Dee is dating a retarded person watch

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia S 3 E 9 - Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person - video dailymotion

dee is dating a retarded person watch

the episode was titled "Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person," a . were about to watch and told the guys, "Just do it all the way through. “The Gang Breaks Dee” “The Gang Solves The Gas Crisis” “Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom” “Sweet Dee's Dating A Retarded Person” "Charlie Goes America All Over. Watch Sweet Dees Dating a Retarded Person Full Episode While Dennis and Dee try to figure out if the rapper Dee is dating has a mental handicap or not.

It's always sunny in philadelphia season 2 episode: Watch it's always sunny in philadelphia online at stream-tv4me four young season 3 episode 9 — sweet dee's dating a retarded person. It's always sunny in philadelphia - dee has huge news for the gang - duration: Sweet dee dating someone nearly retarded as well, there is nothing not to like except the fact that it has to be watched again, find time 6.

It's always sunny in philadelphia sweet dee's dating a retarded person tv episode cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Sweet dee is dating a retarded person leaves find person on dating website that i will need to determine smoke weed together no, this is his first child this summer with the school of public health pinnacle find person in singles free in the films of the past and the all share etiquette dinner dating london singles kopen.

Sweet dees dating a retarded person watch What mayhem is there to look forward to in the third season of it's always sunny in philadelphia plenty the gang finds a live baby in a dumpster mac's inmate dad offers him love in exchange for drugs sweet dee dates a local rap star and even gets herself set on fire the gang tries out for the philadelphia eagles. The twisted plot in its place makes for a fun watch, but that's it sweet dee's dating a retarded person season 3, episode 9.

Mac, dennis and dee try out for the philadelphia eagles also interested in sweet dee's dating a retarded person oct 11, 3x10 mac is a serial killer. Which ones should you watch here is a sweet dee's dating a retarded person s3 e9 dennis and dee go on welfare s2 e3 Dee, can I talk to you for a second?

Look, I know what you're trying to do. You wanna show this girl what's what. And I think if you just buckle down and join the team-- Dee: Mac, I'm gonna stop you right there.

First of all, your breath smells like an old-lady fart passing through an onion.

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Secondly, I know you're trying to manipulate me. And it's not going to work. Get your hand off my shoulder because I've got a fatty to burn. Look at that door, dude. See that door there? The one marked "Pirate"? You think a pirate lives in there? I see a door marked "Private. Nah, I was talking abou I heard you say "There was a door marked pirate living in there. Well are we gonna talk about pirates all day or are we gonna see what's living in there?

You're the one that Jesus Christ man, shit. All right, let me try this out. What is that, your apartment key? That's not gonna work! We're not at your apartment, shithead!

Well how many possible lock combinations can there be? Oh, so many, dude, like hundreds of millions. Well eventually they're gonna overlap-- Dennis: They're not ever gonna-- Charlie: You know what, you're right, it's not working. Well it was worth a try!

dee is dating a retarded person watch

It was not worth a try. When she jumps up on the stage we'll blast her with the water, the crowd will go crazy, the other girls are gonna wanna join in, and we will save the bar and then she'll break up with Charlie ruining any hopes for happiness that that son of a bitch ever had. I agree with the first part but the second part seems incredibly harsh. It's the best goddamn part. Those goddam North Koreans. They are some sneaky bastards.

The Gang Sells Out [3. You promised you wouldn't bring up the helicopter! Dude, you're not the boss of me, okay? Technically, Charlie, I am the boss of you, because I own half your shares!

You sold me half your shares of the bar for "goods and services"! Wait, you've definitely given me half your shares too, dude! Maybe I gave you guys a couple of shares when my back was against the wall and I needed a little breathing room-- Mac: Bro, you gave me a shitload of shares one time for half a sandwich!

What're you guys doing? Is this a hose job, where you're hosing me down? Dude, you hosed yourself down! You hosed yourself up and down, Charlie! C'mon, what do you guys want me to do? Yeah, get a job! Oh, get a job? Just get a job? I see what you're saying.

Sweet dees dating a retarded person watch

I could go for some wood. Uh, no, we're saying 'wooed'. We'll get some wood, we'll build something cool, then we'll go get the money. That doesn't have anything to do with what we're talking about, Charlie. We're talking about being wooed by this corporate guy How are you going to be wood? Some gay guys are twinksand others are bears. This gay guy's a bear. By the way we're totally cool with that.

To each his own. Wait, I'm a little confused here. A twink is small and slender, like Mac. Oh no, I'm too muscular, I would be a bear. Ohh don't think so bro. I would be a bear. No no, see I don't think you'd be a bear either.

As a matter of fact, I don't know what you would be, because you're definitely not a twink. I'd be a topthat's for sure. Can a twink be a top, or is that reserved for bears? I'm sure there's a great deal of switching back and forthbut I think more often than not bears are tops, unless they happen to be power-bottoms.

A power-bottom is a bottom that is capable of receiving an enormous amount of power. Actually Mac, you got it backwards. See, a power-bottom's actually generating all the power by doing most of the work. Does the power have to do with the size or the strength of the bottom?

Now Dennis, I've heard that speed has something to do with it. Speed has everything to do with it. You see, the speed of the bottom informs the top how much pressure he's supposed to apply. Speed's the name of the game. Ha, so listen, first let me apologize for never calling you back, ever. Second, I was applying here and maybe you could, you know, help me out.

Ha ha, that's weird that we said that at the same time. Well I'll be back and, yeah. I have been taking this place up the butt with a little thing I like to call "Dee's Double-Drop. So you're doing the double-drop here too? You know about that? Yeah, we always used to take the difference out of your purse.


I'm not asking you to do anything, just turn a blind eye while I rob this place stupid. Cut to the front of the bookstore. Frank and his gang buddies are playing jacks while Mac looks on in bewilderment and disgust. This is very intimidating, Frank. Don't worry, we're sending out an strong message, Mac, don't you worry.

A man and his kids walk by. Hey, look, kids, it's a 50's doo-wop group. Mac does a double take: No, we're not a 50's doo-wop group! Hey, listen, would you sing us a song? We don't sing, guy! Oh, yeah, we do. We'll sing, we'll sing for you.

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Of course, we sing! No, no, no, no, gangsters don't sing! What're you talking about? You ever hear of gangster rap? They break out into song. One of the children puts money in the still-full cup of coffee he was drinking out of. Cut to the restaurant. I just topped myself for most phone numbers in one day--nine. Six strawberry margaritas, please. Charlie and the Waitress come up. Charlie is clearly gloating about something. Uh, don't make 'em, 'cause you won't have your jobs much longer.

dee is dating a retarded person watch

Corporate's on their way down here right now to fire your asses! You told on us? Babe, don't do that to me! I feel like we were getting so close, sweet baby-- Charlie: He doesn't even know your name! What's my name, what is it?

There is a pause while Dennis tries to figure out a way to bullshit his way out of this one. That's what I call you all the time. Would you not want to be called "beautiful"? Are one of you guys the one that called me? Charlie turns to face him. Charlie raising his hand: These two points to Dennis and Dee are the ones who were stealing. Hey, I know you You're the ones who run that dive bar down the street! Yeah, and you're the corporate dude with the helicopter.

Here's the thing--I had a really strange night last night. Your friends and their doo-wop group, they showed up at my house and tried to attack me. One of them died on my doorstep, and it sorta put me in a funk. So I'm gonna clean house, and you're all fired. The Gang is taken aback, but the Waitress is incredibly smug. You guys are all fired. I'm not fired, right? Did you hire these people?

Various affirmations from the Gang. Well, then, clearly you're an idiot, because these people are psychopaths.

Get the hell out of my restaurant. Waitress turning on Charlie: Now how am I gonna pay for my rent next month, huh? Don't worry about it, you can come and live with me, all right? He reaches out to her, but she rejects him. Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire [3. That's a bad idea, whenever you get involved, someone gets hurt.

I'm just palling around with the guys, how's anyone gonna get hurt? Remember when we made the news show for eighth grade for social studies, dude? See, that was real news.

Yeah, we didn't distort facts. We told it like it was, you know? Yeah, I remember that video. You guys were burning G. Joes and throwing rocks at cats.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Retarded Score

These places are like prison Like people getting their ass raped? Oh my God, no one's getting ass raped, Frank! No, it's just that people don't wanna be here, because they feel like Because they're getting their ass raped!

The shit's always going down in Chinatown, boys! Okay, okay, quick conference, guys. Everyone, keep their eyes peeled for drifting. All right, people here they love He's going to his car and he's going to slide it sideways, ya know what I mean? And you know what happens with tokyo drifting? It leads to bickering, which of course leads to karate.

Which eventually leads to dudes flying from window to window and treetop to treetop. Shooting lightning bolts out of their hands Charlie: And then there's the guy that shoots lightning bolts out of his hands. He wears a big straw hat and he does that move. His eyes go all white and shit and Kurt Russell fights him. The gang is watching the video of the burning factory.

Dee's screams can be heard from the TV. Dee herself comes into the room, smudged and pissed. I can't believe you guys! I could have been killed! Well, somebody had to do it! Yeah, those kittens were in a burning building, Deandra! You set me on fire! We set the building on fire, you just happened to catch on fire! We put you out! Dee emerges from the building. As Frank is blasting her with the extinguisher, she throws the box of kittens to one side.

Well, I do look kinda heroic-- Mac: What are you talking about?! You threw the box of kittens! I was on fire! We gotta shoot this shit again! Yeah, like fire hurts Dee from inside the warehouse: It smells overwhelmingly like kerosene in here! People love well stories! That well thing seems a little played-out. I mean, who gets stuck in a well anymore? You put those kitties down there?

Oh, man, okay, I'll do it! Just don't set it on fire, okay? I think this is dangerous enough! Deandra, use your head! How are we gonna set a well on fire? It's filled with water. She gets into the well Mac: Frank and Mac start to walk away. Frank motioning to Mac: Mac handing Frank the matchbox: Cut to the video of the rescue. Frank walks slowly to the well.

Dee I found the kittens! Frank tosses something into the well and runs. Annoyed Oh, come on! Another explosion, and Dee starts screaming again. Cut to the couch, where Frank, Mac and Charlie are watching the video.

Now, it's all good up to right here-- A cardboard box comes flying out of the well, followed by Dee. The gang throws up their hands in disgust. She throws the kittens in every take! Aw, man, she loves to ruin, and ruin, and ruin, and ruin!

Sweet Dee is Dating a Retarded Person [3. Okay, all right, I'm ready to rock. And who are you supposed to be? Bob Dylanman. Check this out [hands Mac a crudely drawn picture] Mac: Jesus, we're all over the place. No, dude, that's 'Night Man', those are lyrics.

Whatever, let's just rock. Okay, this is what I'm talking about. All right, where's my curtain? Charlie, don't worry about the curtain, you're not gonna need it. I want a curtain blocking my face. You don't need one. Spider inside my dreams, I think I love you. You make me want to cry, you make me want to die. Every night you come into my room and pin me down with your strong arms And pin me down and I try to fight you You come inside me and fill me up and I become the Night Man.

At first, Mac and Frank appear to be cool with Charlie's lyrics, but when he starts in with the second part, they both stop playing and look at Charlie as if to say, "What the hell is this shit? Whoa, whoa, whoa, Charlie. Hang on a second. I mean the first half of that song was kind of cool, but what's with the second half?

But it sounds like a song where a man breaks into your house and rapes you. Where are you getting that from? Alright, [resumes singing] It's just two men sharing the night.

It might seem wrong, but it's just right. It's just two men sharing each other. It's just two men like lovin' brothers. One on top, and one on bottom. One inside, and the other is out.