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dolly wells noel fielding dating

With Noel Fielding, Michael Fielding, Dolly Wells, Tom Meeten. The Adventures Of Noel And His Friends Smooth, Andy Warhol And Dolly. Dolly Wells was born on December 5, in Merton, London, England as Dorothy Perpetua Gatacre. Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy (TV Series). Joined June . @WellsDolly @noelfielding11 me too doll!! X. 0 replies 0 . @noelfielding11 maybe you should Date Krumm then! Man I'm.

The show features its titular stars playing exaggerated versions of themselves, as well as showbiz cameos from Hollywood A-Listers and a few TVO regulars for good measure. Sitting down over tea and chocolate, the conversation meanders from the making of this new TV show to the filming of Luxury Comedy and back again.

Delightful and chatty, introspective and considerate, a conversation with Dolly takes many turns. If we were going to be hanging out we had to be doing something to justify it to our families.

So if you make it two best friends, who are completely equal…it felt like it was a massive canvass to put silly ideas on. When this is highlighted, Wells lights up and exclaims: I love that sort of thing. But you feel jealous of everybody.

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And also you certainly feel jealous about the person you love the most, because your intentions are supposed to be so good. But as writers, Dolly and Emily sought to lift the lid on other taboo subjects too. This is what creates the richness and complexity of the series. Assistants know everything about people. But it feels much more relevant for women — you want to know.

So it just seemed like a goldmine. It seemed like a really amusing area with Doll and Em being the same age. We rarely talk about men.

Dolly Wells - IMDb

Of course, there is to life; but the things we cared about the most were making two very sympathetic characters that were visibly flawed — both of them — but that you would never hopefully absolutely lose faith in either of them.

They just both become versions of themselves. They just change together. It was a lot more emotional than I expected. And we joke sometimes when we are together that we feel like one very strong man. But I think it was mostly that it was just a sort of character study on female friendship. But also, the male characters in it actually have quite a hard time.

I mean, the director [Mike — played by Aaron Himelstein] is ridiculed. He likes to devour credit cards and argues with a second gash on Boombox's stomach who does impressions of Michael Caine and Harry Dean Stanton.

Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy

He never appears on screen but Boombox constantly shouts at him. According to The Gash he is having an affair with Boombox's wife and according to Boombox he was nearly gang-raped by sailors whilst on assignment in Miami after being mistaken for a prostitute. Tony Reason Series 1- played by Noel Fielding an anthropomorphic manta ray who lives in a fish tank across a bridge from Luxury Coffee. He works as a music producer and often talks about his past experiences with famous musicians such as Jim Morrison and Bon Jovi.

Todd Lagoona Series 1- played by Richard Ayoade - an anthropomorphic hammerhead shark. He is Tony Reason's friend, a fellow music producer and sometimes appears in the same fish tank as Tony.

Joey Ramone Series 1,2- a stop-motion, plasticine version of the punk rock star, portrayed with comically long legs, blue hair and no arms. The Joey Ramone sketches parody children's television programmes from the s and s, having stop-motion characters in front of an illustrated background, with a mild-mannered narrator commenting passively on everything that happens and speaking for each character.

Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy, E4, review: 'best watched drunk'

He was up for eviction back to reality when Painted Hawaii was made into a Reality television show. Fantasy Man Series 1,2- played by Noel Fielding a superhero who goes on self-imposed quests in an electronic, operatic fantasy world similar in appearance to Tron.

He rarely achieves his goals; often being snapped back into reality by a passer-by and getting into some sort of trouble for his delusional actions.

dolly wells noel fielding dating

His voice and mannerisms are a parody of Don Quixote. It is revealed his real name is Sandy, he is gluten intolerant and has a pet cat called 'The Dream Tiger' whom he employs as an improvised weapon when attacked by street thugs. He is a Native American chief who likes Rave musicwears a brightly coloured headdress made of household objects, and claims to be able to see up to fifteen minutes into the future.

He is a parody of Tonto. Dondylion Series 1- played by Noel Fielding an anthropomorphic lion. In the first series he is held in a run-down zoo and is quickly driven insane by his small enclosure and poor living conditions. He keeps a framed photograph of David Lee Rothwhich he talks to as if it were a real person and refers to as "The King of the Lions"'.

He was killed off in Series 1 but still reappeared in Series 2. Doo Rag Series 1- played by Michael Fielding - a man with a bowl haircut and moustache, who dresses in blue racing leathers. He speaks in a soft American accent, and a tiny red race car occasionally drives across the white stripe in his hair. In the second series, Doo Rag works as a doctor in a "Coolness Clinic" where people go for tests to see how cool they are on Painted Hawaii.

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Daddy Push a man with a giant winkle shell for a head. He appears exclusively in surreal sketches where he does not speak and engages in bizarre activities. Pele Series 1 a drawing of the football star that comes to life. Figo Series 1 played by Tom Meeten a fruitfly that escapes from a drugs bust. John Series 1 the zookeeper that abuses Dondylion. Daran Cache Darren Cache Series 1 art critic with stationary for facial features.

Californian s psychedelic rock band that Noel listened to. They only ever released one album and took so much LSD that they have been trapped on a motorcycle circling inside a guitar case ever since.

Diamondback Series 1 a country-western singer with silver skin, a ginger mullet and moustache made from copper scouring pads and numerous small googly eyes all over his face, which he uses as percussion to his songs. Mrs Diamondback Series 1 a pink plastic flamingo seen in some of the scenes. God Series 1- played by Tom Meeten William Jessop Series 1 played by Rich Fulcher a lonely year-old man who eats bug soup and summons creatures from other dimensions to party with.

Jelly Fox Series 1 played by Noel Fielding a super magic man who lives in a blue fabric castle and has special powers to grant wishes and give you what you need.

John Travolta Series 1 a drawing of the film star that stuffs bumper packs of crisps in the front of his shorts and eats them in a window. Frida Kahlo Series 1 played by Tom Meeten Andy Warhol's friend who appears to fill in as a cleaner while he's supposedly on holiday.

Hawkeye Series 1 a machine used to decide if Dolly's idea was a joke or a concept. King Tutta Series 1 a mountain which tuts at Noel from afar, alongside two other mountains played by Jimmy Lazer and Dave Brown Dee Dee Ramone Series 1 a stop-motion, plasticine version of the punk rock star Colin Montgomery Series 1 a stop-motion, plasticine version of the golfer The Bobbatron Series 1 a schizophrenic police officer in reality, and a flag guarding a bridge in the fantasy world.

City Gent Series 1 played by Richard Ayoade An extremely dapper, well spoken businessman who begins each of his sketches by decrying the state of modern art, education and other intellectual topics, before abruptly blaming all their shortcomings on other characters. Ice Cream Eyes Series 1 a man with black skin, long blonde hair and strawberry and vanilla ice cream scoops in place of eyes, who often gets blamed by City Gent for the state of the aforementioned topics.

Tony Coins Series 1 a mafiosi-esque man who lives in a till and has piles of coins in place of eyes.

dolly wells noel fielding dating

Ice Cream Eyes passes the blame on to him after being blamed by City Gent. Adam Printout Series 1 a printed sheet of paper with holes for eyes who speaks with a timid Northern accent.