.

If you really wanted to be with a lady, you'd court them using proper and decent courting techniques of the time. Naturally, Jim Bob and Michelle have adopted these policies and many morewhen it comes to their daughters. It's actually spelled out in rule number one for courting: But that doesn't mean they can look like schlemiels, either.

We know besides Jinger, we probably won't be seeing any of the girls show narrowing an ankle here or there. But the girls do dress to impress, moderately and respectively of course. So every one of their more attractive parts, from shoulders to thighs are covered up with fashionable maxi skirts, denim skirts, and all kinds of tank tops layering all parts of their upper body.

With all of the meeting the parents instantly happening. It takes a special kind of boy to date a Duggar gal - although the jury is still out on what kind of special that would be. One more very strange rule of Duggar courting is that any and all dates must have at least a third wheel, and possibly a fourth, fifth, nineteenth; there always needs to be a chaperone present during dates to…wherever these people go on dates.

duggar dating rules ridiculous

It's not like they're allowed to go watch a movie or go to a dance. The couple decided to set a 3 second time limit on the intimate moment. But not just any kind of music. Like classic hymn style music with violins and pianos and choir style singing.


For one they feel that most modern music promotes sex and drugs and that just does not jive with their values. Instead, the family prefers Christian music, classical music or bluegrass.

Jill one of the older daughters gave an interview once where she said the family did not think it was appropriate to dance and that as a family they have decided not to stir up desire by shaking body parts around. And so far there has been no hint of marriage scandal. So what is the secret to their happy marriage? During the courtship period for the couple which usually last about 90 days the couple is not allowed to ever be alone together.

Michelle says that during the courtship period that emotions make you all hot and bothered my words, obviously not hers and to prevent any physical boundaries from being crossed the couples pick a Duggar parents to go with them and if Jim-Bob or Michelle are unavailable a sibling must go with them on all of their dates.

No two children regardless of age are allowed to go off alone and they also put locks on the bedroom doors. Another family rule to safeguard against any other issues is that only girls are allowed to babysit girls and boys are only allowed to babysit the boys. One of those rules is what the family wears when they go swimming. For this family, they believe modesty should extend to every place we go. Oldest daughter Jill is a practicing midwife.

In Susanna Keller who is the sister of Anna Duggar married to Josh found herself a year-old pregnant and unwed mother. We know of course that the Duggars are very against any sort of physical intimacy before marriage so to have a family member find themselves in this predicament cause quite a stir. Susanna was very close to the Duggar family and Jill wanted to help Susanna give birth.


But once Jim-Bob and Michelle found out about the situation they reportedly banned Jill from helping her. Jim-Bob also banned her from every appearing or being mentioned on their show. As a general rule, the family is not allowed to watch anything other than religious programming. I wonder if that makes their own show off limits? I have a feeling most of the girls who qualify as a "Nike" are only dressed inappropriately in the eyes of the Duggars, who usually keep just about everything but their faces covered.

While they're courting, they have to have a third person with them at all times on their dates, even if it's just one of their younger siblings, lest any premarital smooching take place.

They're even looped in on their phone calls and text message conversations. Yeah, that sounds miserable.

duggar dating rules ridiculous

It seems to work for all of them, though They might be Duggars, but they're also regular teenagers, so I'd say it's not totally out of the realm of possibilities. Well, it's just one item on a long list of things that could potentially inspire impure thoughts, so they stay away from full on front hugs completely. Anytime two people of the opposite sex hug, it's from the side, which is just as awkward as it looks.

In fact, even if they're courting someone, they're not allowed to hug from the front until after they're married. It's such a weird concept to think about marrying someone you've never even properly hugged, let alone done anything else with. Sometimes, they slip up on this one when they get super excited, like when Jill used to see Derick for the first time in a long time before they tied the knot, or when they're surprised with a proposal. Honestly, who can blame them?

Hopefully, Jim Bob and Michelle let that one slide in special circumstances. They all have their first kiss at the altar, except for Jessa and Ben, who elected to kiss in private. And honestly, can you blame them? You don't want an audience for that kind of thing! Not to imagine the kind of willpower it takes to wait that long and remain hands off before the wedding.

It has to be the most awkward thing in the world to have your first kiss in front of literally everyone in your life in the middle of your wedding. Planning something that huge is stressful enough, but trying to figure out how to kiss, this thing you and your family have built up so much in your head your whole life, at the same time? Nobody can hold anybody's hand until they are officially engaged. It seems like such a simple thing, but apparently to this family, it's too intimate to even entertain doing until you know you've found the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with.

So once they get engaged, everyone gets super pumped about holding hands, because It's not like they can kiss or even hug with the front of their bodies like a regular person.

It's kind of sweet how excited they get about holding hands, though